Line Up Or Shut Up - Recap

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A man in a red Ferrari escapes from police in a high speed pursuit. The next day he is found in his car, dead from a gunshot.

Carrie arrives at the crime scene and talks to Al about the details of the case. They don't know who the body belongs to but the car is registered to a Swiss diplomat, Lukas Emminger. Carrie suspects that the Swiss diplomat has some enemies.

Jay says the victim's fingerprints aren't in the system but the car was involved in a police chase the night before. Al and Carrie leave to visit Lukas Emminger. He is moving back home soon but bought the car because it would make more sense financially to ship it there rather than buying it in Switzerland. The car has yet to be delivered to him so he didn't know it was involved in a crime. Carrie thinks someone is targeting him and they ask for a list of his recent associates.

Al and Carrie visit the man who sold the car to Lukas. The owner, Castagan, says that the murdered man is Ezekiel Nadal, one of his best delivery boys. They visit Ezekiel's father and brother at their home. His father didn't even know he had another job. His brother Francisco shows Carrie Ezekiel's bedroom. She accidentally walks into Francisco's room at first. She asks how Francisco got the bruise on his face and he says he fell off his bike. Carrie asks some questions and Francisco said that maybe Ezekiel owed someone some money.

Dr. Webster examines the body with Carrie. Whoever killed Ezekiel did it from up close and knew it wasn't Emminger. There are some markings on the body that Carrie saw in Francisco's room and Dr. Webster attributes it to a gang.

Jay, with the help of Carrie, searches for how the markings could be related to a gang. They come across an illegal street racing club that the Nadal brothers must have been a part of. Carrie suspects that the leader of the club, Stevie McKinnon, may be the one who Ezekiel owed money to.

Carrie and Al visit Stevie's house to question him about the Nadals. They tell him they know he is the leader of the street racing club and he runs out of the house with his car keys. He gets into his car and drives away. After a high-speed chase they manage to catch Stevie.

Back at the station, Al questions Stevie. He admits to beating up Francisco because he owed Stevie money. Ezekiel was supposed to pay for him but never showed up. Ezekiel was supposed to give Stevie $10,000. Stevie says that if he had to get money fast he would bring a car to a chop shop. Al researches local garages and finds Juno's garage may be the one he is looking for.

Al and Carrie go to the garage and question the owner. At first she denies ever seeing Ezekiel but when they threaten her with jail time she admits to seeing him. He tried to sell her the Ferrari but she wouldn't take it because it was fake.

Cherie goes with Al to the place that sold Emminger his car. When they get there it is closed and the inside is a mess. They find Castagan's body in the trunk of a car.

Back at the station, Jay finds evidence about texts that Ezekiel received and maps of the cars at Castagan's. The cars are switched around but it looks like they are never sold and it is a front for something else. Jay finds that Emminger has bought three cars from Castagan. Cherie suggests that Al talk to Eliot before questioning Emminger and other car buyers about the cars. Eliot wants them to approach certain members on the list with discretion.

Carrie and Al question Lukas about the other cars. Al tells Lukas that the people he gave the cars to may be angry after finding out the cars are fake. He says he didn't know they were fake and hasn't talked to Castagan lately. They head to Krinkowski Ltd. to see if they know anything about importing cars. While there, Carrie sees a man who was a deliveryman for Castagan. They run after him and end up in a warehouse full of cars. The man they are chasing opens fire and Al keeps him busy while Carrie sneaks up on him.

They bring him into the station for questioning along with the importer. They both blame each other for the murder of Castagan. Carrie wants to find out who killed Ezekiel even though Eliot is worried about what they will do that may offend Lukas. The embassy has already requested a letter of apology from the NYPD.

Dr. Webster finds some vaccines in Ezekiel's blood that suggests he was going to visit a tropical country. Carrie remembers seeing Lukas' daughter had a bandage on her arm from what looks like a vaccine shot. She offers to bring the letter to Lukas herself.

After she hands the letter to Lukas, Carrie asks why he didn't mention that his oldest daughter was in love with Ezekiel. Lukas refuses to let them talk to his daughter Celine but she volunteers to talk. They were supposed to leave for India the night he was murdered. Lukas' wife says that Lukas was the one who sent the text. Celine accuses Lukas of murdering Ezekiel and leaves the room. Lukas was just trying to protect his family. Celine threatens to slash her wrists with a knife but Carrie talks her out of it. Al arrests Lukas but he isn't worried because he has diplomatic immunity.

At the station Eliot tells Carrie that while Lukas did have diplomatic immunity, the ambassador can waive that privilege at any time. So Lukas will stand trial for murder.

Carrie and Al reminisce about old memories together on the way to the subway.