Exigent Circumstances - Recap

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In the barn, the egg keeps glowing purple.

At the clinic, Julia remains unconscious.

In the woods, the townspeople hunt down Barbie.

As the diner, the townspeople gather and Big Jim reminds them that Barbie is wanted for murder. Some of the townspeople suggest that they search the houses, but Big Jim initially refuses to violate their rights. He finally gives in and declares a state of emergency, and says that they'll do house sweeps as a precaution. When Linda objects to him, Big Jim says that it's not him, it's the people. He then tells the townspeople that it's not the end and he will make sure that everyone works, and they will all survive together by working together. Carolyn looks at him for a moment and then walks away while the rest of townspeople cheer.

At the radio station, Dodee listens in as the military try to find Barbie and wonder where the egg thing is. Dodee checks her phone and discovers that she took a photo of the egg, and that it was the thing that burned her. Meanwhile, the military say that they need Barbie because he's the only one with the necessary expertise.

Joe, Angie, and Norrie study the mini-dome and wonder why it's still glowing. Angie figures that it's mad because they didn't kill Big Jim. Joe continues to insist that Barbie is the monarch, but Norrie points out that it could be anyone. Angie is sure that it isn't Junior after he ran out on them, and Joe figures that something will change when the caterpillar inside the mini-Dome hatches. Carolyn comes in and insists on seeing the egg, and they explain that the egg is the heart of the Dome . Norrie says that they found it just before Alice died and that it sent her home so she could say goodbye to her mother. Carolyn tells her daughter that she's on their side and says that they have to move it before the people find it when searching houses. Angie tells them to take it to Ben's while she deals with Big Jim.

At the diner, Linda tells the searchers to capture Barbie, not kill him, and be sure not to violate anyone's rights. Phil comes in and volunteers to help, while Junior arrives and tells Big Jim that he's been looking for him all night. He warns his father that someone is going to kill him but refuses to provide details, and Big Jim doesn't believe him. Big Jim claims that Barbie shot Julia and sends Junior over to the clinic to protect her. Junior says that he'll handle it and his father tells him to call him if Julia wakes up and starts talking about anything. Before he goes, Junior asks Big Jim to be careful. Dodee comes running in and tells Big Jim that the military is searching for Barbie and an egg.

As Angie leaves the barn, Barbie grabs her and drags her to the side. Once he's sure she won't scream, he lets her go and tells Angie that Big Jim is the one responsible. She says that she believes him about Big Jim, and Barbie warns that Big Jim will kill Julia if she wakes up, since she can clear Barbie. Barbie asks Angie to use her key card as a candy striper to get him in through the back exit.

At the clinic, Nurse Adams tells Junior that there's no way to tell what neurological damage Julia has. Outside, Barbie and Angie try to figure a way in past the guards. Barbie plans to hotwire an ambulance, go in through the back door, and take Julia away. He figures that the guards will eventually move around but Angie figures that Big Jim knows Barbie is coming. Angie points out that it isn't much of a plan but Barbie warns her that Big Jim is killing everyone that can stop him, and asks if she's in or out.

Big Jim and Dodee go to the radio station and Dodee tells the councilman that the army wants the egg as well as Barbie. She shows Big Jim the photo she took and they listen as the army determines the location of the egg from thermal imaging. The soldiers argue that it would be unwise to contact Big Jim because they have surveillance of him killing Coggins. Big Jim shuts down the radio but realizes that Dodee heard it all.

As the townspeople search the houses, Joe and Norrie find Ben and ask to stash the mini-Dome at his house. He cheerfully agrees.

Barbie and Angie go in through the back door of the clinic and make their way to Julia's room. They see Junior standing guard and Barbie prepares to shoot him. Angie gets an idea and grabs a candy striper's outfit from a cart, and says that she'll handle Junior.

Big Jim tells Dodee that he killed Coggins because he was a liability, and she wonders how many other "accidents" that there have been. She realizes that Barbie didn't kill Maxine and the others, but Big Jim insists that they all got what was coming to them. He insists that all he's done is protect the people of the town, including Dodee. Dodee finally agrees with him and tells Big Jim that the egg is at the McAlister barn. She figures that it's the generator and they could use it to bring down the Dome, and offers to get it for Big Jim. At that, Big Jim takes out a gun and says the Dome can't come down. Crying, Dodee says that he's a sick bastard and one day everyone will know it. Big Jim shoots her dead and then destroys the radio equipment. As he goes, Big Jim sets the place on fire.

When Big Jim goes back to city hall, he calls Linda and tells her that the radio station is on fire. Phil asks about Dodee and Big Jim claims that he doesn't know what happened about him. As Linda heads out, Phil figures that Barbie set the fire as revenge for their broadcasts against him.

Ben has Norrie and Joe put the mini-Dome in his room and admires it, and Joe says that they're heading home to make sure Angie doesn't do something stupid.

At the clinic, Angie approaches Junior and claims that she's still working there. She asks why he ran off and Junior says that he doesn't want his father hurt. Angie reminds him that he used to think that Big Jim was a fraud, and suggests that Big Jim has more in mind for Julia. Junior refuses to listen to her and Angie says that she just needs someone to talk to. He wonders if she means him, and Angie assures him that he's the only one who understands what she's going through. She suggests that they go somewhere private away from Julia, taking his hand, and Junior agrees. Once they walk away, Barbie wheels in a gurney.

