Carrie’s Caller - Recap

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The scene opens, and Carrie speeds through the streets of New York, sirens blaring and dodging cars, to get to a crime scene; urgency written clearly on her face. She skids to a stop at a park and gets out of the car to the hustle and bustle of nothing; she is visibly surprised by the scene. She looks around but the park is quiet; something that is quite unusual for a crime scene. Carrie walks over to a food vendor and asks about a shooting in the park. He asks if she's Detective Wells, and when she says yes he hands her a bag of food and a bill; again surprising her to no end. Carrie has been sent for lunch. Thus it was a cruel prank the guys had played on her; much to her irritation. As Carrie hands out the food order and warns her fellow detectives about their payback, her telephone rings. When she picks it up a voice says, "Good afternoon detective, I'm about to kill someone."

She thinks Roe set up another prank but he's busy eating his food; so she imagines it possibly can’t be him doing it, and hence plays along. The caller continues, "It's 1:38 now. At 1:56 someone else will die." He tells her about the other person who’s already died and reminds her she only has 15 minutes, to save a life. Carrie quickly flashes back to the phone conversation and remembers hearing the sounds of a subway near Court Square so the team quickly race to the scene, to get to the bottom of things and confirm the caller’s threat. As they search the area the team finds nothing and Al thinks maybe the caller is a kook, and was just playing around. Just then, a man jogging through the square falls down; much to their surprise. As Carrie and Al are talking, she notices a woman kneeling down and examining the body. Carrie goes over and starts yelling at the woman about it being a crime scene when Al comes over and tells her the woman, Joanne Webster, is the medical examiner and is just doing her job.

She says it's her second day on the job and her badge is not ready; hence the confusion. She goes on to tell them the guy was killed by a sniper; from the look of things. Back at the office, the killer calls again. She asks him where he's going to strike next and he says not where he's going but where he's been, that is important. She thinks he wants her to go to Jersey where the first victim was killed; and there she might find a clue that might prove useful. After searching around, she sees a wooden hand pointing to Lover's Loop. Al and Carrie discover where the sniper positioned for the first shot. They also find a photo of her from the second crime scene tacked to a tree. The killer calls again and Carrie names him Fred. He asks if she got the picture, she says yes and tells him she doesn't have time for him, and hangs up, without taking the conversation any further; much to Al’s surprise.

Carrie says she taking control of the situation and he'll call back; as he is the one who wants to talk to her in the first place. Sure enough he calls back and tells Carrie he's impressed with her and to enjoy the hunt. Al tells Carrie she's being reckless and tells her she's staying at the precinct to be safe. As he is sure she might come to some harm due to her recklessness. Carrie gets a call in the middle of the night and when she answers it, it's not Fred as she was expecting. Instead, it's a nurse from a hospital calling about a woman who’s been shot. The nurse says Fred told her to call Carrie because she was taking care of the victim. Carrie is visibly surprised by the whole thing to no end. Al and Carrie speak to the victim at the hospital. She says she was kissing her husband as she dropped him off at the train station when she was shot in the arm; much to her shock and horror. Carrie asks her how she was standing when she kissed her husband and realizes she was shot from behind.

The woman wasn't the target, her husband was; and the sniper seemingly missed his target. They need to find the husband because he went home to get some things, and might still be in danger. They find the husband at home alive, much to their relief. Al shows him pictures of the other two victims and asks if he knows them. He remembers them from a work camp. After he grew up he would go hiking in that area known as Crown Gorge. The man tells Al and Carrie him and the other guys played a game where they hunted a local kid they called Sparky at Crown Gorge. He tells Al to contact Dick Simmons for more information. Mike and Nina meet with Mr. Simmons and he tells them Sparky is Lester Collins. Lester wanted to fit in with the other kids but couldn't and that made him an outcast. He was later dishonorably discharged from the Army.

Back at the office, Tanya the CSI "borrowed" an FBI/NSA program to find the number of the phone the killer is using and came up with three possibilities. She got the idea from Joanne who shows up to find out if it worked. Al, along with the three women, calls the numbers and the third one works. They find his general location and he tells Carrie they've got one hour to save the last guy; if they hurry. The team figures out the last guy to be killed is getting on a ferry to Jersey because the killer told Carrie the victim will be trapped with no way out; thus giving a clue to the whereabouts of his next victim. Carrie and Al get on the ferry and find the man and the shooter in time. She tells Lester to put his gun down but he fires and so does Carrie.

Luckily for Carrie she's wearing a bulletproof vest; as she was probably anticipating something of the sort to happen. Not so lucky for Lester who is killed; as he obviously wasn’t wearing one. The team is in Al's office, along with Joanne, when Roe comes in and says they found Mr. Simmons body and he's been dead for three days. That's not possible because Mike and Nina spoke to Simmons the day before and the guy looked nothing like Lester. A phone number is carved into the dead Simmons' back. Carrie calls the number and the mysterious voice answers and congratulates them on finding Lester but he was just a pawn; and hence they haven’t really caught hold of the real perpetrator. He tells Carrie he'll see her later and hangs up. A woman walks into the man's office and calls him counselor; he is a lawyer but they don't show his face. The episode ends on this mysterious note.