The Fourth Hand - Recap

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Julia leads Barbie into the forest to show him the pink egg with the mini-dome. He suggests that the egg is projecting the dome like a planetarium. When they get to the spot in the forest, they find a spherical half-hole in the ground but no sign of the egg or the mini-dome. Julia insists that it was there and they wonder where it went, just as Linda calls Barbie to tell him that there have been shots fired and she needs him. Barbie takes off while Julia stays behind to find it.

Joe shows Norrie how to catch chickens so they can cook one for supper. They talk about the words "the monarch will be crowned" and wonder what it means, and Joe suggests it may relate to the butterflies that gathered on the dome. Joe says that they'll go back to the mini-dome after they catch dinner.

At the diner, Big Jim comes in and tells Angie that things are looking up now that the water is flowing. He has worked out a food deal with the farmers and Angie says that she plans to keep the diner going because she feels that it's important. She asks Big Jim for the deed, free and clear, so that she can be responsible for something for the first time. Big Jim says that he'll think about it.

When Barbie arrives, Linda explains that Mr. Feldman's neighbor, Ted Utley, fired off a few shots when a freak pounded on his door claiming that the dome was talking to him. One of them grazed Feldman. Barbie and Linda find the man, Larry, ranting and raving. Linda confirms that Larry uses drugs and he explains that he uses Rapture, which be bought from Coggins.

At the diner, Junior comes in and Angie orders him out. He insists that he won't hurt her but she says that it's her place and she's refusing him service. He insists that the dome was making her sick, but Angie tells him that the dome has nothing to do with her. Angie then collapses, muttering about the pink stars falling into line.

Big Jim goes home and discovers that someone has left the front door open. He draws his gun and cautiously goes in, and finds a woman waiting for him: Maxine.

When Angie wakes up, she finds herself in the back of Junior's squad car. She tries to get out, screaming, and Junior tells her that she's safe. He explains what happened and drives up to her house. Angie is surprised that he's letting her go, and Junior says that he'll see her around.

Julia tells Joe and Norrie about the disappearance of the dome. Norrie says that Carolyn is still grieving and wants some time alone. Angie comes in and tells them about her seizure, and Joe and Norrie tells them that they've been having the same seizures and saying the same thing. As Angie takes off her sweater, they notice her butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. She goes to get a drink and Norrie and Julia suggest that Angie might be the monarch who will be crowned. Joe points out that the butterfly is blue and yellow, and monarchs are orange. Norrie suggests that they use the yagi that Dodee built to track the dome energy, and Julia says that she'll talk to Dodee alone because the engineer doesn't trust the two teenagers.

Big Jim asks why Maxine is inside the dome and she explains that she left Westlake to see him on the day that the dome came down. She says that she wanted to talk about their arrangement and how Big Jim was losing control of Duke and Coggins. Big Jim points out that the Rapture is hers, and assures her that Duke and Coggins are no longer a problem. He wonders where she's been since the dome came down, and Maxine claims that she borrowed a home belonging to a couple outside the dome. Maxine is well aware of what Big Jim has been doing, and figures that the two of them need to work together.

Barbie and Linda break into Coggins' funeral home and search for any evidence of Rapture. They find the equipment in a coffin along with a recipe. It involves liquid propane and Barbie points out that Chester's Mill has a lot of it.

At the radio station, Dodee is playing a song for Phil, who is at the clinic with a bullet wound. Julia comes in and Dodee tells her that she hasn't received any word from the outside world. The reporter asks if she can borrow the yagi to find the dome's power source, but Dodee points out that it stopped working when Joe and Norrie touched the dome. The engineer doesn't trust the teenagers, but assures Julia but she didn't tell anyone about them.

At the police station, Big Jim is waiting when Linda and Barbie come back. They explain what happened and Big Jim suggests that they collect everyone's guns to avoid any future trouble. When Linda points out that they have a Constitutional right to bear arms, Big Jim points out that they're a country unto themselves. Barbie is forced to admit that it didn't go well in Iraq, and Big Jim offers to go on the radio to promote the idea as voluntary. Linda reluctantly agrees and Barbie offers to help collect the guns. Big Jim wonders if he can count on him and Barbie points out that he agrees with him. As Big Jim walks out, Barbie tells Linda that he isn't so sure but he's going to stay close to find out what's going on.

At the radio station, Big Jim goes on the air to promote his voluntary program. He offers food and propane in return for any weapons they turn in and invites everyone to go to the diner to do it. As Maxine drives along and listens, she hides her own pistol in the glove compartment.

Jim shows Norrie his children's photos when Julia returns. She tells them that Dodee claimed the yagi was broken and Norrie points out that Truman could sense it the last time, and may be able to this time as well.

At the station, Linda tells Junior that they're driving to the propane warehouse to check out Coggins' supplies. Angie comes in and asks for his help, and Junior asks to stay behind. Linda reluctantly agrees and Angie asks Junior why he thinks the dome made her sick. He points out that she's even sicker and when she had the seizure, he realized something else. Junior starts to show her and Angie hesitates before going after her.

