Heartbreak - Recap

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The episode begins, and a groundskeeper who works at a baseball stadium brings his girlfriend to the field one late night to propose marriage; he has chalked out an elaborate plan for his proposal. He gets down on one knee, presents the ring, and in a romantic fashion asks her to marry him. She lets out a scream so he's not sure if her answer is a yes or a no, as the message she sent out seems mixed. She screams again; shock and horror clearly essayed on her face, all this while she is looking at something behind him, so he turns around and sees a dead body in center field; much to his shock and horror. Carrie gets called out of bed to work the case.

The medical examiner after an examination concludes that, the dead body has almost every bone in his body broken. His injuries are consistent with a fall from a significant height; which might the reason for his demise. Since he was found in the middle of a baseball field, it's possible he fell from an airplane, as there is hardly any other possibility that can be taken into consideration, given the circumstances. The ME also finds bruising at the base of the skull which means someone hit him before his fall; thus the victim was assaulted before his ultimate demise. Al gets called away so he tells Nina and Mike to find out the victim's name and if he was a stowaway. Later, Mike goes into Al's office to tell him the victim was not a stowaway. Al tells Mike he got a call from Spence because he's in a little trouble at another precinct.

Apparently Mike's son and some of his friends dined and ditched at a restaurant but the owner decided to not press charges. Mike says Spence is grounded for life, again, for this latest transgression of his. Roe comes in and identifies the victim as Jason Kubiak, a bank manager. Al and Carrie visit Jason's apartment and a woman is exiting as they get there. She is Sarah Green, Jason's girlfriend. She last saw him the day before and they were supposed to meet for dinner to celebrate their three-month anniversary. When he didn't contact her, she thought he got scared off because their relationship was moving so fast. Al and Carrie check out the restaurant and Jason never showed. As they're leaving, Carrie sees a florist and has a flashback to the crime scene. She sees pollen on Jason's shirt so they check the florist shop and it has surveillance from the previous night, which they monitor for relevant clues. They see Jason get into the back of a black van and it drives away.

The team thinks he was kidnapped because of his job position. The next morning the team goes to Jason's bank to make further inquires and when the other bank manager opens the vault, the safe deposit boxes have been broken into and their contents stolen; much to their surprise. Back at the office, the CSI find a thermal imaging camera facing the stadium during the time of death. The video shows a body falling from the sky into the stadium; it obviously was the victim. She is able to find, through the FAA, an airplane in the area at the time of body falling; the victim might just have been pushed from this very airplane. Nina and Roe head to the airport to make further inquiries. There they find the plane and also find the can from the flower shop. The man washing the van says it belongs to a man who rents a space for his airplane. He took the plane out the previous night around 1:00 am with two other people but he didn't notice if Jason was among them.

Al finds out the van was reported stolen and the plane is registered to a fake company; thus it is difficult to lay their hands on any leads. The ME finds DNA under Jason's fingernails that traces back to a Mark Payne who is a mechanic at the airport Nina and Mike visited. Al and Carrie pay a visit to Mark Payne's house and he comes out shooting much to their surprise; Al returns fire and kills him, as an act of self defense. Carrie looks around and sees a can of tea on a table. She has a flashback and remembers the same tea sitting on Jason's table. His girlfriend Sarah likes to drink it and she's now a suspect; based on the present set of clues available at hand. Nina finds photos of Sarah tied up like a hostage. She thinks they showed the pictures to Jason and then had her tied up in the van, which is why he got into it in the first place and that too without any resistance.

Sarah's mother comes in and tells Carrie her daughter was always trouble; thus it might not be surprising for her to be involved with the whole thing. Carrie asks about the burn scar on Sarah's neck and her mother says it happened when Sarah was with her husband in a hotel fire. She tells Carrie her father was smoking in her room when she was a child. Sarah's mother says the marriage ended when he left Sarah in the hospital after the fire. She shows Carrie a photo of the two and she has a flashback. The man in the photo came in to discuss his safe deposit box from the bank Jason worked at; that is from where she remembers him. Carrie finds out his name is Adam and he is wanted in a string of international bank robberies. In one case, he crashed his plane and fled with the diamonds but Sarah didn't get away and was burned in the accident.

They didn't have enough to charge her so she was released; despite being with him at the time of the accident. Carrie has a flashback to when Adam came in to check his box; he was relieved to see a key was still inside, a fact that had caught her attention. The team believes Sarah wanted revenge so she broke into the bank and made a copy of the key to get inside a high-end storage facility where Adam kept his stolen jewels; just so she could get her hands on them and thus teach him a good lesson in the process. The team goes to the facility and sees Adam; who is immediately on the alert on seeing them.

He takes off but they catch him; he tells them they're too late, Sarah got into the box; and has managed to steal everything. Adam tells them Sarah will probably wait a couple of days and then fly away to somewhere safe. Al and Carrie catch her in the nick of time, just as she is trying to take off in an airplane. Carrie shoots a tire and Sarah stops the plane; as she knows her gig is up. She admits her partner pushed Jason out of the plane but she feels responsible for it. She really did love him; and had no intention of actually hurting him. The episode ends on this note.