The Man in the Woods (2) - Recap

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The episode begins, with little girls cheerleading for a team playing football. Then everything stop and they all stare at a young girl, Carrie then comes back to the present. Carrie tells Al that the first thing she remembers after her sister’s murder is football. Carrie and Al then meet up with Dan an old acquaintance of Carrie and the cop handling the case; at the crime scene. A 14 years old girl has been murdered. The girl was hit on the back of her head and then drowned under water. The suspect Sam has been cooperative, and hasn’t asked for any lawyer. Carrie wants to meet Sam. Carrie then comes to the station and sees Sam, and recognizes him as her sister’s murderer.

Later, Sam is interrogated by Dan, and tells him that he doesn’t know anything about the 14 year old girl Becky’s death. He then tells Dan that he was at the crime scene because he got curious after hearing about the death on the radio. He also has an alibi. He was installing security systems all over Columbia. Al is in the meanwhile is informed that Sam has been spotted trespassing numerous crime scenes in the past few years. Meanwhile, Al tells Dan that he might be able to help get Dan a promotion. All he has to do is let Carrie meet Sam. Al then tells Carrie that she has 10 minutes to talk with Sam. Carrie enters and asks Sam if September 14th 1983 means anything to him. She then tells Sam how her sister Rachel was found dead on that day, and also the state she was found in. Carrie tells Sam that he murdered her sister, and she wants him to say it. Sam says “no you didn’t”. Later, Dan tells Carrie that they have to let Sam go as the trespassing charges against him have been dropped. Dan then tells Carrie to help him get Sam for the Becky case.

Carrie and Dan then pay a visit to Becky’s parents to find out any details they can, which shall help the case. Becky’s mother tells Carrie that there is one thing that is worth mentioning, which is that Becky and her best friend Katrina had a fight a few moth before her death. Becky had come home crying. All Becky had told her mother was that Katrina had betrayed her. Carrie, Al and Dan then head for Sam’s house. Inside Al finds a file with the newspaper cutouts of various cases of murder. There are numerous such files with the crime scene photographs of all the victims. Meanwhile, Dan comes in and informs Carrie and Al that Sam has disappeared. Meanwhile, Carrie and Al bring in Joanne to help them with the case. Al and Carrie then head to meet Katrina.

Carrie tells Al while waiting for Katrina in their vehicle that, new memories about the day Rachel died are coming back to her. Once Katrina and her family are back, they are shown Sam’s photograph, and don’t recognize him. Katrina then tells them that she had a fight with Becky because Becky spoiled her name by talking about sexual things with others about Katrina. Katrina claims none of them were true. She also tells them that Becky had an older guy who was her boyfriend. She unfortunately doesn’t know how the guy looks like and has never met him, since the time he and Becky have been dating each other, which was but a few months ago. The aim now is also to find the guy Becky was seeing. Later, Al and Carrie sit and chat at a deli. Carrie goes to the loo, Sam creeps in behind her and sticks a gun to her back. Al after waiting for Carrie goes looking for her outside, after he realizes she isn’t in the loo. He is then told by a guy standing outside that, she took off with some guy in his car.

Meanwhile, Sam is taking Carrie somewhere with her hands restrained. Meanwhile, Al is informed thanks to Carrie’s GPS as to where Carrie exactly is. Al realizes that Sam is taking Carrie to the woods where Rachel was killed. Meanwhile, Sam takes Carrie to the spot where Rachel was murdered in the woods. Sam suddenly tells Carrie to kneel down. He then tells her that he was beginning to think he was safe. Sam tells her that he won’t be safe from Carrie until she remembers everything. He then hands over his gun to her. Sam then tells Carrie that he didn’t kill her sister; his only crime was being in the woods that day. He tells Carrie that he had heard her and her sister scream in the woods that day, and reached the scene to investigate it. Carrie then remembers what Sam is saying, to be true. With her memory revealing to her that Sam on that day had come to the scene and had asked her about where her parents are, and if she is alright.

She then remembers Sam picking her up in his lap and taking her out of there. Just then Al and team arrive at the scene and tell Sam to go down on the ground. Carrie stops them from harming Sam. He tells Carrie that he was a cop, and was going to take a bribe from a drug dealer in the woods, and hence couldn’t approach the law about why he was there that day. He tells Carrie that, on that particular day something snapped inside of him. He then started drinking and in a year’s time left the police force. Meanwhile, Al and Carrie check into a motel. Later in a room the two begin to make out. Later Joanne, Carrie and Al meet up with Sam in a diner, so he too can help with the case. Joanne tells the others that, on Becky’s pants, was some sort of a dust which Sam recognizes as the dust of granite.

Sam takes a few possible names of construction companies. Carrie then remembers that she had seen the name of one of the companies on a construction sack at Katrina’s house. Carrie feels that Becky was seeing Katrina’s step father till he got married to Katrina’s mother. Becky probably felt betrayed because of this. Al and team then get to finding something definitive against the step dad. They then find through cell phone records that he and Becky were in touch with each other till the night Becky got killed. Al feels that’s evidence enough to at least pick him up. At Katrina’s home they are informed by her mother that Katrina has just left with her step father. Turns out they have gone camping. Carrie then figures out that the mother is lying and the step father did not take Katrina for camping.

The mother then breaks down and admits that he has threatened to kill Katrina, if her mother says anything. She doesn’t know where he has taken her. Al in the meanwhile calls for an amber alert. Carrie in the meanwhile figures out that Sadler the step father has a boat, which is confirmed by Mrs. Sadler. She is then told by Mrs. Sadler where he keeps it. Sadler might be trying to escape to Canada, by water. Meanwhile, Sadler is shown driving with the boat in tow to the river. Al catches up with him and is shot at by Sadler, from his car window. He manages to dodge the bullet, and a car chase ensues. Sadler manages to get away, but after sometime his overturned boat with his abandoned car is seen by Al, Sam and Carrie.

Sadler seems to have escaped into the nearby woods, and Carrie, Sam and Al enter the woods to pursue him. The three then spread out to search for him. Carrie then sees Katrina tied to a pole and goes to rescue her. She is then attacked by Sadler from behind. Sam comes in, but is shot by Sadler. Al comes in just then and wrestles Sadler to the ground, he somehow manages to recover, but just then Carrie shoots him. Sam meanwhile passes away from a bullet wound to his heart. Later, Al tells Carrie that Sadler couldn’t have killed her sister, as he was in jail during the time of her murder. Later, Al and Carrie go to Sam’s house to get the data he has collected over a period of 28 years about the killer. Sam it turns out had photographed the same RV, at number of crime scenes. She too remembers seeing it on the same day Rachel was murdered. The episode ends.