Under the Dome

Stephen King     Creator13 Eps
Brian K. Vaughan     Developer39 Eps
Steven Spielberg     Executive Producer39 Eps
Jack Bender     Executive Producer26 Eps
Stacey Snider     Executive Producer39 Eps
Neal Baer     Executive Producer39 Eps
Darryl Frank     Executive Producer39 Eps
Justin Falvey     Executive Producer39 Eps
Brian K. Vaughan     Executive Producer26 Eps
Peter Leto     Executive Producer13 Eps
Tim Schlattmann     Executive Producer13 Eps
Stephen King     Executive Producer26 Eps
Peter Leto     Co-Executive Producer13 Eps
Rick Cleveland     Co-Executive Producer13 Eps
Cathryn Humphris     Co-Executive Producer4 Eps
Alexandra McNally     Co-Executive Producer3 Eps
Adam Stein     Supervising Producer13 Eps
Peter Calloway     Supervising Producer13 Eps
Cathryn Humphris     Supervising Producer14 Eps
Alexandra McNally     Supervising Producer15 Eps
Niels Arden Oplev     Producer1 Eps
Peter Calloway     Producer26 Eps
Adam Stein     Producer26 Eps
Randy Sutter     Producer39 Eps
Agatha Warren     Producer13 Eps
Bronwyn Garrity     Co-Producer13 Eps
Soo Hugh     Co-Producer13 Eps
Agatha Warren     Co-Producer26 Eps
Brian Peterson (1)     Consulting Producer13 Eps
Kelly Souders     Consulting Producer13 Eps
Daniel Truly     Consulting Producer15 Eps
Richard Peter Schroer     Associate Producer5 Eps
Darian Heredia     Associate Producer26 Eps
Marek Dobrowolski     Production Designer26 Eps
Chuck Parker     Production Designer13 Eps
Hibah Schweitzer     Editor2 Eps
Kevin Casey     Editor9 Eps
Quincy Z. Gunderson     Editor4 Eps
Donn Aron     Editor4 Eps
Michael Schweitzer     Editor12 Eps
Timothy A. Good     Editor5 Eps
Jacque Toberen     Editor2 Eps
Russell Scott (2)     Casting1 Eps
Sherry Thomas     Casting7 Eps
Sharon Bialy     Casting8 Eps
Meredith Petty     Casting (North Carolina)12 Eps
Tara Feldstein     Casting (North Carolina)13 Eps
Chase Paris     Casting (North Carolina)13 Eps
Jen Ingulli     Casting (North Carolina)13 Eps
Lisa Mae Fincannon     Casting (North Carolina)26 Eps
Craig Fincannon     Casting (North Carolina)26 Eps
Dave Williams Fowlkes     Unit Production Manager14 Eps
Dale Williams (1)     Unit Production Manager17 Eps
Rick Clark     First Assistant Director6 Eps
Michael Jefferson (1)     First Assistant Director13 Eps
Rudy Persico     First Assistant Director2 Eps
Richard Peter Schroer     First Assistant Director4 Eps
Timothy M. Bourne     First Assistant Director7 Eps
Susan E. Walter     First Assistant Director6 Eps
Scott Oberholzer     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
James "Billy" Burton     Second Assistant Director10 Eps
Brian Galligan     Second Assistant Director2 Eps
Sebastian Mazzola     Second Assistant Director8 Eps
Richard E. White     Second Assistant Director5 Eps
Michele Cusick     Second Assistant Director13 Eps
Casey Mako     Second Assistant Director1 Eps
A. Patrick Rose     Music18 Eps
W.G. Snuffy Walden     Music39 Eps
Sean Alexander     Music Editor39 Eps
Michael Alexander (1)     Music Editor26 Eps
Ann Kline     Music Supervisor39 Eps
Jennifer Von Mayrhauser     Costume Designer13 Eps
Robbie McKeithan     Costume Designer26 Eps
Dennis Zoppe     Grip (First Company)1 Eps
Logan R. Berkshire     Grip (First Company)38 Eps
Thurston Edwards     Set Decorator13 Eps
Chuck Potter     Set Decorator13 Eps
Cynthia Anne Slagter     Set Decorator8 Eps
Nancy Nye     Set Decorator5 Eps
Brooke Barnhill     Location Manager39 Eps
Ty Church     Transportation Coordinator39 Eps
Robbie Beck     Property Master39 Eps
Jeffrey Schlatter     Construction Coordinator13 Eps
Tom Jones Jr.     Construction Coordinator26 Eps
John Skoglund     Production Sound Mixer1 Eps
Larry Long     Production Sound Mixer25 Eps
Mack Melson     Production Sound Mixer4 Eps
Carl Rudisill     Production Sound Mixer9 Eps
Luca Kouimelis     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Thom Rainey     Script Supervisor37 Eps
Nini Rogan     Script Supervisor1 Eps
Noelle M. Pflum     Production Coordinator39 Eps
Mark Linehan Bruner     Script Coordinator26 Eps
Brian Flynn     Script Coordinator13 Eps
