The Endless Thirst - Recap

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Joe and the other townspeople go to the dome to see that it still exists despite the military bomb. Big Jim orders everyone back, reminding them of what happened to Duke. Carolyn and Alice arrive as Linda pulls up and asks Big Jim if he knows where Junior is. She tells him that Carter found Coggins' body and Big Jim feigns shock at the news. Ollie and Andrea wonder how much longer their food and power will last, and Big Jim tries to calm them down. Meanwhile, Carolyn and Alice leave, taking Joe and Norrie with them, and Julia asks Barbie what they're going to do.

Linda is unable to get hold of her deputies because of interference from the dome, and asks Barbie to help her. He agrees, but refuses to let her deputize him. Julia prepares to drive over to the radio station, and Barbie hesitantly asks if he'll see her later. She says that he will and drives off, while Big Jim tells everyone that no one will starve.

At the McAlister house, Angie tries to take in what is happening. Junior tells her that he's a deputy now and promises to take care of her. She grabs s snow globe and slams it into his head, and then runs out.

As they drive through town, Alice tells Carolyn to pull over and complains about the heat. She wanders into the street and a passing truck almost hits her. It swerves out of the way and hits the town water tower, and the water pours everywhere. They get the driver out and look on helplessly as the water drains away. Linda and Barbie arrive and help the couple, and Barbie says that they need to haul water from the lake. Meanwhile, Alice admits that she hasn't taken insulin because she's out. Norrie explains to Joe that her mother is a diabetic.

At the radio station, Phil is getting a strange squealing noise on the equipment when Julia arrives. She tells him that the police walkie-talkies are making the same noise, and Phil figures the source is close. When Julia suggests that they find it, Dodee comes in with a portable tracker that she can use to find via triangulation. They figure the noise is coming from whatever is generating the dome, and that they may be able to shut it down.

As they park near the lake and proceed on foot, Linda asks Barbie about Julie. She says that she saw something between them and talks about her fiancé, Rusty, and how they've been together for three years. When they get to the lake, they discover that hundreds of dead fish are floating on the surface.

At the clinic, Nurse Adams tells Carolyn that Coggins took the insulin from the drugstore, and that the clinic is out of the drug. When Carolyn wonders what they should do, Adams advises her to pray.

Barbie and Linda go to see Big Jim and explain that the water from the lake is polluted with methane from an underground pocket. Big Jim wonders if rain can form under the dome, and then shows them a map that he has of the area. There is an active artesian well near Ollie's place. Ollie owns the rights and Big Jim warns that he could be difficult so he says that he'll talk to him alone.

Later, Angie continues running. Meanwhile, Junior goes to see his father at his office and tells him that Angie got away from him. He points out that Big Jim let her go but his father says that he has problems of his own and tells him to deal with his own problems.

In the town square, Barbie asks Linda about Big Jim and Ollie. She admits that they're always fighting and then making up. They spot a crowd outside the grocery store and go over. The owner, Terry, is telling people that he can only accept propane or batteries as currency. Linda asks him what's going on and Terry explains that money is useless to him. The townspeople have heard about the lake and Linda assures them that there's no reason to panic. She finds some batteries from one of the townspeople and pays Terry, and then leaves with Barbie. Linda offers him a gun and Barbie says that it isn't a good idea when they're dealing with scared people.

Big Jim arrives at the Densmore farm and explains that they need his well. Ollie figures that Big Jim is taking him for granted and Big Jim realizes that he's still sore about the town council took his opponent's side in Ollie's fencing dispute. The farmer tells him that he'll need to pay him and Big Jim offers him propane to run his irrigation system. Ollie points out how convenient it is that Big Jim has just what the town needs, and agrees to get him water for propane.

Junior drives around looking for Angie. She waits until he drives past and then keeps running.

Carter calls Linda with word of trouble at one of the stores. As she and Barbie arrive, Junior pulls up and Linda tells him to do his job and help them. Inside the store, the clerk is limiting the purchase of water. Junior and Linda patrol the aisle and Junior spots two brothers, Waylon and Clint Dundee, taking everything they can. They're unimpressed with Junior, who tells them to put the cans back, while people start squabbling.

At the clinic, Joe tells Norrie that he'll do whatever he can to help. Norrie asks him to help her track down the other diabetics in Chester's Mill using the hospital files and promises to get the insulin no matter what.

Julia and Dodee drive around trying to home in on the signal, and Dodee realizes that the power source is moving.

Angie arrives at the store and tries to get in. She sees Junior, who sees her and tries to get out through the crowd. Angie runs to the diner and tells Rose that Junior abducted her and locked her in Big Jim's fallout shelter. When she says that Big Jim kept her locked up until the bomb fell, Rose doesn't believe it. Rose assures her that Joe is safe and so is she, but Angie wonders who will take her word against Big Jim's and Junior's. The owner says that she believes her and promises to make other people believe as well.

