The Following Sea - Recap

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The scene opens with Nina inquiring about a woman, Kate Jordan, asking people to identify her photograph. Meanwhile, in a pub, we see people watching the news, where the murder of Nora Hagan is being reported. The accused being; her husband, Joe Hagan. Next we see Joe being all huffy at Burns, for falsely accusing him of his wife’s murder. But Al realizes that Joe was nervous. Nina and Roe are still seen inquiring about Kate. Next we see Carrie informing Burns that he was all over the television and that she has come to help him. Burns tells Carrie that Joe was a powerful man and he would turn this murder into a suicide. He says that only Adam could buy them some time. Next, we are taken into the court room, where we see Adam informing the judge that Kate was to reach the court to testify, but now she is missing. He suspects that something is happened to her.

He asks the judge for some more time. But Joe’s lawyer wants this case to be declared as a mistrial. On Burns assurance of finding Kate, the judge grants a two day recess. When Burns comes out of the court room, Carrie informs him that Nina had found out where Kate was residing. They reach the hotel room. But they don’t find her; no wallet, no id. But they find traces of an expensive perfume. Nina comes in announcing that the manager told her about an emergency exit door being tripped the previous night. The trio concludes that Kate was kidnapped. Back at the office, the team is shown discussing the possibilities of how the murder would have taken place. Burns explains to Nina that Kate’s testimony was very important, as she had seen Joe hit his wife and threatened to kill her. Roe presents a 3-D representation of what could have happened the day Nora was killed.

They explain the same to Nina. Burns tells Nina that the couple was on a romantic cruise. Nora had a little too much to drink and had gone to the deck to get some fresh air. Joe went to the deck to check on her every 15 minutes. Their friend Watts said that Nora went to the deck at 9.30pm. Watts is ready to testify that he could hear the couple talk until 10.15. Joe comes down and informs Watts that Nora was gone. But the team realizes that according to the current patterns and the manner in which Nora was washed onto the shore, did not match with the time Joe claims. They also conclude that a person of Nora’s height could not accidentally fall off that railing as it was too high. She had to be thrown off. Carrie suggests that they re-examine the old forensics in the next 44 hours, as it could be difficult to find Kate. Burns finds it to be an inconceivable task; but the expert says it could be done faster. Just then Carrie sees a picture of Kate’s roommate from Ohio, Gwen Turning.

Carrie, owing to her extraordinary ability, visualizes a scene, where she sees Gwen at the court talking to Clancy Watts, the same person on the boat; the night Nora died. Carries has a hunch that she was asking Watts about Kate. Next, we see Burns asking Gwen about Kate. Gwen tells Burns that Kate had called her last week, informing her about her arrival in town and also that she would change her testimony. That astounds Burns. Next, we see Mike and Roe talking to Watts, enquiring about Kate. Watts tells them that he did not know Kate well. At this, the detectives tell Watts that Gwen has updated them about him being friends with Kate. Despite hearing that, Watts refuses to help and walks away. Back at the office, Burns reruns the tape of Kate’s testimony and tells Carrie that she did not notify the D.A. about changing her testimony.

Just then Nina walks in announcing that, as per the phone records; Kate did call Watts last afternoon at 3 and more importantly, she got a call 7 minutes before the emergency door was tripped. Burns wants Watts in the box. But Carrie thinks that Watts will not talk and decides to talk to someone else. Next, we see Carrie meeting Watts with her name changed and befriends him. Carrie informs Burns that she suspects that Watts has something on his mind. Next we see Tanya updating Roe about Kate’s movements before she disappeared. She tells him that after Kate reached the boat parkway, her mobile phone got lost. Tanya thinks that she either removed the battery or she never made it to the signal tower. Next we see that the forensic expert informs Nina that, Nora Hagan belonged to the fishing dynasty, which proves that she could swim and she was very fit.

Next the team is shown searching for clues on the dock. In the meanwhile, Carrie meets Watts at an eatery. Carrie sees that he is carrying the same jacket which was found in Kate’s hotel room, with the expensive perfume on it. He tells her that it belonged to a friend of his and Carrie confirms that Kate and Watts were more than friends. Back at the docks, Burns and his team pull out a car from the river and horror meets him when he sees Kate’s dead body in it. Burns calls Carrie. Back at the office, the entire team is discussing the case and they conclude that Watts’ involvement in the case is more than what meets the eye. They decide to call in Watts. Next, we see Burns interrogating Watts, with his lawyer beside him. They ask Watts as to why didn’t he inform them about his romantic involvement with Kate. He tells them that he had known Kate for a long time, but their affair had ended a year ago. The team informs Watts about Kate’s murder. He is shocked and leaves the room with his lawyer.

Carrie feels that Watts is being duped by Hagan and she goes to get the proof. Carrie goes to Watts and tries talking to him about his girlfriend. Just then Hagan walks into the room. On asking about Carrie, Watts tells him that she is a customer and that he is helping her with her boat. After a brief talk, Carrie takes her leave. But she eavesdrops into their conversation. Next, we see Roe informing Burns about Kate’s new testimony which could land her in jail; because Hagan asked her to falsify accounting documents and stealing people’s money. Nora had not only threatened to leave him but also expose is deeds. Next, in the court room, David, Hagan’s lawyer asks for the dismissal of this case, as Kate was not available to testify. Adams informs the judge about Kate’s murder but there was no proof to accuse Hagan for it. The judge dismisses the case declares Hagan to be a free man.

Embittered by this, Burns leaves the court. Back at the office, the forensics expert informs Burns that there was a combination of drugs found in Nora’s body, which was very lethal. And it was this that caused her to drown, despite her knowing how to swim; as this combination of drugs made her unable to move. But there was more. The expert informs Burns that the same combination and concentration of the drugs was also found in Kate’s body. A worried Carrie calls Burns and tells him that Hagan could harm Watts, as Watts now knows that Hagan killed Kate. She tells him that she did not know where Watts was. But just then she recalls an incident at the eatery, where a man named Billy was talking about his boat; which was on Hagan’s marina; Claire Anne. She figures out that Watts could have gone to help Billy. She rushes to the boat. She finds an unconscious Watts and calls for help. They are able to save Watts.

Burns suspects that they could find the same combination of drugs in Watts’ blood, which would help them convict Hagan. Next, the team barges into a party to arrest Hagan. When the people protest, Burns tells them how Hagan stole his employees’ money for gambling and how he murdered Nora and Kate and also that he attempted to kill Watts. The episode ends with Hagan’s arrest.