Meghan Robertson     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Terry Cafaro     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Iris Hershner     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Clarinda Wong     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Ron South     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Matthew Coleshill     Assistant Editor7 Eps
Seagan Ngai     Assistant Editor3 Eps
Stephanie Willis     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Annie Eifrig     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Brian Kim     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Victoria C. Page     Assistant Editor9 Eps
Darian Heredia     Post Production Supervisor13 Eps
Walter Newman     Supervising Sound Editor39 Eps
Adam Sawelson     Re-Recording Mixer39 Eps
Kurt Kassulke     Re-Recording Mixer39 Eps
Walt Lloyd     Director of Photography13 Eps
Cort Fey     Director of Photography13 Eps
David Geddes     Director of Photography13 Eps
Caitlin Parrish     Story Editor13 Eps
Peter King (4)     Stunt Coordinator32 Eps
John Copeman     Stunt Coordinator7 Eps
William G. Davis     Art Director26 Eps
Matthew C. Jacobs     Art Director6 Eps
Geoffrey S. Grimsman     Art Director7 Eps
Shea Masterson     Costume Supervisor13 Eps
Rick Pour     Makeup Department Head 39 Eps
Adam Avitable     Visual Effects Supervisor29 Eps
Gregory Lemkin     Visual Effects Supervisor2 Eps
Stephan Fleet     Visual Effects Supervisor9 Eps
Johanna Klingenberger     Production Accountant38 Eps
Tommy Ray Sullivan     Chief Lighting Technician39 Eps
Rick Davidson     "A" Camera Operator (Steadicam)38 Eps
Bob Gorelick     "A" Camera Operator (Steadicam)1 Eps
Russell Scott (2)     Casting Associate2 Eps
Sarah McGrail     Visual Effects Producer1 Eps
Sherry Thomas     Original Casting33 Eps
Sharon Bialy     Original Casting33 Eps
Ken Van Deest     Colorist5 Eps
Clint Lavigne     Assistant To The Executive Producer8 Eps
Brian Flynn     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Brian K. Vaughan)24 Eps
Benjamin Klein     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Darryl Frank)9 Eps
Amber Jackson (1)     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Darryl Frank)9 Eps
Terri Kaye     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Darryl Frank)13 Eps
Mary Janine Hilton     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Jack Bende)26 Eps
Lindsay Owens (1)     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Jack Bender)13 Eps
Gabriel Monje     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Justin Falvey)13 Eps
Dan McLellan (1)     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Justin Falvey)9 Eps
Kyle Vinuya     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Justin Falvey)13 Eps
Stephan Vitale     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Justin Falvey)4 Eps
James C. Oliver     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Neal Baer)32 Eps
Michael Russo (1)     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Neol Boer)8 Eps
Amee Halbach     Assistant To The Executive Producer (Randy Sutter)26 Eps
Hannah Owens-Bender     Assistant Costume Designer13 Eps
David Beavis     Special Effects Coordinator26 Eps
Will A. Purcell     Special Effects Coordinator13 Eps
A. Patrick Rose     Additional Music8 Eps
Jo Jo Stephens     Hair Department Head4 Eps
Julie Delaney     Hair Department Head20 Eps
Karyn Huston     Hair Department Head13 Eps
Kari Delaney     Hair Department Head2 Eps
Daniel Spilatro     Post Coordinator10 Eps
Chris Mendoza (1)     Post Coordinator28 Eps
Ryan C. Jimenez     Post Coordinator2 Eps
Joe D'alessandro     "B" Camera Operator1 Eps
Bo Webb     "B" Camera Operator25 Eps
Michael Repeta     "B" Camera Operator13 Eps
Ryan Bennett     Second Second Assistant Director13 Eps
William Kendall (1)     Technical Consultant6 Eps
Brian Flynn     Writers' Assistant9 Eps
Leah Folta     Writers' Assistant13 Eps
Mark Linehan Bruner     Writers' Assistant13 Eps
Andres Fischer-Centeno     Writers' Assistant26 Eps
Stephen King     Based On The Book By39 Eps
Brad Kalinoski     On Set Vfx Supervisor9 Eps
Derek Bird     On Set Vfx Supervisor4 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 24, 2013
Ended: September 10, 2015
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