Blue on Blue - Recap

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Joe and Norrie get up early and Joe takes her to look at the dome. He has an idea about the dome and how they may be human receivers. If they are both receivers, then they generate when they get close to each other. They get to the dome and discover that monarch butterflies are resting on it. Monarch butterflies aren't in season, and the two teenagers speculate that the dome sent them.

Big Jim goes back into the fallout shelter and Angie asks what took him so long after he found her the previous night. She wonders why he hasn't called the police and he assures her that he'll get her out as soon as she tells him what's going on. Angie tells Big Jim that Junior has been keeping her prisoner there because he's insane. He tells her that he has to think about it for a while and walks out, leaving her screaming. Big Jim then goes up to where Coggins is honking his horn. The reverend says that he's received a message from God: "Moab." As he explains that Moab was a wicked place, Big Jim tells him that he doesn't have time for nonsense and goes into the house. Coggins puts his hearing aid in and raises his arms to the sky in triumph as a voice says "Moab" over and over to him.

Barbie wakes up in his car when he hears Norrie and Joe talking. He goes over and they show him the butterflies. There are soldiers on the other side of the dome and they wave to them for the first time. A bus pulls up and a group of civilians get off. Barbie wonders why the military is letting people approach now, and Norrie tells him that the government is finally giving them a visitor's day.

At the radio station, Julia announces that they've received word from the military that at 10 a.m. the people of Chester's Mill can visit with their loved ones on the outside.

Big Jim sits at home and looks at a photo of himself and Junior in their younger days when Junior played high school football. Junior comes in, wearing his new deputy's uniform, and tells his father about how the Army is bussing in people trapped outside the dome. Big Jim authorizes Junior to recruit deputies for crowd control. When his son hesitates, Big Jim snaps at him to get on it and doesn't mention Angie.

Joe and Norrie go with the townspeople to the Sixth Street Bridge where the Army has brought the civilians. Norrie figures that none of her mothers' friends are there and that no one will be there for her. Meanwhile, Barbie watches the people gather and Linda pulls up to him and asks him to help string up police line tape so that no one will get too close and risk any electronic devices. He agrees and goes to work, while Linda's boyfriend Dusty arrives. She goes to him and they kiss as best they can, both of them against their side of the dome.

At the radio station, Phil tells Julia that Dodee didn't hear anything about the visitor's day on her monitoring equipment. They tune in the equipment and hear the military talking about painting zones at 1315. Neither of them knows what it means, and Julia wonders if Peter will arrive. Phil hesitates and Julia tells him that she knows that Peter had a gambling problem and was involved with Phil. As they talk, they pick up a news broadcast from reporter Jeff Glor. Glor talks about how the government finally relented and let select press members come in to document the visitor's day encounters.

Rusty and Linda talk back and forth by writing, and Rusty tells his fiancée that they want to make a reality show about them. Meanwhile, Joe looks around for Angie, sure that she'd come no matter what. Norrie sees a man holding up a sign with her name on it and goes to him. He writes that she's his daughter and shows her photos of her as a baby. The man also has a photo of himself with Alice, even though Carolyn told Norrie that she came from an anonymous donor.

Coggins starts shouting, calling everyone sinners. He says that they are Moab, a town of sinners. Big Jim leads him away and warns him to stay away, but Coggins says that the only thing he fears now is the wrath of God. He says that the only way they can stay God's hand is to confess their sins, and accuses Big Jim of raising money by letting drug dealers manufacture their drugs in Chester's Mill. Coggins tells Big Jim that the townspeople won't follow him once they find out what he really is, and gives him one day to come clean to everyone in town... or he'll do it for him.

Phil scans the crowd on the other side and finally spots his sister. As he goes to her, Julia looks for Peter without success. She notices Linda looking nervous and asks if everything is all right, and Linda admits that she couldn't tell Rusty about the death of his brother Freddy. Linda admits that she doesn't know how to tell him, but Julia tells her that she does and walks away.

Carolyn and Alice arrive at the dome and Alice sees the man, Michael. Norrie accuses them of lying to her and claiming the records were sealed. Furious, Alice yells at Michael that he's never been anything to Norrie and has no right to come there now. She figures that he's only there because of the free publicity. Norrie tells both her moms that she hates them and runs off.

Julia asks Barbie if he's seen Peter. He says that he hasn't and Julia says that she doesn't blame him for Peter's bad decisions, and asks Barbie to keep an eye out for him. Julia then spots a woman, Mary, and goes to the dome. Mary holds up a letter for her and Julia reads it, then thanks her. As she walks away, Julia explains that Mary is her sister-in-law and she received a letter from Peter apologizing and saying that Julia deserved better.

Dodee talks to her deaf mother via sign language, while Andrea Grinnell sees her son on the other side. Barbie holds her back from touching the dome and Andrea explains that she hasn't seen her son in ten years. Junior comes over and tells Barbie to leave Andrea to him, and Barbie takes in Junior's new deputy's uniform in surprise.

Linda finds Rusty again and he asks about Freddy. She admits that he isn't okay and breaks into tears as she apologizes.

Joe goes after Norrie and asks about her father, and she says Michael is a creep. Ben follows them with Truman and explains that he just talked to random strangers because all of the people he knows are in the dome. According to the people on the outside, China threatened to attack, believing the dome was some kind of super weapon.

