Endgame (1) - Recap

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The episode begins with, Walter offering Carrie some wine at the dinner table. The two make small talk. Carrie asks Walter what he knows about her sister’s murder. He in return tells her to be patient. Walter says he wants Carrie to need him, in return for him giving information. Later when at home, Carrie receives a call informing her that a body has been found at a particular address that she has heard before. The body is of a middle aged man with most of his head missing. Al too arrives at the scene. The ID of the person reads Walter Morgan. Al is shocked to see the ID. Meanwhile, Carrie arrives at the scene and is briefed by Al. The two speculate as to who his killer might be.

Once near the body Carrie is reminded of the interactions, she has had with Walter Morgan. Later, Joanne asks Carrie if she told Al about her personal interactions with Walter. Carrie it turns out couldn’t because Al had told her to stop investigating Morgan. Carrie in the meanwhile isn’t convinced the body is Walter’s and checks the body once again. Just as she sees the body she is reminded of her meeting with Walter and the conversation they had. Carrie then confesses to Joanne that she was at the warehouse the previous night and had met Morgan. Joanne asks her if she has any idea who Jenson is. Carrie says she has a number and plans to do a reverse lookup. She then tells Carrie that there is some DNA under Stanley’s fingernails, which just might be of the killers. Carrie remembers Walter grabbing her hand; hence the she assumes that the DNA might be hers.

Meanwhile, Carrie is worried to hear that the video footage from the warehouse is coming in. The ballistic report for the shotgun shot is also coming in. Meanwhile, Carrie, Al and team reach Walter’s home and see an elaborate table set for dinner. The table is not cleaned up, and his housekeeper comments that it’s a bit odd for Walter not to clean up. Carrie is worried that her prints are on many of the items on the table. The housekeeper meanwhile tells Al that he was having problems with a woman, whose name she doesn’t know. Carrie then pays Joanne a visit. Joanne tells Carrie that it’s definitely Walter’s body, as the fingerprints check out. Joanne asks Carrie about her DNA being found under Walter’s nails. Carrie tells Joanne that Walter is framing her for his own murder. It also turns out that the shotgun which is the murder weapon is Carrie’s very own shotgun.

She tells Joanne that she doesn’t know how Walter got his hands on her department issue shotgun. Joanne tells Carrie to confess everything to Al. Carrie then says that she knows there was a third person in the warehouse that night, and she has to find that person, if she is to prove her innocence. Meanwhile, guys at the precinct are shocked to see Carrie in the video footage. Meanwhile, Carrie recollects her conversation with Jenson. Meanwhile, Joanna tells Al about Carrie thinking that Morgan is framing here for his own death. Joanne then tells Al about how Carrie was investigating Morgan aggressively behind his back. Al is also disappointed in Joanne for hiding all these things from him. Meanwhile, Carrie is making her investigations about Jenson based on the cues and leads she has. She comes to a Pizza place; it’s from a payphone there that Jenson had given her a call.

At the joint she bribes a guy working there and is informed by him that two guy use the payphone. She then tells the guy to call her, the next time either of them uses it. Meanwhile, Al is informed that the fingerprints on the body come up as a match with a sexual assault convict in Utah, and Morgan at that time was trying a case in New York, hence at that time it was considered a glitch. Al wants this looked into in detail. Meanwhile, Carrie sees Mamaroneck mentioned on a van, and remembers Walter mentioning it during their dinner together. She checks out the van closely and sees blood dripping from behind the van. Just then Al reaches the spot; Carrie points their attention to the dripping blood. Inside the van they find Jenson’s dead body. She then tells them that she didn’t kill Walter Morgan and that Jenson was her best chance to prove that.

It is later found out that Jenson was killed with the same shotgun as the one that killed Morgan, their time of death was also around the same time. Al meanwhile doesn’t know what to do, and tells Carrie that she should have come to him first. She is reminded of a poem by Robert Frost that Walter quoted at dinner called ‘miles to go before I sleep’. Carrie feels Walter is not done and is surely still alive. Nina, Mike and Roe decide to help Carrie with the case as they believe that she is innocent. Meanwhile, Carrie looks at the photographs of Jenson’s dead body and how his hand is placed and figures out something. Meanwhile, Roe is told that the time the cops had a confusion regarding Morgan’s fingerprints, it was found out that it belonged to someone called John Fox, who was also Walter’s last client 25 years ago, before he left Kansas and headed for NY.

But then Roe is shown on the computer that John Fox’s DMV photo which was found on the system, when aged looks like Walter Morgan. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Al and Roe about the arms of both Walter and Jenson being place at particular angles. When the angles are calculated, they reveal a phone number. Carrie’s plan is then to convince Walter that he has succeeded and she has been abandoned by her own people. It also turns out, John Fox traded places with Walter Morgan 25 years ago. Meanwhile, the media is also informed that Carrie has been arrested; with TV news channels reporting the same. Meanwhile, Carrie calls up the number that has been found out, and Walter Morgan picks up the phone. Later Carrie proceeds to meet Morgan, the team covertly watches over her so that Walter doesn’t suspect anything is amiss, or he will disappear.

Al moves in after he gets a signal from Carrie that she sees him. Carrie in the meanwhile comes face to face with Walter, who asks for her to surrender her weapon. She tells Morgan that she would go anywhere with him, as she has no one else left in the city. Suddenly Morgan figures out that he has been setup. He rushes Carrie out of there at a gunpoint. Al in the meanwhile, loses them. Later John Fox confesses to Carrie that it was the real Walter Morgan who got killed by him at the warehouse the other night. He had called him from Kansas City. Then, just as John is about to shoot Carrie Al comes and from behind, and after a scuffle, John hangs from the side of the bridge with Carrie holding on to him.

She then asks John about Rachel, but isn’t able to hold on to him, with John falling into the river below. Later, Carrie is informed by Al that John’s body hasn’t been found yet. Carrie is also informed about John’s and Walter’s deal of switching identities and how John paid him a stipend for 25 years for the switch. Meanwhile, a phone is found on Jenson’s body and it has one missed call. Carrie calls back the number and tells the person who picks up that the phone is evidence in the Walter Morgan case. The man on the other side says “you mean detective Morgan, I have been trying to reach him all morning”; its detective Franks from Syracuse PD who is on the other side.

He tells Carrie that Morgan contacted them for a case, regarding the abduction and murder of a young girl. The body was found 2 days ago, and the murdered too has been found with the Syracuse PD talking to him. He then sends over the picture of the murderer. Carrie on seeing the picture recognizes the man as the murderer of his sister. The episode ends.