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Under the Dome

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What is the drug that Maxine produces called Medium msd85• Epiphany
• Rapture
• Harmony
• Joy
What was the name of Julia Shumway's deceased husband Medium msd85• Alan
• John
• Peter
• Paul
Who shot Julia Shumway at the beginning of 'Speak of the Devil' Medium msd85• Maxine
• Big Jim
• Barbie
• Junior
Who killed Maxine at the end of 'Speak of the Devil' Medium msd85• Barbie
• Big Jim
• Linda
• Junior
How many episodes were in the first season Easy msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
What is Linda's boyfriend's occupation Hard msd85• Police Officer
• Bounty Hunter
• Firefighter
• Politician
What is the name of the town that the dome surrounds Easy msd85• Chester's Mill
• Chester's Lake
• Chester's Orchard
• Chester's Bay
Who releases Angie from Junior's prison Medium msd85• Barbie
• Julia
• Big Jim
• Joe
What animal is sliced in half by the dome's arrival Easy msd85• Cow
• Pig
• Dog
• Horse
Which four people are needed to operate the mini-dome Medium msd85• Joe, Norrie, Angie, and Julia
• Joe, Norrie, Julia & Barbie
• Joe, Norrie, Angie & Junior
• Joe, Norrie, Junior & Big Jim
True or False: Stephen King wrote a season one episode of 'Under the Dome' Medium msd85• True
• False
True or False: Co-stars Mike & Andrew Vogel are brothers Hard msd85• True
• False
Who killed Rev. Goggins Medium msd85• Barbie
• Maxine
• Junior
• Big Jim
In what year was the 'Under the Dome' novel published Hard msd85• 2007
• 2008
• 2009
• 2010
Samantha Mathis appeared in what other Stephen King TV adaptation Hard msd85• The Shining
• The Stand
• Salem's Lot
• Desperation
What was Big Jim's civilian profession before the dome arrived Medium msd85• Bartender
• Car Salesman
• Mechanic
• Realtor
What object does the "mini-dome" protect Medium msd85• A Butterfly
• A Key
• An Egg
• A Ring
What did Big Jim secretly purchase in large quantities for Maxine Medium msd85• Propane
• Drugs
• Alcohol
• Ammunition
Which "brat pack" era actress has appeared on the show Medium msd85• Jami Gertz
• Mare Winningham
• Molly Ringwald
• Ally Sheedy
Which of these is not one of the businesses Maxine operates out of the cement factory Hard msd85• Bar
• Fight Club
• Brothel
• Trading Post
How does Duke Perkins die Medium msd85• His pacemaker explodes
• Big Jim shoots him
• He has a heart attack
• He gets shot
What illness does one of Norrie's moms suffer from Medium msd85• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Schizophrenia
• Parkinson's Disease
What big secret is Barbie hiding from Julia Easy msd85• Her husband has major gambling debts
• He caused the dome to appear
• He killed her husband
• He's related to Big Jim
How does the US government try to destroy the dome Medium msd85• A Huge Bomb
• High-frequency soundwaves
• Acid
• Tanks
Jeff Fahey plays the small but pivotal role of Duke Perkins. In what other popular sci-fi series did he play a memorable supporting part Medium msd85• The X-Files
• Millennium
• Lost
• Quantum Leap
Where does Junior Rennie keep Angie prisoner Medium msd85• His closet
• His basement
• His dad's fallout shelter
• His trunk
What is Jim Rennie's nickname Easy msd85• Big Jim
• Little Jim
• Honest Jim
• Councilman Jim
What do the characters afflicted with seizures say during them Easy msd85• The Monarch Will Be Crowned
• The Pink Stars Are Falling
• The Blue Sun Is Shining
• The Black Plague Is Coming
On what other drama series did Natalie Zea play a major role in 2013 Medium msd85• Supernatural
• Dexter
• The Good Wife
• The Following
On what other drama series did Mike Vogel play a major role in 2013 Medium msd85• Nashville
• Scandal
• Bates Motel
• Suits
True or False: As of 9/1/13, 'Under the Dome' has been renewed for a second season Medium msd85• True
• False
On what other popular drama does Dean Norris currently star Medium msd85• Mad Men
• Breaking Bad
• The Walking Dead
• The Newsroom
What is Dale Barbara's nickname Easy msd85• Killer
• Barbed Wire
• Barbie
• Bar-Bar
On what broadcast network does the show air Easy msd85• CBS
Who wrote the novel that 'Under the Dome' is based on Easy msd85• Dean Koontz
• Stephen King
• Richard Matheson
• Joe Hill
Warning: Under the Dome guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 24, 2013
Episode Order: 13
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