Season 2

16 :02x02 - Callie and Her Sister

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17 :02x03 - Ride Me to Hell

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18 :02x04 - G. I. Twayne

Twayne is drafted to be part of Satan's Army and Mark is dragged into joining as well. However, he discovers that there is a plot to destroy humanity. Guest star: Rob Riggle

19 :02x05 - The Ring of Powers

When Mark finds a magic ring in Leonard's drawer and tries it on, he accidentally activates an engagement that was put away by Leonard at the time when dragons were on the Earth. Randall is taken in to serve as Mark's squire until the married has been "consummated". This leaves for interesting talks.

20 :02x06 - Attack of Mark's Clone

Callie decides to makes a clone of Mark so that the DOI Bowling Team will win their tournament. But when Clone Mark finds a cruel message in Callie's secret diary, he decides to get revenge by framing her for murder.

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22 :02x08 - Little Ship of Horrors

Randall becomes ill after being exposed to a mysterious plant's pollen while attending a party thrown by Twayne on a cruise ship, and Mark may be his only hope to get better.

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23 :02x09 - Lilly and the Beast

Callie tells Mark that she hasn't been monogamous, but he'll find out how open-minded she is when his college girlfriend (voice of Jenny Slate) enters the picture.

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24 :02x10 - Mummy Dearest

With Mark working all the time, Randall feels neglected, so he decides that they should spend more time together to decide if they should stay roommates. And Grimes's Mummy (Christine Baranski) returns from the dead, only to find fault with everything Grimes is doing.

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25 :02x11 - Journey to the Center of Twayne

A miniature arsonist in Mark's custody escapes up Twayne's nose, forcing Leonard, Grimes and Mark to make themselves smaller for a manhunt inside Twayne's body.

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26 :02x12 - Any Given Workday

Randall's powerful new arm gets him a job at the Department of Integration, which needs a ringer for a big intramural football game; and the move could send Mark to the second string.

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28 :02x14 - Mark Loves Dick

Callie gets a promotion by turning herself into a man, forcing Mark to reassess their relationship, which is tested by a dangerous mission to the underwater city of Atlantis.

29 :02x15 - The Stalking Dead

Randall gets jealous when Mark befriends a new zombie who followed a beloved pop star's lead in joining the ranks of the living dead.

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30 :02x16 - The Dork Knight

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31 :02x17 - Fools for Love

In the Season 2 finale, Mark asks Callie to take their relationship to the next level on April Fools' Day, but it's no joke to her vengeful ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Leonard believes he has a winning lottery ticket, but Randall wants a cut of the prize.

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