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Outbreak - Recap

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The next morning, Julia looks at the map she took from Barbie's jacket. When he comes down, she quickly hides it. Barbie asks if she's doing okay and she checks her medicine and says that she's getting a headache. He mentions the pharmacy by name and Julia comments that he knows a lot about the town for someone who is passing through. Barbie points out that Dee's isn't a hard name to remember, and asks for a ride as she goes to the radio station.

The townspeople have gathered at the edge of the dome to write signs on it, while the military packs up to leave. Linda arrives and warns people away from the dome, as Julia and Barbie arrive. Big Jim watches by nearby as Linda draws her gun. Reverend Coggins comes out and talks about how they should bend to God's will, while Julia gets in her car and drives off. Linda briefs Big Jim on what's going on and he tells the people to calm down until he can get some answers. The townspeople reluctantly disperse while Big Jim asks Linda what she was thinking. As they talk, she passes out and Barbie comes over and helps Big Jim get her to the car.


In the shelter, Angie breaks apart the pair of scissors that she held back to make a set of blades. Junior comes in and she quickly hides them. He shows her some clothing that he brought for her, including her prom dress, and says how beautiful she looked. Angie says that she doesn't mind looking beautiful and starts to dance with him. Junior says that she's acting like the Angie she knew before the dome came down, and she asks him to turn around. Once he does, Angie grabs one of the blades and tries to stab him. He grabs it in his hand and disarms her, and then chains her back to the bed. Junior says that she's just pretending to be better and heads for the door. Angie promises to forget everything if he lets her go, and Junior tells her that she can leave when she's ready... but not before.

Julia drives to the trailer marked on the map she found. No one answers the door but she finds a car parked outside. A neighbor man comes by and asks why she's looking for Phil Busey. When he says that it's Phil's car, Julia insists that it belongs to her husband Peter. Phil finally comes out and explains that Peter sold the car to him... and then collapses out.


Carolyn brings Joe and Norrie to the clinic so that Alice can check on them after their seizures. Alice asks Nurse Adams to run some tests, who explains that the nearest MRI is five miles out of the dome and all three doctors are missing or outside the dome. As Alice goes with the nurse to run the tests, Joe notices Junior getting his hand treated and asks if he's seen Angie. Junior claims that the last time that he saw her was a couple of nights ago.

Big Jim and Barbie bring Linda in and Big Jim notices Junior and his injured hand. More people come in suffering from fever and headaches as Julia brings Phil in, and Big Jim tells her that they could use her husband Peter.

Angie yanks at the ankle chain in frustration and then climbs up to an air vent to scream for help. She grabs at a water pipe and slips, falling to the ground and knocking herself out. The pipe breaks and water starts filling the shelter.


Alice takes Norrie's blood sample and then measures the electronic activity in Joe's mind. She doesn't find anything unusual but before she can investigate further, Big Jim comes in and asks for her help. He takes her to the waiting room where dozens of sick people have gathered. Barbie comes in with cots and Julia demands to know how he's met Phil. She shows him the map and demands answers, and then collapses. Alice sees her and has her join the others.

Linda sees her third-grade teacher, Mrs. Moore, come in. They talk and Mrs. Moore wonders if it's the dome that is making them sick. Linda admits that she doesn't know.

Big Jim tells Junior that there's some kind of outbreak going on and talks to Alice. She says that it could be meningitis but they can't be sure because the clinic doesn't have spinal tap kits. Alice warns them that it's highly contagious and says that her family was vaccinated and Barbie received his vaccination in the army. She warns them that they don’t have enough antibiotics and Big Jim asks for a list of what she needs so they can go to the pharmacy. Big Jim gives Junior a shotgun and tells him to make sure that no one gets out and spreads the disease. Once his father leaves, Junior goes inside and tells everyone that no one is leaving, and holds the shotgun up.

As water floods the shelter, Angie finally wakes up and tries to block the water.

At the hospital, Julia questions a delirious Phil about Peter. He mutters about a cabin as Alice comes over and tells Julia to go back to bed.

Barbie goes with Big Jim and they break into the pharmacy. They discover that someone has already been there and taken everything.

Carolyn checks with Alice, who says that they have thirty people with advanced symptoms. She reminds Carolyn that they were vaccinated and refuses to discuss how much insulin they have left. Carolyn insists on getting her something to eat. Nurse Adams calls Alice over and informs them that they have one dose of antibiotic left, and Linda's temperature is rising. Mrs. Moore tells them to give Linda the last dose and Alice has Nurse Adams do it.


Julia goes to the door and tells Junior that she has to go. He refuses and Julia explains that Peter might be in trouble. When she mentions the cabin, Junior mentions the cabin where he found Barbie at the end of Sparrow's Lane. However, he still refuses to let her go. Julia looks for a way out and finds a door with a key-card lock. She goes to Peter's office, finds his security badge, and lets herself out.

As they drive, Barbie tells Big Jim that they're looking for a truck or a van. Big Jim suggests a hearse and Barbie wonders what Coggins would be doing with drugs. They pull up to Coggins' house and find him outside burning the drugs. He says that he's honoring God's plan and that the people are supposed to die. Barbie shoves Coggins to the ground while Big Jim grabs the remaining drugs.

