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Allegiances - Recap

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The episode begins, with Carrie at Steve’s party, where she meets his parents. The two of them later catch a moment alone, and get cozy. Later Steve’s cousin, Tommy who is on the phone borrows his pen and writes a number down on the palm of his hand. Once he leaves the two again get cozy. Later Carrie is at a crime scene, there is a battered body of a young female, dead in a bath tub. There are no signs of forced entry, and the windows were locked. Whoever did this, didn’t force his way in. They presume it could be a boyfriend. She then finds a photo of the victim with a man lying on a table. She is shocked to see the man, as it is a guy called Eddie who she was introduced to, at Steve’s party.

She shares this with Al. She tells him, that Eddie works with Steve. Later Carrie is informed that Eddie is basically clean, and is married. Carrie presumes that, it could be his wife who is the murderer, as she might have found out about his affair. Al feels the killing is mob related Carrie takes offence at this. Al decides to talk to Steve about it, but Carrie is totally against this idea. In the end, she decides to talk to him. Later, a colleague of the victim is brought in for questioning, she is asked about the victim’s boyfriend. It turns out she had met Eddie once. It also turns out that the victim was unaware of the fact that Eddie was married; they were as a matter of fact going to get engaged. She also tells the cops that a guy has come to meet the victim a few days ago, it wasn’t Eddie, but a bald guy, and victim was visibly disturbed after meeting him.

Meanwhile, Carrie tells Steve the whole thing about Eddie and the murder. Steve is pissed about the fact that Carrie suspects that he knows something, about the whole issue. Later at the forensics, Carrie is informed that this might be a crime not of passion, but to make a point and to send out a message to someone. She is also told by the forensic that there was something in the bathtub water that is yet to be identified, and the results are being awaited. Later, Al is informed by an officer from OCID by the name Sharon, that Eddie is affiliated with one Ray Mazola, who the guys from organized crime have been tracking for years. He operates his business with restaurant supply companies as cover, for his organized crime. Carrie is informed of an address Eddie was frequenting, according to his car GPS records. Sharon, Carrie and Al go to check out the address. It’s a big storage space of some sort, which they break into. All they find inside are lots of kitchenware.

It turns out all the stuff might be from the truck hijackings that Ray has been involved in. Inside, Carrie sees the same crate of wine, she had seen at Steve’s party, gifted to him by Eddie. She tells Al about it. They also find the dead body of Eddie stuffed inside a crate. Later, Carrie and gang are informed by Al that OCID is taking over this investigation; much to everyone’s displeasure. Al in his office shows photographic evidence to Carrie that she has been under surveillance by the OCID. Al questions Carrie about Steve, as he clearly suspects Steve of somehow being involved in all of this. She tires her best to defend Steve to Al. She urges Al to prove to her that Steve is a criminal. It is also discovered by the forensic, that Eddie was with the victim, but he didn’t kill her, which can be ascertained from the evidence at hand. Later, Carrie tells Steve about them being under surveillance, but he doesn’t think much of it.

She also tells him, how the authorities feel about him. He tells her that, the money to open the restaurant came for a Cayman Island account of his, which is legitimate. She warns Steve that the OCID will come after him, as they think he is complicit. She then asks him about Mazola, and where he can be found. Later, based on Steve’s tip off Carrie goes to a restaurant where she might find Mazola. Inside, the bartender says he has never heard of Mazola. Suddenly in front of her she sees a piece of paper with a number scribbled on it, pinned to a board, and recollects that it’s the same number that Steve’s cousin Tommy wrote on his palm in the party, when he borrowed Steve’s pen. The bartender though is still as uncooperative as ever, so Carrie leaves, having acquired at least some bit of information. Turns out, it’s the password to the security alarm, at the victim’s house, as Carries suddenly seems to recollect. It turns out; Steve’s cousin Tommy might have something to do with it, after all.

Later, at Steve’s restaurant Carrie tells Steve about the number and it being the pass code, to the front door of the victim. Steve is incredulous, and doesn’t believe that Tommy can do such a thing. She warns him not to tip Tommy off, as then she and Steve both would become accessories. Steve leaves saying “guess you shouldn’t have told me then”. Meanwhile, Al is trying his best to get through to Carrie, but she is constantly avoiding him. He then instructs that her cell phone location be found out, to find out where she is. Meanwhile, Carrie sees Steve go somewhere and follows him, suspecting that there might be something amiss. She sees Steve talking to Tommy at a distance. Meanwhile, Carrie’s phone location has been established. Al heads for the location. Vega tells Al, about Steve secretly meeting Tommy; they all seem to be heading for that very location. Al warns Carrie, by messaging her about it. Not knowing what else to do Carrie reveals herself and urges Tommy to come to station with her and come clean. Steve agrees with Carrie and urges Tommy to do what Carries is saying. Just then the OCID arrive at the scene, and surround the area, seeing them Tommy panics and runs for it, he then takes out a gun, seeing this OCID take him down, barely missing Steve and Carrie in the process. Later Steve too is arrested, with Carrie standing by and looking on helplessly.

Later at the precinct, Carrie is absolutely distraught about how things turned out. Al reprimands her for not listening to him, and still involving herself in the case despite him telling her otherwise. She reasons that she wanted to warn Steve regarding Tommy. And also reason with Tommy to come in and talk to the cops. Al tells Carrie that he was trying to protect her from the OCID as they are convinced she is dirty. She tells Al that Tommy confessed to her that he didn’t kill the victim. Al is incredulous, and completely dismisses Tommy’s confession. Carrie still feels the real killer is out there, and it wasn’t really Tommy. Al in the end relents, and gives her a chance to prove her theory. Later, Carrie goes to the forensic, and reviews the evidence.

She is informed that the stuff found in the bath water of the victims bath tub is a solvent that is used as a pesticide and adhesive. Suddenly Carrie is reminded of the uncooperative bartender from earlier, she remembers him building a model plane, and using a liquid adhesive to join the parts. Later, she pays the bar a visit, and finds the bartender there. The bartender pretends he knows nothing, when questioned by Carrie, but is alarmed when told about the bath tub water. He tires assaulting Carrie, but gets his ass kicked by her, with Al who is sitting nearby restraining him. Later, Carrie meets up with Steve. She tells him, Tommy was innocent. The episode ends, with Carrie bidding Steve a tearful goodbye.