Speak of the Devil - Recap

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Junior, Joe, Angie, and Norrie paint the dots that they saw onto the walls of the barn and wonder what the Dome is trying to tell them now. Joe notices four stars that aren't part of a constellation and figure that they represent the four of them. The group notices that the chrysalis has changed color from green to clear, and Joe figures that it will change into a monarch butterfly. Norrie complains that it's all too much, but Angie points out that the Dome has been clear that it doesn't want them telling anyone else. Joe reminds them that the Dome spoke through her and she might know, and Junior suggests that the monarch might be someone who can bring the dome down. Angie tells Joe to tell Julia and he leaves.

Big Jim goes to the sheriff's office as requested and Linda confirms that he conspired with Duke and Coggins to buy propane off the books to keep the town afloat. She points out that they sold it to Maxine and kept some in their warehouse, and Big Jim insists that it turned out for the best because they have an excess to keep the generators going. Linda notes that he'd be in jail if the Dome didn't go down, and he dares her to charge him with conspiracy to keep the lights on. If she won't, he tells her to go after the real criminal: Barbie.

Julia comes downstairs to find Barbie up after sleeping on the couch. She admits that she was lonely sleeping on the bed and Barbie asks if she wants him to leave. Julia asks him to take her to Pete's grave so that she can get closure and they can move forward. After a moment, Barbie agrees and goes to get dressed.

Big Jim tells Linda that Barbie was working for Maxine as her gambling enforcer. She thinks that it sounds crazy, but Big Jim explains that Barbie was with Peter on the day the Dome came down, and Peter hasn't turned up since. Linda asks about his secrets and Big Jim says that he's an open book.

Maxine turns up at Julia's doorstep. When the reporter asks what she can help her with, Maxine says that she can't even help herself, shoots her in the chest, and walks away. Barbie hears the gunshot and runs downstairs, and calls Linda to tell her what happened. Big Jim suggests that Barbie is lying and tells her to think it through

After Joe and Norrie leave, Junior says that it's amazing how their lives are connected and tries to kiss her. She shoves him away and insists that they will never be together, and if the Dome comes down then he will never see her again. Junior tells her that if that's the case then he's done with it all. As the wind picks up outside, Angie accuses him of acting out of selfishness. He says that it's love and he'd rather die than be apart from her.

As Linda drives to Julia's her car shuts down. She discovers that someone has siphoned off her gas and waves down Phil as he drives by. When Linda explains what's going on, he drives her to Julia's.

Joe passes by Julia's house and Barbie hails him. He convinces the boy to drive them to the clinic while he keeps the pressure on the wound

As Big Jim leaves town hall, he notices a cloud formation forming overhead. Maxine walks up and offers him a ride. She dismisses the cloud formation as rain and Big Jim tells her that they need to talk. They go back inside and Big Jim tells her that someone shot Julia. He figures that it was Maxine and she admits that Barbie turned her down. She tells Big Jim to make the right choices and promises to find someone that he cares about to kill. Junior comes in and Maxine walks over and introduces herself as a friend of his father's. She then says that she's going to Bird Island to check on something. Big Jim tries to stop her but she leaves and when Junior wonders who it was, Big Jim says it was the devil.

Joe drives to the clinic as fast as he can, dodging a tree when it comes down. He sees the clouds forming and warns Barbie that the Dome is mad at them. They pull up to the clinic and Barbie has Joe plug in the car to charge it up. Barbie takes Julia in and Nurse Adams takes a look at her. Another woman runs in with an injured husband and Nurse Adams goes with her. Barbie prepares to tube Julia with the few supplies that they can find, but he admits that it didn't go well when he did it for a fellow soldier.

Big Jim takes Junior into the fallout shelter and shows him the guns that he collected. He explains that he's been trying to keep everything running, but Maxine plans to take it all away from him. Junior doesn't believe it and his father warns that Maxine is angry at him and wants to hurt him by hurting Junior. After a moment, Junior offers to help, saying that he's a man. Big Jim refuses and says that he did the best he could to raise him right. When Junior says that he's been punishing him, Big Jim promises that he won't do it anymore and admits that he doesn't know how it will end with Max. He gives Junior a rifle and tells him to stay in the house until he comes back, and then walks out.

At the radio station, Dodee watches the lightning in the sky and wonders if it changes anything. She goes to her radio equipment and tries to pick up a signal. She hears military transmissions and listens as the Army says that they confirmed Barbie is inside the Dome and that he's the one they've been looking for.

As Junior paces nervously inside the house, there's a knock at the door. He goes to the door and opens it, and finds Angie there. She tells him that he's getting the whole town killed and that the Dome is sending a message that he needs to come back to the group. Junior doesn't believe it but Angie points out that the storm started when he turned his back on the others.

Barbie tubes Julia just as the wind smashes a tree through the window. Julia flatlines and Barbie drives the tube in and sucks the extra pressure out of her chest.