Joe and Norrie go to the address of one of the diabetics, Ray Garcia. Once they confirm no one is home, Norrie breaks open the back door and goes in. As she does, Ray comes out with a shotgun and demands to know what they're doing. Norrie explains and Ray tells her that he took his last dose a day ago. He orders them away and they run off.

A riot breaks out at the store and the people come running in, shoving past Linda and the deputies. One man hits Barbie and runs out, and Barbie catches up to him and beats him. As he starts to choke the man, Linda and Carter arrive. Barbie lets the man go and tells Linda that it won't happen again.

At the diner, Clint and Waylon break in and tell Rose that they're going to take what they want. Clint of them grabs Angie while Waylon one grabs Rose's bat and hits her twice. Angie pulls free and tackles Waylon, who drops onto his back on top of her. As she passes out, the last thing Angie sees is Rose lying in a pool of blood.

Riots break out throughout the town and Linda, Junior, Carter, and Barbie get some riot gear that Duke purchased years ago. They toss the tear gas into the crowds but it has lost potency due to age.

Dodee and Julia home in on the signal.

Norrie and Joe go to the Fannon house and discover that the door is unlocked. They go inside and find the insulin in the refrigerator. A young boy, Scotty, comes in and he explains that his mother went to the store and his father is outside the dome. Norrie tells him that they won't hurt him and the boy says that he does his own shots. She realizes that he has diabetes and has Joe put all of the vials but one back in the refrigerator. His mother Kay comes in and orders them out, and Norrie apologizes to the boy as she goes. Outside, Norrie admits that Joe was right and it's a stupid idea. Julia and Dodee pull up and Dodee tells them that they've homed in on the signal... it's coming from Joe and Norrie.

Big Jim drives back to Ollie's farm with several large tanks of propane. Ollie tells him that it'll make a good first payment and that if he comes back to do anything except deliver more propane, he'll shoot him. Big Jim warns him that he doesn't want to stand alone but Ollie dares him to do his worse.

Clint and Waylon take Rose's food and Waylon tells Clint to go outside and lock the door behind him. He then walks over to the unconscious Angie.

Julia and Dodee tell Joe and Norrie that they're the source of the signal. Joe tells them about the seizures and shows them the recording he made where they say, "The pink stars are falling."

As he tries to control the rioting, Barbie sees Clint outside Rose's diner. Realizing something is wrong, Barbie goes over and Clint panics and runs. He goes inside and attacks Waylon, applying a choke hold, and then carries Angie outside. Linda runs over and Barbie tells her that Rose is dead, and gets the keys to her car. They discover that someone has slashed the tires. Linda has no choice but to start shooting, but as she draws her gun... the rain comes down. Big Jim arrives and gets the townspeople organized collecting all the rainwater that they can.

Barbie asks Big Jim to get Angie to the clinic, and tells him that the looters killed Rose. When Barbie gives Linda their first names, she confirms that they're the Dundee brothers and Big Jim tells her to find them.

Julia and the others drive to the dome and confirm that it still exists. Joe touches the dome and Dodee explains that the interior of the dome now has its own micro-environment, and it will filter the water so that it's safe. As Norrie touches the dome, she gets a shock and the car radio comes on. They realize that whatever was jamming the airwaves is gone, and Julia figures that it's because Norrie and Joe both touched the dome. Norrie and Joe walk back to the clinic to check on Alice, while Julia tells Dodee that the two teenagers are connected to the dome as if it's using them. Julia wonders if the dome is helping them, protecting them from the missile and giving them rain, and suggests that it's trying to reassure them. Dodee doesn't believe it and says that they need to tell Big Jim. Julia warns her that the whole town will go after the teenagers if word gets out, and insists that they have to keep it a secret. After a moment, Dodee agrees... for now.

That night, the townspeople continue gathering water. Norrie gives Carolyn one bottle of insulin that she kept, and her mother says to focus on the fact that Alice is better for now.

As she drives down the street, Julia sees Barbie and pulls over. He admits that it's been a heck of a day and Julia hugs him and says that they'll be okay. After a moment they kiss.

Angie wakes up and discovers that she's in Big Jim's home. He tells her to take it easy and that Rose is dead. Angie wonders why she's there and Big Jim assures her that she's free to leave. However, Big Jim hopes that they can come to an arrangement about keeping Junior's secret. He tells her that he's always known that there's always been something off about Junior since his mother died, and offers his word that Junior will never touch her again. In the meantime he offers to provide her with whatever she needs to survive, including a gun, as long as she puts it all behind her. Angie confirms that Big Jim will take care of Joe as well, but tells him that she'll have to think about it. Junior comes in and, seeing Angie, demands to know what's going on.