At the radio station, the fire volunteers confirm that Dodee is dead. Phil mourns his friend and blames Barbie, and Linda promises that Barbie won't get away with it.

Angie tells Junior that she doesn't know how much more she can take and Junior promises that he'll always be with her. They hug and Angie finally kisses him. After a moment, Junior realizes that she tastes like cigarettes, and remembers when he saw her smoking with Barbie. He runs back to the room and discovers that Julia is gone.

Big Jim and his men go to the McAlister barn and Carolyn refuses to let them in. He cites exigent circumstances and has his men drag her away. Joe and Norrie run up and try to fight, but are quickly subdued. Big Jim goes into the barn and discovers... nothing. He tells Joe that he knows about the egg and demands to know where it is. When they deny everything, he has his men haul Joe and Norrie off to jail.

Angie runs outside to where Barbie is loading Julia into the clinic. Junior comes running out, radioing for help, and Barbie tackles him. He finally subdues Junior, takes his radio, and checks on Julia. He then tells Angie to drive off, figuring they won't look for her if they have him. Linda and Phil pull up and Linda orders him to surrender, and he immediately does so. Linda takes Barbie's gun and Phil kicks him in the face. The acting sheriff calls Big Jim and tells him that they have Barbie but Angie escaped with Julia, and he assures Linda that they'll get them as well.

At the jail, Norrie takes a hidden knife out of her boot and figures that they should have killed Big Jim when they had a chance. Joe wonders why the Dome would want him dead and Norrie points out that when Big Jim captures Barbie, he'll kill him. Big Jim comes in and talks to Joe, telling him he's a decent kid. He tells him that Angie is helping Barbie and is past help, but says that they'll forget it if Joe tells him where the egg is. Norrie laughs at him and says that he's just a loser trying to scare kids. Big Jim goes into her cell and Norrie tells him that she doesn't scare him. The councilman chuckles and tells her that she can choose the easy way or the hard way. Norrie goes for her knife and tries to stab him, but Big Jim easily disarms her and walks out.

Angie pulls over on a country road and listens on the radio that Barbie took from Junior. After a moment she keeps driving.

Linda brings Barbie into a cell and he asks if Big Jim told her to chain him to the wall. He insists that he would never hurt Julia, but Linda asks about Peter. Barbie doesn't have an answer for that and Linda walks away.

Big Jim finds Carolyn waiting for him in the sheriff's office. She says that she won't be leaving until Norris is released, and Big Jim invites her to stay as long as she wants. Linda tells him that they've got nothing on Angie and Julia, and Big Jim wonders if she's come out of her coma yet. The acting sheriff says that she doesn't know and assures Big Jim that Barbie is in lockup, and he says that they'll let him sweat.

Ben is in his room when a loud squealing noise comes from the mini-Dome. He winces in pain and checks on it, and then tries to cover it over to block off the sound.

Big Jim and his men take Norrie and Joe out of their cells. Once his men take the teenagers away, Big Jim tells Barbie that he's going to publicly confess to the charges. If he doesn't, they'll charge Angie as an accessory, and link Dodee's murder to Joe and Norrie. Big Jim finishes by saying that if Julia comes out of her coma then they'll charge her with hiring Barbie to kill Peter for the insurance money. Barbie tells him that they have a deal if he lets the others go. As Big Jim goes, Barbie asks how he knows he'll keep his word and Big Jim says that he doesn't.

A short time later, Big Jim releases Norrie and Joe, and Norrie assures Carolyn that they're fine. As they leave, Big Jim tells Linda to put a tail on the kids, saying they may know a way out of the Dome. Impressed, she agrees and walks out. Once she does, Big Jim tells Junior to redeem himself by finding Angie and Julia and bringing them back. Junior wonders why Julia is so important, and Big Jim figures that they're all traitors. His son doesn't believe him and warns that it would be bad for both of them if Big Jim lies. Big Jim tells Junior that Barbie confessed, and will confess again in front of the whole town. As Junior goes, Big Jim asks him if Julia recovered consciousness.

Ben is sitting outside his house when Carolyn, Norrie, and Joe pull up. Linda is down the street, watching them, as Ben takes them into the house and says that the mini-Dome is going crazy.

Angie moves Julia back to a storage room at the clinic. The editor wakes up and tries to remember who shot her, and tells Angie that the shooter was a woman she didn't know. Angie tells her what happened and Julia assures her that Big Jim is lying about Barbie shooting her.

Big Jim gathers the townspeople at the town hall and brings Barbie out. He tells the crowd that the rules still apply and when they're broken, there must be justice and punishment.

Ben shows the others the egg, which is still squealing.

Junior goes to the northernmost spot of the Dome where he saw the vision of his father dying. He puts his hands to the Dome.

Angie asks Julia what they'll do to Barbie, and the editor says that they'll kill him.

Big Jim asks Barbie how he pleads.

Linda comes into Ben's bedroom and wonders what the egg is. The squealing noise stops and the caterpillar twitches inside its cocoon.

Barbie doesn't say anything and Big Jim repeats his question. After a moment, Barbie says that he pleads not guilty.