Crashed - Recap

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The scene opens on an Air Force base in Turkey. A man by the name of Cornel Freedman wakes up a soldier named Cornel Joseph Korman. Freedman tells that they are going to run some tests. Korman has something happen to him that involves something getting injected into his neck. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Samantha gets ready for their annual Diana Creswell party and is stressing over it. Shaw comes in and tells that their mission this time is to do with Joseph Korman, whose plane went down in Chechnya. There is a twist to the mission and Shaw tells that the cargo is a FAE bomb. They are to retrieve the FAE bomb, rescue Korman and make it to a safe house. Shaw tells that they are both qualified and tells that Samantha is especially qualified from her time in a secret place they can’t disclose. Lizzy says that she can handle the Creswell job without Samantha.

They go to Sochi, Russia and Hoyt, Samantha and Steven are on a train. Hoyt tells them that he can pick up a frequency of the plane and that it is going to be fun. Steven tries to get Samantha to spill what her “secret” mission. They arrive and there is a driver there. They drive and suddenly have to stop because of a checkpoint. Steven gives the man more money and he takes out a rat to sniff out the mines that are in the other path without the checkpoint. However, a little ways in, the man steps on a mine and gets blasted into pieces. The Blooms and Hoyt are stuck in the middle. Hoyt pulls out the beacon tracker for Korman’s plane and Samantha sees plants that were grown before the mines were. She tells Hoyt and Steven to follow the plants and they will be alright. Meanwhile, Lizzy gets everything prepared for Diane’s dinner and Diane Creswell comes in and tells that they have to change the menu from Lamb to Fish. Lizzy asks Lance for a favor with getting fish from the guy that likes him. Steven, Samantha and Hoyt make their way down the hill and find the plan, but no Korman. Steven points out that Korman jumped before crashing and Steven discovers that his plane was shot down. They find some blood and start going one the trail. Meanwhile, an unknown hunter is after their trail too.

They get into town and Hoyt tries to find someone who is going to be friendly to Americans and Samantha picks out a guy to follow. Sure enough, the kid leads them right to Korman, who is hiding inside in the rafters. They talk to him and he tells that he started to feel weird and there was a blur and missile lock on him and tells that he thought that Samantha and Steven were Chechnya Rebels. Hoyt finds the FAE in Korman’s bag. Steven tells Hoyt to call Shaw and tell the good news. Inside, Samantha finds a bump where the injection was. Hoyt talks to Shaw and tells that they have everything and Shaw tells him and the Blooms to get to a safe house. Hoyt hangs up the phone and a Chechnya Rebel tells him to get up. He does and then fights the guy for the gun. It goes off and Hoyt is shot in the shoulder. The other men go to the place and busts open the door. The Chechnya Rebel leader, he welcomes and Korman’s eyes do a flicker and he gives up the FAE. Hoyt calls back Shaw and tells that he is going after the men that took Samantha and Steven. Shaw advices against it and Hoyt goes anyways.

Back in Los Angeles, Lizzy is struggling to get the order in and the chefs tell her that everything is on time. However, the fish that they were supposed to get are Sardines and not Bass. She is not happy. Samantha and Steven are tied up in a basement and she tells what happened on her mission. She tells that she got captured and that she had to get out herself. She poured chemicals in the face of her capture and escaped. She tells that she was deeply affected by it. Steven tells that she is not alone this time. Meanwhile outside, Hoyt is there and he sets up a surveillance device and hears the Chechnya Rebel leader congratulate Korman on his job and tells that he can go. The Blooms are indoors and figure out a plan that gets the goons knocked out. They come out and Hoyt sees them. He knocks out a man about to blow the Blooms’ cover. Samantha sees Korman leaving and tells that she is going to follow him. She gets up to him and the stranger who has been tracking them stops and kills Korman. He looks at Samantha and lowers his gun. She is shocked but Hoyt and Steven tell that they need to catch up with the FAE.

They arrive at the location where the FAE is going to be detonated and Steven and Samantha dress like caterers for the wedding. Meanwhile, Diane Creswell comes into the catering business and tells that she is switching back to Lamb. Lizzy gets upset and tells that they already spent time preparing Fish and she is going to like it no matter what. She is shocked and tells that Fish is going to be on the menu. The Blooms are in and Hoyt is their eyes and ears as always. They get in and are stopped by a soldier. He takes Samantha to another room and tells her to wait by an enormous cake. Samantha looks closely at the cake and tells that Russians don’t like cakes bigger then three tiers and this one has five. She reaches in and pulls out the FAE bomb. A button is pushed by the Chechnya Rebel and Samantha asks for Steven’s help. Steven tells Hoyt to get the rebel and they are going to get the bomb out.

They get outside and jump into the helicopter. They fly toward the ocean while Samantha tries to disarm the bomb. She tells that there is a safety fearture that allows it to stop if they are at an altitude of 3,000 ft. Steven gets up that high and the bomb stops the countdown. When they get to the Baltic Sea, they drop it and it explodes in the water. Back in Los Angeles, Shaw congratulates them again and they want to know about some things that were unanswered. Shaw dodges their questions. Lizzy comes in and tells that Diane Creswell fired them for next year. They are so happy and Lizzy is relieved. Later that evening, Samantha tells Steven that she doesn’t trust Shaw at all of what they have done. Meanwhile, Shaw is on the phone with an unknown source and he tells him that they are asking questions. He asks the unknown person if he can help at all and the man tells that he doesn’t need to do anything besides stand ready.