Not Without My Daughter - Recap

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The scene opens in Los Angeles where Liz is on the phone with an unknown person and Steven and Samantha are getting prepared for their “first date” anniversary and Lizzy makes sure that Samantha and Steven will be going to her 90 days sober ceremony. Meanwhile, in North Korea, a robber breaks in a facility and takes a device from the warehouse. He runs away from the guards and sneaks back into the building. His partner rearranges the desks before the guards come into the office of Shim Won where Shim Won himself tells that he has not heard of any break in security. The guard looks at him suspiciously and notices that Shim is sweating. He tells that it is the air conditioning. They leave. The next scene shows Shim packing up and tells his daughter to get out while she can and stay safe. He meets with his wife and daughter, May, and he tells her to stay safe.

Back in Los Angeles, Shaw comes in and tells that the Blooms have another assignment. This one is to help Shin Won defect from North Korea and get him safe from the Geneva Conference. He tells that a device called “Delta” needs to be secured as well. This is the payment for the deal which allows them to turn matter into a liquid. Later that night, Steven and Samantha talk about the mission and Samantha is worried that they are going to miss Lizzy’s ceremony and the dinner party that they planned without telling Steven about. They fight about it a little bit about it but make up afterwards. Samantha and Steven arrive in France and get their identities. They have to get Shim away from the guards and get him out of there. However, the partner that was with Shim in the beginning, told the guards on him and he is taken from the event and taken back to North Korea to await questioning. However, Steven catches them and Hoyt helps stop the elevator shaft so that Steven can take care of the guards. They leave with Shim, but he tells that he is not going to go anywhere without his daughter too. Samantha tells that is possible, but for Shaw, it is a different story and tells that they have no clearance to go to North Korea. Samantha tells that Hoyt and Steven need to lie so that they can help Shim.

They arrive in Pyongyang, North Korea and they are stopped. The Blooms tell that they are Canadian “food inspectors” and this is not good enough for them. Samantha tells that she has proof and that she can make his job worse for him, he allows them through with escort. Samantha distracts the escort and Steven puts together their phones to get in contact with Hoyt and he becomes their surveillance. Meanwhile, guards arrive at Sun’s home and kidnap May. She leaves a message. The Blooms find that the place has been tossed and that May has been kidnapped. Suddenly a French spy duo show up and tells that they are Marcell and Camille Geffard. They are French Intelligence Agents who were contracted by Shim to get on the job just in case Steven and Samantha couldn’t get into North Korea. Right away, Steven doesn’t trust them, but Hoyt clarifies that they are truly French Intelligence. Samantha and Camille find the note that May with the name of “Nahm”. Camille tells that is the police captain and both parties agree to work on the case together. They arrive at the police station and Lizzy texts Samantha telling her that she missed the ceremony.

May is being held hostage and the interrogation starts to turn bad, but Samantha and Steven and Marcell and Camille enter and they fight with the guards. However, in the midst of everything, the Geffards take May and leave. Samantha and Steven are upset that they were tricked. Meanwhile, Shin gets a call from the Geffards while in Geneva, France and they tell that they will give her to him if he gives them the “Delta”. He agrees to their demands. Meanwhile, Steven and Samantha asks why Hoyt was wrong about the information on the Geffards and he tells that his faux pas was the problem. Samantha tells that she is going to make sure that the exchange doesn’t happen and Steven and Hoyt track down the “Delta”. It is in the podium at the Geneva Conference. They arrive at the Geneva Conference and meet up with Shim. He tells them the location of the device and Marcell tells Camille to kill Shim and May after he gets the “Delta” in French. Inside, Steven and Hoyt are in the conference room and are about to retrieve the “Delta”. Steven sees the device and Marcell dives for it and knocks over the presenter so that he could be the one to get the device. However, this doesn’t happen the way he has planned it.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Steven and Hoyt continue their fight with Marcell and outside, Samantha is fighting Camille. Samantha knocks her down and wins the fight. Back in Los Angeles, Shim and May are reunited and she is dreading when she is going to have to go home and talk with Lizzy. They get back to Shaw and he is upset about their approach and Samantha tells that they not only brought the device back and defected the person they needed and they also brought together a family. Shaw compliments them and tells that they did a good job. Sam talks to Liz and she tells that she is sorry that she missed her ceremony and Lizzy tells that with their father gone and their mother somewhere they don’t know, Samantha is the only person she has. Later that evening, Samantha and Steven are on their date and Samantha tells that she is determined to have a normal life and tells that she is happy to be alone with Steven.