Let the Games Begin - Recap

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Joe and Norrie wake up in the barn, their hands tied together to keep the other from walking off. Norrie checks the mini-dome as Angie wakes up, and they see a caterpillar inside by the egg. Joe points out that it has black and yellow stripes and figures that it will turn into a monarch butterfly, which ties into what Julia heard. Angie is reluctant to trust Julia, but Joe points out that the reporter could be the key to opening the dome by providing the fourth hand. The three of them touch the dome and after a moment, a fourth handprint appears. Norrie suggests that they find someone else who has had seizures and they cover up the mini-dome and leave. Once they leave, Dodee enters the barn and removes the blanket.

Julia comes downstairs and finds a note from Barbie saying that he'll be back later.

Barbie goes to Big Jim's house and tells the councilman they need to talk about Maxine. They both refuse to talk about how they got involved with Maxine, and Barbie suggests that they get rid of her "insurance policy." Big Jim tells Barbie that Maxine owns a realty company, Osiris Corporation, and offers to go check the town records. Barbie insists on going with him and they take off together. At the Town Clerk's office, they discover that Maxine has purchased and flipped a dozen houses, but there's one house on Bird Island, just under the dome. Maxine comes in with a list of luxury items that she wants Big Jim to find for her. She orders Barbie to come with her and he reluctantly goes.

Dodee takes photos of the mini-dome and then touches it. After a moment it blasts her back and Joe, Norrie, and Angie hear the sound come running. They find the radio engineer unconscious, her hands burned. When Dodee wakes up, she finds herself at the clinic. She tells Joe and the others that she doesn't remember what happen and they play along with her vague memory that she was at the radio station. As Nurse Adams takes her away, Angie asks if she know if anyone else in town has had seizures. Adams reminds her that no one else has since Angie's tenth-grade dance and Angie, stunned, runs off.

Julia goes to the police station and finds Linda going through Duke's papers. When the reporter wonders what's going on, Linda mentions what Andrea said about the trucks at the propane station. Julia admits that she never followed up on her report, and Linda shows her footage of Duke getting a payoff from the mystery women. She figures that Coggins burned down Duke's house to cover his tracks, and points out that Duke never went anywhere without his hat. Linda looks inside it and finds a key. Julia confirms that it's a safe deposit box and they drive to the Bank of Chester's Mill to check it out .

Big Jim takes a boat out to Bird Island.

Junior is on patrol when he spots a man walking nervously down the street. The guy runs and Junior pulls him over and searches the guy. He finds a canister of salt and the man explains that they'll accept it as payment to let people into the cement factory.

Maxine drives Barbie to the cement factory and warns him not to trust Big Jim. She assures Barbie that she's never lied to him and leads him inside. A crowd of people are gathering and Maxine meets with her bodyguard, Otto. She tells Barbie that people are bored after nine days without any entertainment and takes him inside to where she has set up a fight arena.

Big Jim arrives at the island and approaches the large, expensive house. He steps onto the porch and sees a woman working on the flowers. She recognizes him from his car commercials and introduces herself as Agatha. Agatha explains that she's the caretaker for Oliver Luckland, who is on the other side of the island tending his boats. Big Jim claims that he's checking all of the houses to make sure everyone is okay, and asks to wait for Oliver. She immediately agrees and offers Big Jim a cup of tea.

Maxine explains that she drew on her connections to set up the fight club. She has gambling and booze, accepting trades in goods, and plans to live as well as she can.

Angie walks off and Joe and Norrie finally convince her to explain that Junior had a seizure at the tenth-grade dance. Joe doesn't believe it and Angie admits that it weirds her out after what he did to her. When her brother wonders what she's talking about, Angie finally explains that Junior kidnapped her and locked her in the fallout shelter. Joe is ready to go after him, but Norrie stops him and says that they need Junior alive if he's the fourth hand. Angie says that there are other reasons to believe Junior is the fourth hand and takes them to his house.

Linda and Julia go to the bank and notice that people went through the place, taking all the money. Julia talks about how money ruined her marriage and that she had a suspicion all along that something was wrong with Peter. Linda breaks open the door to the safe deposit room.

Junior gets a canister of salt and goes to the cement factory. A man, Duncan, recognizes him and tells him that he doesn't belong there because he's a cop. When Junior insists, Duncan punches him and takes the salt.

Barbie wonders why Maxine needs him and she explains that he has a reputation as a bad-ass. She marks him up on the board and tells him that he's the main event. When Barbie refuses, Maxine reminds him that she can blackmail with him that the knowledge that he killed Julia's husband. She tells Barbie that his opponent is Victor Rawlins, a man who owed money to her. Barbie collected it from him, and Victor is looking for payback.

