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A Better View Of How It Goes When It's Gone WrongRating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes
For someone that knows what they are looking at, this show had a great foundation. Craig Bierko plays a lead character that shows strength, susceptibility and empathy when it comes to the human element and his friends. Johnny Sneed shows us the kind of friend that we all need to have around; he bounces back from marriage after marriage and doesn't let tomorrow fade. Rashida Jones is always amusing, but in this character, she is strong and definitely lovable. Through the short lived series, we are reintroduced to a variety of Farrelly brothers' icons from their past projects. The show was filled with hilarious dialogue and even situations that will haunt you and make you crack-up forever and a day. In one episode, Rashida Jones' character finally gets back on the dating scene with a character that looks hauntingly like a young Jason Geddrick. She is collectively thrilled with her date; he has invited her and the main cast to see his live musical performance. Neon lights flourish and the fog machines's an eighties rock and roll show. A blazing guitar riff surges through the concert hall and Craig Bierko's character turns to Rashida Jones' and proclaims, "he can really play!" They are both joyful and awaiting the fog to clear and the singing to commence. As the fog clears, it's the new beau and he's flailing around an air guitar. This is where the viewer of this show will remain laughing for the rest of the episode; that is the magic of the Farrelly brothers. Aside from the entertaining episodes, the show wore a commanding theme song in the opening credits. It was the song Hey, by Gillmore. Anyone that has been following the Farrelly brothers along since their beginning knows that they know how to find the amazing musical artists and songs that stick in your head until their next installment. This show should still be on the air, but it was probably Fox's hastiness and need to try new shows every week that inevitably cancelled 'Unhitched'. We can all relate to the fact that they don't know what they are doing with Family Guy, anymore. Seth McFarland is still at the top of his game and he's not done with the Griffins. Bob's Burgers is coming back in the fall, but let's wait and see that one go down the tubes, too. Whomever is running things down there needs to wake up and smell the aura of the crap that they are putting out, now.

Review posted on Monday, August 15th 2011 at 6:07 am