Linda wakes up and Mrs. Moore tells her that she received the antibiotics. She talks about how Linda had a mouth on her when she was in her class, but admits that Linda has become a fine young woman since she became deputy. Mrs. Moore tells her not to sell herself short... and then flatlines. Linda calls for Alice, who starts performing emergency resuscitation.

Julia drives to the cabin on Sparrow's Lane and goes inside, and sees the signs of a struggle.

As Linda makes her way to the lobby, Ollie demands that Junior let them go. When the townspeople try to rush him, Junior fires a blast into the ceiling. Linda comes in and calls Junior's name, and he lowers the shotgun. Junior then tells Ollie about how his wife made him cornbread. Ollie remembers and Junior says that he's one of them and they've got to work together and trust that they're in the dome for a reason. He tells everyone that he believes in them and then puts the shogun down and walks away. Ollie walks toward the door for a moment and then turns and goes back.


Julia searches the cabin and finds an envelope with records in it. She drops the papers and collapses from the disease.

Norrie is taking pictures of herself on her camera while Joe comes in with some food. She wonders what they're going to do when they run out of food, but Joe figures that they'll be out before then. Norrie points out that they had their last seizure when they touched each other, and suggests that they touch her theory by touching again. Joe suggests that they film it and he sets up her camera. They then kneel on the floor and they clasp hands. Nothing happens at first but then they collapse, twitching.

Barbie and Big Jim return with the antibiotics. Junior casually tells his father that nothing happened.

Angie screams for help as the water pours in.

Barbie approaches Phil and asks where Julia is. The DJ says that he doesn't know and Barbie asks what he told him. When Phil doesn't respond, Barbie kicks his wheelchair around and grabs him by the neck, and Phil admits Julia was asking about her husband. He says that Peter is gone and that a month ago he asked him if he knew any hit men. Peter sold him his car for a steal so he'd have enough money to leave, and Phil figures that Barbie won't be getting the money back that Peter owed him. When Phil says he doesn't remember anything else, Barbie hangs up his IV bag and walks away.


As she lies dying, Julia hallucinates Peter standing over her. When she wonders why he didn't tell her, Peter says that he'll tell her soon and disappears.

Joe and Norrie wake up and they check the video. They hear themselves say, "The pink stars are falling in line," and watch as Joe motions for them to be silent. Joe figures that they're not supposed to tell anyone what they did... because the dome doesn't want them to.

Barbie asks Junior if he saw Julia, pointing out that she needs antibiotics. Junior said that she was asking about a cabin and that he mentioned seeing Barbie there. Barbie asks for the keys to his truck, pointing out that she left on Junior's watch and she'll die without the medicine. He drives to the cabin and carries Julia out.


Angie huddles in the cold water.

As Big Jim checks on the patients, he sees Linda. She tells him about how Junior stopped a riot by talking them down. Junior comes over and Big Jim says that he's a chip off the old block... and asks if he's ever considered a career in law enforcement. As Junior walks away, he smiles triumphantly.

Julia wakes up in a hospital bed and asks Barbie if he was the one who saved her life. He doesn't answer and Julia says that she learned about Peter in the cabin. Peter emptied their accounts and put their house into foreclosure. She asks if Barbie and the others were into drugs. After a moment, Peter explains that after the Army he bounced from job to job. He finally ended up working for a bookie in nearby Westlake working as an enforcer. When Julia insists that Peter never gambled, Barbie plays her a voice mail from Peter from five days ago. She asks where Peter is now and Barbie lies and tells her that Peter took off when he couldn't pay his debts. He says that he's sorry, and a disgusted Julia says that she trusted him. She tells him to be out by the time she gets home.

As Barbie leaves Julia's room, Alice tells Norrie and Joe that the outbreak is over. She asks them if they had any seizures and Joe says that they didn't do anything. When they prepare to go back to their room above the diner, Joe offers to let them stay at his place while his parents are trapped outside. Carolyn and Alice agree and they go to get their stuff.

Barbie gets his stuff and leaves Julia's house.

Alice finds Carolyn in an office stealing insulin. Carolyn points out that they only have a week's supply left. When Alice why she's acting different, Carolyn wonders what will happen if the dome lasts forever. Alice promises that they'll get out soon and puts the insulin back.

Junior gives Linda a ride back to the station. He tells her that Mrs. Moore's death wasn't her fault and that the teacher knew how important Linda is to the town. Linda tells him that he saved a lot of lives and showed that he had a good heart. She then has Junior a deputy's badge and says that they've all come a long way.


Big Jim comes home and finds Coggins sitting on his porch. The reverend gives Big Jim his share of the profits and says that he's washing his hands of their business. Coggins tells Big Jim that he defied God's will and he'll pay, and warns him that he can't hurt him without hurting himself.

Angie climbs back up to the vent and yells for help. Inside the house, Big Jim hears her voice through the sink pipes and goes to investigate. He enters the shelter and finds it flooded, and finds Angie locked up in the room.