Funny Money - Recap

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The scene opens with three agents leaving from work at Engraving and Printing. They get into an armored truck and one of them has a briefcase that has an engraving plate of a $100 bill. As they drive down the road, a remote control car drives in front of them with explosives tied to it. It goes under the armored truck and it detonates. Men come out and kill the two agents and go up to the briefcase. However, neither of the men have a key to the handcuffs that is strapped to the suitcase so they cut off the man’s hand to get it away from him. Meanwhile, Lizzy is on the phone and Samantha decides to call a staff meeting. She tells Lizzy that she and Steven are going to be away even more and that they are promoting Lizzy to Catering Manager. Lizzy is excited, but tells that she is going to have to think about it. Samantha is shocked and tries to talk to Lizzy about it. However, Shaw comes in and they take the hint that it is another mission.

They sit down with him and Shaw says that they have a mission to get back engraving plates that were stolen from a Secret Service Armored car the other night. He says that it is most likely that the plates are out of the country already and that they are going to have to track it down before the money is printed. He says that they are going to have to contact a CIA agent to get some information. Samantha and Steven decide that going to Washington and talk to Gary, an expert in this type of things, and Steven’s brother. However, he hasn’t talked to Gary in five years. When they get to Gary’s place, Steven finds out that Samantha didn’t tell his brother that they were coming for a visit and things are awkward. Samantha realizes that Steven and Gary are not the best of brothers and that their past isn’t as she thought. However, after a while, Gary gives them a list of 8 people who are capable of doing the counterfeit bills. Samantha and Steven go off to find the people. Hoyt meets up with them and tells that a Greek-American named Jonathan Rakas is a master printer, but retired six months ago. He has 45 years experience with the Bureau of Engraving. He says that he lives in Cyprus and that he has been missing for a week. They decide to go to Cyprus.

They arrive in Cyprus and Samantha and Steven go to Rakas’ place and break in. Once they look around, they find that it is just a studio that is filled with paint colors. Samantha realizes that Rakas has been trying to get the color of the money just right. They realize also, after a scan, that he has succeeded already. Back in America, Lizzy goes to Samantha and Steven’s place and finds Leo there. Lizzy tells him that she stays at their place when Samantha and Steven are not around. She tells that she is going to help Leo cook dinner. Back with Steven and Samantha in Cyprus, Hoyt finds a receipt in the apartment that says that the orders have been shipped and that there is a ship that is carrying dye for the money in transit and headed to Croatia. At the same moment, a man pays an attendant to the port money to receive the shipment that is coming the next day. They get to Croatia and watch as the shipment is unloaded. They disguise themselves as Interpol Currency Enforcement and tell the driver to open up the containers. However, when they open them, they are filled with shoes and not the dye they thought. They realize that the numbers on the containers of the ships were switched. They talk to the port attendant and he says that he doesn’t know anything. However, Samantha looks at the surveillance footage and finds that the shipment was picked up at 3 AM and Hoyt finds that the truck that was there has GPS.

They follow the signal and find the truck parked outside of a casino. The owner of the casino is Goran Hincir, a Balkan crime boss. When they see the man, it is the same man who paid off the port attendant to deny everything. Steven goes inside and pretends that he and Hoyt are on his bachelor party. Samantha is dressed as a cocktail waitress and they look around for the printing expert who was kidnapped by Hincir. She sees Rakas and says that Hincir wants him and escorts him. Steven grabs Rakas and asks where the plates are. Rakas says that he will tell them, but he needs protection. They agree and he says that the paper is coming and that the plates are secured in a voice operated vault. Only Hincir’s voice unlocks it. Hoyt goes out of the casino and is stopped by Gary. He says that they are going to have to get Hincir vulnerable. This is through his brother, the dock foreman.

Meanwhile, Leo drives with Lizzy in Samantha and Steven’s car. Leo asks why Lizzy hasn’t said yes to the promotion and Lizzy confesses that she is tired of following after Samantha’s shadow and wants to do something else. Back in Croatia, Steven, Samantha and Gary go to the port to track down Hincir’s brother, Novak. With a name change, he didn’t want to have his brother’s business be his too. They talk to Novak and Steven is more of a direct approach. However, Samantha comes up to find Steven and Gary arguing and tells them to find a way to get along with one another. Steven says that he doesn’t need Gary and that he can talk to Novak himself. They get back to the casino and Hoyt tells them of the security that the vault has. Rakas is turned over to Interpol and Samantha moves on to the third part of their plan. Hoyt shows his skills with a casino chip that has a radio frequency so powerful that it will intercept the combination. Before 11 PM, he is told that he has to lose it in play. However, Hoyt tells the team that he doesn’t know what to do after Hincir goes in to change out the big casino chips. Steven says that he has a plan.

They start their plan and everything is going good. Hincir takes the cart of chips, including the bugged chip, and goes to the vault. Hoyt’s phone gets the recording. Hincir goes back to Steven and he tricks Hincir into saying all the numbers of the combination. The recording device is passed to Samantha. Novak comes in the casino and tells Hincir that Steven and his team came to talk to him at the dock. Immediately, Hincir tells the men to grab the plates and says that he will take care of Steven. He goes up to him and points a gun to Steven’s back. Meanwhile, Samantha is picking the lock, but is caught by Hincir’s men. Hincir sees Samantha and the assistants fighting Samantha. He sees her knock them out and tells that he will deal with her himself. Samantha picks the lock and sees that her next obstacle is a laser field. Novak takes the handcuffs off Steven and tells that he is on Steven’s side. They break into the computers and disarm the lasers. With the voice recorder, Samantha gets into the vault and when Hincir enters the vault, he finds that they are gone. Samantha escapes and has the plates with her. She jumps into a van that is waiting.

Steven and Novak exit the building and Hincir is there. He tells that Novak is no longer his brother and goes to shoot him and Steven. However, Gary is there and shoots Hincir in the chest. Steven and Gary settle their feud and they tell that they love each other and Samantha and Steven go back to the states. Once there, Shaw meets them at the catering business and tells that Hincir survived the shooting and that they have him in custody. Later, Steven and Samantha find Leo and Lizzy cooking together. Samantha doesn’t like that Lizzy and Leo are getting close, but Lizzy says that they are only friends. Lizzy tells Samantha that she doesn’t want to work with her and says that she is going to go on the European Tour with her boyfriend. Samantha says that she will miss her and they hug. The episode ends.