Junior tells Angie that they need to ride out the storm in the cellar, but Angie tells him that he has to come with her because the Dome is telling her what he's supposed to do. When she says that they need him, Junior insists that she needs her and she agrees to get him moving. A nearby swing rips out and flies toward her, and Junior shoves her out of the way just in time. They both look up and watch as the storm recedes.

At the clinic, Julia finally stabilizes. Joe looks out and realizes that the storm is breaking up, and tells Barbie that he has to tell the others that Barbie saved Julia just like he saved Joe when the Dome came down. The teenager figures that Barbie is there to save all of them, and he figures that Barbie is the monarch.

Maxine goes to the dock where she keeps her boat and sees her mother Agatha floating in the water. She pulls Agatha's corpse out and realizes that someone tied up her mother's hands and left her to drown.

At the clinic, Barbie watches over Julia and finally tells Nurse Adams to watch over his lover while he goes to take care of something. As he goes out to his car, Big Jim pulls up and asks about Julia. When Barbie says that she's recovering, Barbie says that he knows Max shot her and it's time to stop her, but he wants to take her alive. Big Jim isn't impressed, pointing out that it'll get them killed. Barbie says that once they take care of her, they're finished working together. He wants a future and Big Jim wants a kingdom, but Big Jim insists that he loves the town. Barbie figures that he loves power, not the town, and promises that once they dispose of Maxine then he'll knock Big Jim off of his throne.

Angie and Junior return to the barn and discover that Norrie is there but Joe hasn't come back yet. As they discuss the storm, Joe comes back and tells them what happened to Julia. He suggests that Barbie might be the monarch, but Junior says that the storm stopped because he decided to come back to the group. Angie wonders what to do now and Norrie says that they have to go to the Dome. Joe agrees, figuring that they have to go to the same spot, due north, like the constellations showed them. None of them know what will happen next but Angie figures that the Dome owes them some answers.

Barbie and Big Jim go to the concrete factory and Barbie attaches an alarm clock set to ten minutes to the building's generator. He then takes out some flares and they go inside.

Linda and Phil check out Julia's home and find blood on the carpet. They confirm that Julia's car is gone, and Linda asks how well Phil knows Barbie. Phil says that nobody really knows Barbie, but he knows that Peter bet and lost the house, and Barbie was the collection agent. Linda figures that Barbie would have shot Julia if she found out what Barbie did to Peter.

Barbie and Big Jim enter the concrete factory through the tunnels, but Maxine and her bodyguard Otto are waiting for them and capture them at gunpoint. She tells Barbie that Big Jim killed her mother and Barbie says that the Maxine and Big Jim are both the same. Maxine insists that the two of them are good together, and tells Barbie that she's giving him a chance to live. She insists that she shot Julia because she wasn't right for Barbie, and Barbie tells her that she's the one who isn't right. All but crying, Maxine says that Barbie screwed her over and says that he's no different than Big Jim. She insists that she's a survivor and notices that Barbie is checking his watch. Outside, the timer counts down to zero and the generator shuts off. Barbie uses the flare to distract Maxine and disarm her, and orders her and Otto out.

Linda and Phil drive to the clinic and confirm that Barbie left with Big Jim. She tells Phil to stay at the clinic and drives to the cement factory in his car.

Big Jim and Barbie escort their captives out and Big Jim tells Maxine that he already took care of her insurance policy. She warns that they have no idea what they're dealing with but Barbie tells her that it's over and goes to get the car. Big Jim kills both prisoners and tells Barbie that Maxine was a threat as long as she's alive. He then prepares to shoot Barbie, but Barbie gets close enough to hit him in the throat. He grabs the gun and holds it on Big Jim, just as Linda shows up. Big Jim claims that Barbie killed Maxine and Otto, and Linda tells Barbie to back off and drop the gun. He finally puts the gun down and Linda starts to cuff him. He knocks her out and runs, and Linda grabs her gun. Big Jim tells her to shoot and she finally does, but misses.

Big Jim goes to the radio station to make an announcement. As he prepares to go on the air, Dodee tells him what she heard the military say. Big Jim then goes on the air and informs everyone that Barbie killed Maxine, a reputable businesswoman, and shot Julia. They've issued a warrant for Barbie's arrest for murdering Maxine, Otto, and Agatha. Big Jim declares a state of emergency and promises that Barbie will be given a fair trial... and face the death penalty.

Joe and the others go to the Dome at the northernmost point and touch it simultaneously. The Dome glows at their touch and they see an image of someone approaching: Big Jim. The image smiles at them and then starts bleeding from wounds in his chest. It bleeds from its nose and the four teenagers look at their hands and discover that they're holding bloody knives. Shocked, Junior backs away and the images fade. He says that he has to go find his father and runs off. The others try to figure out what happened and Angie and Norrie figure that Big Jim has to die to bring down the Dome... and they're supposed to kill him.