The soldiers start moving the visitors away from the dome. Barbie approaches Dodee and asks if she can read lips, and leads her to the dome. He holds up a coin representing his Army unit, the Jackrabbits, and one soldier sees it and salutes him. Dodee translates and Barbie asks what's happening out there. The soldier warns them that something big is going down and they've been ordered to pull out. All he knows is that they were told that once they leave, they won't be coming back. Barbie confirms that the soldiers received their new orders the previous night when the butterflies showed up. As he runs off, Dodee points out that butterflies navigate via magnetic fields. Barbie realizes that if the dome is altering magnetic fields on the outside, the government won't stand for it. He tells Dodee that Coggins is picking up Army transmission on his hearing aid. MOAB is an Army acronym for "Mother of All Bombs." The MOAB is the largest non-nuclear missile in the U.S. arsenal, and Barbie figures that it will destroy the dome... and everyone inside of it.

As Julia goes back to her car, she asks Linda how it went with Rusty. Linda admits that it went as well as could be expected, but that Rusty left without saying goodbye. Meanwhile, Dodee runs over to Big Jim and the others and tells them what they've learned about MOAB. Barbie confirms what they've learned and Julie figures that the transmissions they heard about 1315 refer to the launch time. They have less than three hours, and Linda and Julia suggests that they take refuge in the tunnels beneath the old cement factory.

Joe is at the diner asking Rose if she's seen Angie, when Julia goes on the air and informs everyone about the missile. She tells everyone to go to the cement factory and spread the word to each other.

Big Jim goes into the fallout shelter and cuts Angie free. He then sits down next to her and apologizes for what Junior did. Big Jim insists that Junior was a good boy once and tells Angie that she can go. Angie asks him why he's freeing her and he says that if they're all going to die then she should die a free woman. She runs up the stairs and gets out.

Julia is at home packing and sees a photo of her and Peter. After a moment, she turns it face down and walks away.

At the cement factory, the townspeople bring the sick and infirm inside and set up lights. Julia talks to Barbie about how he got the information and Barbie explains that the soldier thought he was some kind of hero. When he was in Iraq he rescued a captured soldier from insurgents. The soldier was the last survivor of her company, a company that was wiped out by Barbie's unit in a case of mistaken identity. Barbie figures that he deserves to die as a result of friendly fire and walks off.

Junior goes home to check on Angie, and Big Jim comes out and demands to ask why he's there. When his son stutters through an explanation, Big Jim tells Junior that he let Angie go. He wonders what Junior was thinking and Junior runs off. Big Jim calls after him, saying it doesn't matter and the town needs them at the factory, but Junior drives off.

At the radio station, Phil sets a final song to play in thirteen minutes when the bomb hits. Dodee figures that they'll survive in the tunnels, but Phil points out that they're facing weapons of mass destruction.

Angie goes home and calls to Joe. When she searches the house, she finds Junior waiting for him in her room. He has his gun out and tells her that they're not finished.

In the tunnels, Big Jim checks his watch and wonder where Junior is. Linda comes in with the last of the holdouts and Big Jim tells her that Junior is tying up a few loose ends. She tells Big Jim to keep his new deputies under control and goes out, saying that she has to tie up a few loose ends.

Phil wires up some stereos to play Beethoven. Barbie hands him his watch back, a watch that belonged to his grandfather that he used to cover his gambling losses. When Phil says that he lost fair and square, Barbie says that he might be getting out of that line of work and wishes Phil luck.

Junior picks up a snow globe that he gave to Angie. When she wonders what is happening, he turns on the radio. Julia's pre-recorded message is playing, announcing the attack on the dome. Junior apologizes and says that all he wanted to do was help her get better. Angie sits down next to him and kisses him on the forehead, and he rests his head in her lap.

Barbie goes over to Julia, who is drinking, and she explains that an editor gave it to her after her first byline. As Barbie takes a drink, Julia says that she misses Chicago and wonders where Peter is now. She figures that she's glad to be part of Chester's Mill since the dome came down. Barbie starts to tell her about Peter, but is interrupted when Carolyn and Alice ask for help finding Norrie. Big Jim's deputies refuse to let them go, but Julia tells Barbie that she found another way out and leads him to it.

Joe and Norrie run through the streets, calling for Angie. With four minutes left, Joe tells Norrie to go back to the shelter to be with her family. Norrie refuses, saying that she's with her friend, and goes with him to look for Angie.

With three minutes left, Dodee goes over to Phil and dances with him.

Linda runs to the radio station and climbs up into the tower. She examines the railing where she and Rusty carved their initials.

Angie and Junior wait in her room.

Dodee jokingly tells Phil that she hates him. He says that he hates her, too. Big Jim and Rose briefly hold hands.

Barbie and Julia get out and drive through town.

Joe and Norrie run to the town gazebo and realize that it's too late. She wonders what they're going to do and Joe kisses her as the bomb detonates.

In the shelter, Big Jim tells everyone to stay put and goes up to investigate.

Joe and Norrie realize that they're alive and that they didn't have seizures when they kissed.

Big Jim calls to tell Linda that everyone is okay.

Barbie and Julia drive to the edge of town and discover that the dome is still standing... and everything outside has been obliterated for miles.

Big Jim drives to the dome, sets his wristwatch on a nearby barrier, and goes over to touch the dome. Coggins comes over and says that God saved them. The reverend says that God told him to come out there to see the moment of their salvation, and claims that the Lord saved Chester's Mill because he repented. Coggins then tells Big Jim that it's his turn to repent, and warns him that the dome has only one master. Big Jim says that he's right, grabs his head, and slams his hear against the dome. Coggins' hearing aid explodes, killing him, and Big Jim watches as a butterfly briefly lands on the dome and then flies away. The councilman then picks up his watch and walks away.