At the diner, many of the townspeople show up to turn in their guns. Utley isn't there and Dres Johnson tells Big Jim that Utley said that they'd have to kill him to get his guns. Big Jim tells Barbie that Utley has always been tightly wound, and his family was killed in a car accident when the dome came down. The councilman prepares to go confront Utley, strapping on a gun, and tells Barbie that they're dealing with an insane man. Barbie picks up a rifle and offers to go with him, and Big Jim accepts.

Joe, Norrie, and Julia go into the forest and follow Truman. He gets the scent and leads them to a... a pheasant hiding in a bush.

Linda goes to the propane warehouse and discovers that the door is locked. Andrea comes over and says that she's seen a lot of suspicious things from her house across the street. She tells Linda about all the trucks that have been in and out, and admits that she told Duke. However, he dismissed her concerns and sounded very nervous when he did. Andrea tells Linda to talk to Julia and confirm that she reported the same thing to her. Once Andrea leaves, Linda notices a security camera mounted on the wall. She ignores it and shoots off the lock, and finds dozens of propane tanks inside.

Big Jim and Barbie arrive at Utley's house and the councilman tells Barbie to go around the back. Utley opens fire on them

Junior takes Norrie back to his house and she nervously eyes the fallout shelter. He assures her that he won't hold her against her will again, and then leads her to his mother Pauline's studio. Junior talks about how his mother has been dead for nine years, and she loved making art. He explains that his mother had a dream about him and came out and painted something. Junior shows Angie the painting, which shows him on a hill looking up at pink stars.

Big Jim goes into Utley's house and tells him to put the gun down, while Barbie circles around the back. Utley is sitting on the bed, surrounded by his guns, and Big Jim puts his gun away and comes in. The man says that he can't turn in his guns because the dome has already taken everything else from him. Utley opens his hand, revealing that he's holding a hand grenade, and Big Jim grabs it while Barbie draws a bead on the man. Big Jims says that he knows how he feels because he lost his wife, and promises that it will get better. Utley doesn't believe it and shoves him away, but Big Jim grabs him, yanks the hand grenade away, and inserts the pin. Barbie comes in and Big Jim has him take Utley to the clinic. As Barbie leaves, Big Jim thanks him for keeping his cool and not shooting him by accident.

Linda breaks into the warehouse office and checks the security monitors. She plays back the recordings and sees Maxine paying off duke.

Junior suggests that Pauline knew that the dome was coming and figures that it's related to what Angie said. He insists that he isn't crazy and neither is Pauline, and now he and Angie must both be part of it. Junior is happy that they're connected by something greater.

At the diner, Barbie and Big Jim put away the guns and Maxine comes in and congratulates them. Big Jim awkwardly suggests that she doesn't need to be there, and then introduces her to Barbie. Maxine goes over and kisses Barbie, and explains that they know each other.

Norrie and Joe return to the house with Truman. The dog runs to the barn, barking, and they realize that he's found something. They go inside and find the mini-dome inside, resting on the half-sphere of ground from the forest.

Barbie remains silent at first, but finally greets Maxine. Big Jim wants to know how they know each other, and Barbie points out that Big Jim has been lying all along about the propane. Maxine says that the disarmament was part of her plan, and Barbie figures that they'll start up gambling and alcohol to keep the people amused. When he objects, Maxine says that he doesn't have a choice and is more than willing to reveal both of their secrets to the townspeople. She tells them that they're both working for her now, and assures them that she has insurance in place in case something happens to her.

Big Jim starts loading the guns up to take to the cement factory and Maxine reminds Barbie about how they met several months ago at a bar. Barbie warns her that he's not going to cooperate, and Maxine threatens to tell Julia that he killed Peter Shumway. She knows that Barbie and Julia are involved and warns him that she knows everything that everyone has been doing in the last eight days.

Angie comes into the barn and sees the mini-dome and tells Joe and Norrie that she knows that she's now a part of it. Angie reminds Joe that he went out the previous night to go for a walk. Joe has no memory of what happened and wonders why he brought it there.

Julia tells Barbie that they couldn't find the mini-dome and wonders if there's any point trying to find answers. She suggests that they appreciate what they do have and turns to Barbie, and he tells her that they can wait until morning to discuss what he did. Barbie tells her that he wants to stay up alone for a while, and assures Julia that everything's fine.

Junior leaves his house and sees a light on in the fallout shelter. He goes down to investigate and sees Big Jim stockpiling the weapons that he collected.

Norrie suggests that Joe was operating secretly to keep things secret from Julia, and suggests that they continue keeping her in the dark. Angie touches the dome and the egg lights up. Norrie and Joe touch it as well and Norrie suggests that they are unlocking it in some manner. An image of a hand appears in the fourth position, and they realize that they need to find a fourth person to unlock it.