As Agatha makes tea, Big Jim looks through the drawers. She explains that Oliver is often out at his properties so he hired her to take care of things. Big Jim finds a photo of Agatha with a young Maxine, just as she comes in with a shotgun and says that Maxine is her daughter. She orders him to drop the gun in his back belt and when he hesitates, she fires a warning shot. As Big Jim drops the gun, Agatha says that Maxine learned to do what she does from her mother.

Maxine announces that Barbie will be fighting Victor and there are no rules. She whispers to Barbie not to disappoint her and steps out, and Victor immediately sucker-punches Barbie. Catching his breath, Barbie knocks him down.

Agatha tells Big Jim to sit down and wait until Maxine returns, although it may be the next day. She realizes that Big Jim doesn't remember her and explains that they were in the same high school class until she dropped. Big Jim only remembers one student, Claire, who dropped out. Agatha explains that she changed her name because of the scandal when she had a child out of wedlock at age 16. Everyone treated her as a pariah and she could only support herself through prostitution. Agatha assures Big Jim that neither one of them will forget the real Chester's Mill, and tells Big Jim that she knows all about the propane and Barbie. She tells Big Jim that she knows about how Barbie killed Peter, unaware that Big Jim doesn't know. When Agatha says that Junior is just as bad, Big Jim warns her not to talk about his son. He advances on her, asking if she has ever killed anyone. Agatha hesitates and Big Jim tells her that he has murdered. When she refuses to pull the trigger, Big Jim yanks the gun away and says that now he'll deal with her family.

Angie takes Joe and Norrie to Pauline Rennie's art workshop and shows them the painting she did of the pink stars. Joe still wants to kill him, but Norrie figures that what matters is what the dome wants. Junior comes in behind them and Joe lunges at him, but Junior easily subdues him. Angie insists that Junior has to help him and gets him to release Joe. Once he does, Angie asks him to come to the barn with them because all four of them are connected to something amazing.

After a long, grueling fight, Barbie takes Victor down. Barbie looks over at Maxine and then taunts Victor into getting up. When Victor grapples with him, Barbie whispers to him to hit him as hard as he can. Barbie goes down and Maxine steps out and declares Victor the winner. She then walks over to Barbie and tells him that she knows that he threw the fight. Maxine anticipated it and bet on Victor, well aware that Barbie would never let her win.

Linda and Julia take out Duke's safe-deposit box and they find the toy sheriff's badge that Linda gave him when he had his pacemaker put in. There's also a letter and Julia reads it. In the letter, Duke says that he lost his son to drugs 19 years ago. He vowed to keep drugs out of Chester's Hill by making a deal with Maxine. The town bought the propane under the guise of "emergency reserves," and Maxine kept all drugs out of Chester's Hill. Duke confesses that Coggins and Big Jim were the other two conspirators. Linda wonders why Duke didn't tell her and Julia says that it was because he loved her. She wonders if Peter didn't tell her for the same reason and takes out her safe-deposit key. Inside her box is a life insurance policy for $1 million, and Julia says that she needs to talk to Barbie.

Big Jim ties Agatha up and takes her back to town on the boat. She wonders what he's going to do with her. He figures that things will work out to him and she gets up, angry at his confidence. The boat hits a wave and Agatha falls overboard. She calls for help but Big Jim just looks at her for a moment and then leaves.

Maxine takes Barbie to the back room and congratulates him on helping her win. She says that they make a good team and that together they can control Chester's Mill. Maxine kisses him and assures him that eventually she'll have everyone under her dome. Barbie asks what happens if she doesn't get her booze and she doesn't get him, and Maxine promises to burn the town down. He shoves her away and starts to walk out, and Maxine warns him that the truth will come out. Barbie hesitates and grabs her, and then tells her that they're finished.

That night, Big Jim comes home and finds Linda sitting on his porch. She says that they need to talk at the station, and Big Jim tells her it can wait until morning. Linda hesitates and then tells him to come by or she'll take him away in cuffs.

Barbie returns to Julia's home and finds her waiting for him. He says that he needs to tell her something, but she already knows that Peter drew a gun on him. Julia shows him Peter's gun case, with the gun missing. All of the bullets are there, and Barbie realizes that she knows what happened. Julia admits that she didn't want to believe it, and tells Barbie that Peter needed Barbie to kill him. Julia shows Barbie the life insurance policy, which would have been voided if he committed suicide. Barbie says that he's sorry for everything and Julia says that she is, too. She then tells Barbie that there can't be anymore lies in their future, and Barbie asks if she's sure that she wants a future with him. Julia admits that she isn't sure.

Joe, Norrie, and Angie show Junior the mini-dome in the barn. The caterpillar inside is now in a chrysalis. They touch the mini-dome and the fourth handprint appears. After a moment, Junior touches his hand to the mini-dome. It fits the print exactly and the egg starts glowing brighter. The barn lights go out and the egg generates a pattern of pink stars around them. They form into constellations but they have no idea what it means.