Past Tense - Recap

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A man hides his eyes as he walks down a street and enters a cab. The man and the cab driver, Bashir Sajadi, are both from Afghanistan. The man in the cab says many men would still welcome the chance to become a martyr and asks Sajadi if that is true. The cabbie stares uncomfortably and looks back to the road.

In a courtroom, Carrie uses her memory to prove to the jurors and the defendant that she really can remember everything. She is there to make sure the man who tried to sell her drugs is put behind bars.

Al greets Carrie at a crime scene, where the Afghani cab driver has been found dead. Eliot Delson says that Sajadi was an informant and this is why he was killed. Nothing was taken from the cab and there is no blood inside. The murder took place in a busy area and Carrie says that it must have been worth the risk to the killer.

Jay finds two suspected terrorists that were being investigated by the FBI. They both attend the same mosque. The cabbie was fast-forwarded through his green card application because he agreed to infiltrate the mosque. Jay also finds that the cabbie received a phone call from a burner phone minutes before he died. Carrie suggests that it was his wife who called and she may know the killer.

Jay and Cherie meet with Sajadi's wife. They tell her that Sajadi did nothing wrong and was actually helping police. She doesn't recognize either of the two terrorists and says that the number that called Sajadi before he died belonged to his best friend Moe, a florist. Al asks why the records for his phone are hidden. The florist says he called Sajadi because he wanted to watch a football game with him. Moe says that during the phone call he heard the passenger speaking Pashto, which is spoken by both of the terrorists.

Al gets upset at Eliot, who won't allow Al to arrest the two suspected terrorists even though there is so much evidence that they murdered Sajadi. Eliot changes his mind but the federal tactical team will make the arrests. The tactical team arrests the two terrorists while Carrie watches from a live feed.

Carrie visits Webster to see what she can learn from the autopsy. She asks about the injury on Sajadi's forehead. Carrie thinks that maybe Sajadi hit his head on the cab. She thinks that whoever killed him had military experience to detain him like a soldier and check under his shirt for explosives.

Jay tells Al that the bullet that killed Sajadi is from a gun that is standard issue for the US Army. Carrie looks back in her memory and recalls that there is a veteran's administration annex near the crime scene, and visits the office to look for information on the soldier who committed the murder. She gets information on a soldier, John, who fits the description and suffers from PTSD. During his last deployment, he lost his best friend to a suicide bomber. John forgets the event to survive, but only by remembering can he heal.

Al and Carrie meet with John's mother, who says that he was never the same after he came back from the war. He was always on high alert and even pulled a gun on her. His girlfriend left him because she couldn't handle it. Al finds that John was heading downtown and he was probably going to meet his mentor, Stanley.

Al brings a tactical team to Stanley's apartment. Stanley says that John isn't there but they still enter his apartment. Al and Cherie tell Stanley that John is a murder suspect and they don't want anyone else to get hurt. Stanley shows the police where he keeps the weapons but John has already taken them. John is loose in the city with an assault rifle and semi-automatic pistol.

Carrie examines footage of the suicide bomb that killed John's friend in Afghanistan. She suspects that John is having a traumatic episode where he thinks he is hunting the people who murdered his friend. Carrie thinks that John has been following Moe. Moe is delivering flowers to a wedding and Carrie suspects that is where John is.

At the wedding, John points his gun at Moe and orders him to the ground. The NYPD surround the building as the wedding party runs out. They send a team with optics in to see what John is doing. John holds a phone that is the detonator to explosives that have been attached to Moe. John's doctor is on the way but they don't have time. John is trying to find answers but Moe can't help him.

Carrie goes into the building in the hopes that she can help John remember what happened in Afghanistan. Carrie tells him what he sees and remembers isn't true but she can help him remember what really happened. She says that if he tries he can remember what really happened but he is afraid. Carrie asks why his friend left cover before the suicide bomber killed him. The reason his friend left cover was to get one of the men out. He leaned into the car and looked back at John. The reason he left cover was to get John a bottle of water. John breaks down and surrenders to police.

Eliot tells Carrie that he is nominating her for a medal of valor. He could not be more proud of her. Cherie says that she sees now that Carrie works by her own rules. She also has her own rules and pulls some strings to get green cards for Sajadi's family. Al says that sometimes people's worst memories makes them forget their best ones.