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Incognito - Recap

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Three masked delivery men unload three boxes at the entrance of a bank. They pull guns out of these boxes and walk into the bank, then subdue the security guards and proceed to rob the bank. Three armed guards, protecting the vault, are gassed as the bank manager gives the robbers access to the vault. The robbers remove their masks and fill their duffel bags with money. One of the robbers is Carrie Wells. The leader of the group tells Carrie to kill a security guard because he has seen their faces. Carrie points her gun at the guard.

Two days earlier, at the NYPD Major Cases headquarters, Eliot Delson informs his team about Kilborn, the man responsible for the bank heists that have put him at the top of the FBI's most wanted list. Eliot announces that Kilborn's next target will be in New York. Eve, a woman who is a master of disguises, is set to arrive that day to help with the bank robbery.

Carrie and Al Burns arrest Eve at the bus station. Al tries to get Eve to open up about Kilborn in return for a more lenient sentence on her other bank robberies. He is unsuccessful until Carrie remembers seeing a note on a box Eve picked up at the bus station. Eve received instructions to meet the other bank robbers at a hotel room. Carrie decides to go, as Eve, undercover to the meeting. Kilborn doesn't show up until after the robberies so her identity is safe until then. Al warns her to be careful and gives her a barrette that acts as a microphone and GPS signal transmitter.

Carrie meets the other crew at the hotel room that Kilborn told Eve about. When the team of four is assembled, instructions are sent outlining their code names and boxes of supplies. Two of the men are hardened criminals and the third is on his first robbery. They will receive further information the next day.

At police headquarters, Jay Lee identifies the members of the burglar crew, each with a long list of committed crimes. After finding out which bank is the target, Al plans to have only undercover cops in the bank at the time of the robbery. Jay has a photo of Kilborn's thumb and he runs it through software in an attempt to discover Kilborn's identity.

Before the heist, Carrie meets with Al and Dr. Joanne Webster. Joanne replaced the poisonous gas with a less powerful gas that will simply knock out the guards. In a truck on the way to the bank, one of the other robbers says no personal items and throws her barrette out of the truck. Jay is able to track the burner cell phone that Carrie was given by Kilborn. The lead robber jams all cell phone signals within a 50 foot radius, and he tells the crew that the target has been switched. Jay is able to find the truck by tracking sudden cell phone loss in the city.

In the bank, Carrie triggers a carbon monoxide detector, knowing it will send a signal to police. She leaves the security guard, who wasn't quite knocked out, alive. The robbery team leaves the bank with the stolen money. The lead robber asks if Carrie killed the guard, covering for her, the inexperienced robber says that yes, Carrie blew his head off. Kilborn's orders are to leave everything but the money in the truck. Jay's computer software finds who Kilborn is from the thumb print. Kilborn is the inexperienced bank robber.

Just before the bank robbers are to meet Kilborn, the inexperienced robber informs the team that they must give up their weapons first. Carrie pieces together that the inexperienced robber is Kilborn. She draws her gun and tells the team that the inexperienced robber is a cop. Kilborn says Carrie is a cop and shoots the other two robbers when they are distracted. Carrie shoots twice but she only fires blanks. Kilborn keeps Carrie as a hostage but promises to kill her. Al sneaks up on Kilborn and shoots him from a distance. Kilborn grabs Carrie to use as a human shield and they duck behind a van. Carrie retrieves a knife from one of the dead robber's boots and stabs Kilborn in the leg. She wrestles the gun from him and thanks Al for showing up. The police arrest a limping Kilborn. Al and Carrie walk away as they joke about dating.