"Undercovers" is about husband and wife Samantha and Steven, who met as fellow spies, left spookdom to run a catering company, and have now been called back into service. (Source: NBC)

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Prev: 1x11 -- The Key To It All (Dec/29/2010)

Just when Steven and Samantha have settled into their romantic Greek vacation, Shaw pulls them away to lend their assistance to an escalating situation in Tel Aviv, where terrorists have seized a hotel and taken hostages. Going undercover with help from Hoyt, the duo soon realizes their mission involves much more than they were told.

Boris KodjoeBoris Kodjoe
As Steven Bloom
Boris KodjoeBoris Kodjoe
As Steven Bloom
Carter MacIntyreCarter MacIntyre
As Leo Nash
Carter MacIntyreCarter MacIntyre
As Leo Nash
Gugu Mbatha-RawGugu Mbatha-Raw
As Samantha Bloom
Gugu Mbatha-RawGugu Mbatha-Raw
As Samantha Bloom
Ben SchwartzBen Schwartz
As Carlton
Ben SchwartzBen Schwartz
As Carlton
Victor AlfieriVictor Alfieri
As Claudio Vega
Brad GrunbergBrad Grunberg
As Charlie

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1x11: The Key To It All recap: The scene opens five years earlier. Samantha and a Professor Shilling are running through a storage facility when they come up to a locker. Shilling opens up the locker and finds a stack of passports, money and documents that he has been keeping. After switching passports, Shilling says that “these people” won’t stop until they get the folder. Samantha doesn’t know what is inside the folder and nor does she ask. They separate and get into their own cars. However, Shilling’s car explodes and dies. Back to the present, and Samantha is cooking and preparing around the kitchen. She is stressed now that Lizzy is gone and she wonders who they are going to have to leave in charge of the kitchen when they are gone. Steven suggests a replacement, but Samantha doesn’t like that idea. She says that she wants the job open just in case Lizzy comes back. Later that evening, Steven finds two tickets to Athens and surprises Samantha with them and says that Shaw paid for. At the same moment in Tel Aviv, five men dressed in suits enter the Hotel Kishon. After scaring off the guests, they go through the halls and tell the guest to get out... read more.

1x10: Funny Money recap: The scene opens with three agents leaving from work at Engraving and Printing. They get into an armored truck and one of them has a briefcase that has an engraving plate of a $100 bill. As they drive down the road, a remote control car drives in front of them with explosives tied to it. It goes under the armored truck and it detonates. Men come out and kill the two agents and go up to the briefcase. However, neither of the men have a key to the handcuffs that is strapped to the suitcase so they cut off the man’s hand to get it away from him. Meanwhile, Lizzy is on the phone and Samantha decides to call a staff meeting. She tells Lizzy that she and Steven are going to be away even more and that they are promoting Lizzy to Catering Manager. Lizzy is excited, but tells that she is going to have to think about it. Samantha is shocked and tries to talk to Lizzy about it. However, Shaw comes in and they take the hint that it is another mission... read more.

1x9: A Night to Forget recap: The scene opens with Warner Kaminsky meeting with a buyer of some diamonds. He offers Kaminski 2 Million Euro for them and Kaminsky tells that it was supposed to be 3 Million Euro. The man tells that he thought that the price was too high. Kaminsky tells that he has other buyers and then has his goon tackle the man and hold him down. Kaminsky grabs one of the diamonds and puts it in the man’s month and covers it. The man dies. Meanwhile Steven and Samantha talk about their missions and they get a call from Leo. He is speaking slowly and tells that he thinks that he has been drugged. He tells that he sees an angel outside and then passes out... read more.

1x8: Crashed recap: The scene opens on an Air Force base in Turkey. A man by the name of Cornel Freedman wakes up a soldier named Cornel Joseph Korman. Freedman tells that they are going to run some tests. Korman has something happen to him that involves something getting injected into his neck. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Samantha gets ready for their annual Diana Creswell party and is stressing over it. Shaw comes in and tells that their mission this time is to do with Joseph Korman, whose plane went down in Chechnya. There is a twist to the mission and Shaw tells that the cargo is a FAE bomb. They are to retrieve the FAE bomb, rescue Korman and make it to a safe house. Shaw tells that they are both qualified and tells that Samantha is especially qualified from her time in a secret place they can’t disclose. Lizzy says that she can handle the Creswell job without Samantha... read more.

1x6: Xerxes recap: The scene opens in Austrialia where a tour bus is driving on a deserted road. A man is in the back and puts on a gas mask. He sets off a chemical bomb and it releases harmful gas that kills everyone. The man walks out of the bus and calls someone. He tells the formula worked and wants to know where he can deliver it. Meanwhile, Samantha gives a speech on dating to Lizzy and tells that she will find a guy that likes her. Steven interrupts them and tells that they need to go. Shaw is in the other room and gives them a new mission. Xerxes, a international criminal who has the talent of not leaving behind a fingerprint by contracting the crimes to other people. This time, they are going to have to retrieve a bioweapon that was used on a bus. The weapon is going to be hidden in a painting that is going up for auction in Italy. Xerxes is going to be the one that is going to try to buy it... read more.

Creator: J.J. Abrams, Josh Reims
Executive Producer: Bryan Burk, J.J. Abrams, Josh Reims
Producer: Kathy Lingg, Robert M. Williams, Jr.
Production Designer: Martin Whist
Costume Designer: Laura Goldsmith
Director of Photography: Michael Bonvillain
Cinematographer: Michael Bonvillain

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Recurring Guests

Chad Everett as Schilling (4 eps)
Henri Lubatti as Goran Hincir (2 eps)
David Anders as Matt Hunt (2 eps)
Victor Alfieri as Claudio Vega (2 eps)
Alan Dale as Kelvin (2 eps)
Max Greenfield as CIA Agent (2 eps)
Irene Choi as May Won (2 eps)
Tiffany Mulheron as Tessa (2 eps)
Tina Casciani as Agent Anderson (2 eps)

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