The Full Fuck You Finger - Recap

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Max explains to his mom that he doesn't even have to come in. He'll hand
her the paperwork, she'll sign off, in a week or two she'll get a nice
big check, and the lawn care company will be history. No, don't worry.
Tara won't be joining him. Tara flips the phone the bird and says "love
you too, Sandy." Max tells his mom that Tara sends her love. He ends the
call, and Max announces that in ten minutes, his mother can turn him
into a complete lunatic.

Tara is planning the baby shower, but nobody is coming. She is having
trouble dealing with losing Kate, who is off to Japan in the morning.

Kate cheats everybody out of saying goodbye by leaving behind a note.
Tara is thoroughly unamused. She deserved to give a goodbye. Marshall
declares that in absentia, they say something nice to Kate. All Tara can
manage is "Come back soon. Don't fall in love."

At the airport, Kate discovers that Japan was hit by a massive earthquake.

Tara and Charmaine talk to a transgender baker. She's so busy with
school, but she's trying to be there for Charmaine (and, according to
Charmaine, failing abysmally). In fact, Charmaine comes down on her so
hard that Alice takes over the meeting.

Sandy won't open the door, she makes Max stay outside. He has to use the
bathroom, and actually forces his way in. She's obviously hoarding. Max
is speechless.

Alice creates gift bags for the shower. Charmaine chats with her about
Tara and Kate. The baby starts kicking, and Charmaine is in a sharing
mood. When the baby finally kicks, Tara comes back, and she's
exasperated because she's going to be late for class.

Kate calls to find out where she can go teach since Osaka got hit. Tara
gets home and is happy to see her. Max asks about class. Twenty people
showed up at study group, hoping to see the crazy lady freak out. Buck
tried to make an appearance, but Tara knocked him back. How were things
with Sandy. He tells her about the house. Kate wraps her call, she's
leaving again tomorrow.

Tara heads for bed. The minute she hits the pillow, Buck takes over. She
finds another Bryce Craine, but this is also the wrong one. She turns
and leaves without another word.

Everybody is saying their goodbyes to Kate when Tara staggers in the
next morning. She hands over a wad of cash; Buck won big at the
reservation. She gives Kate a big hug. She cried yesterday, she's too
tired to cry again today. Max is unamused that Buck didn't say goodbye.
He leaves for his mother's.

Tara wants to study, but Charmaine grabs her.

Marshall helps Max pack up some of Sandy's stuff. She becomes agitated
when Max starts throwing away his dad's rubber duck collection. She
thinks they're important to him. Max says he's never coming back, and
Sandy runs off. Max has Marshall talk to him.

A flight attendant and Kate strike up a conversation in the airport
bathroom. She says she's been around the world three times, and she
still hasn't found her perfect place. Where is Kate headed? Niigata. The
flight attendant says "Oh, dear." Why, what's in Niigata? Hopefully a
swift life lesson, and a bullet train back to Tokyo.

Marshall is in a room at his grandmother's that's full of Christmas
trees, lights, and decorations. She loves Christmas. Everybody is nicer
at Christmas. Marshall apologizes that they don't come visit her more
often. She says Max doesn't like coming here, and she doesn't like to
leave. She thinks Max is angry because she didn't come to her wedding.
Max is listening from the door. Sandy says Max is just like Marshall's
grandfather. The best thing he did was get away from her. When she says
that the Gregson boys just have to have themselves some crazy, Marshall
reminds her that she's talking about his mom. Sandy says we don't get to
choose our parents. She says he has very soft hands, and asks if he's a
gay. She asks how it is, and he says it's like Christmas every day.

Charmaine is very angry that nobody bothered to RSVP.

Max and Marshall chat as they load up the trucks. Marshall found a
Christmas present, unlabeled. Max opens it, it's another rubber duck.
Must be for his dad, since his mom gave him one twice a year, birthday
and Christmas. He'd watch his dad's eyes glaze over before he smiled and
said thanks hon! Max bets he looked at that box and left it sitting
there when he took off. Marshall asks Max if he ever thought about
taking off, and Max doesn't answer.

Kate talks nonstop in the line before she panics and leaves.

Charmaine talks her way through the grocery store about what a horrible
mother she'll be. Tara is hanging by a thread because she hasn't slept
for so long. She finally talks over and through Charmaine and gets her
to calm down. She walks away, and Tara pops and slams a Red Bull,
triggering T's arrival. Charmaine chases her out of the store, and
stands in front of the car. She tries to bring Tara back, but T stays
put. So does Charmaine. T keeps accelerating, but Charmaine won't move.
T drives backwards into another vehicle just as Charmaine's water breaks.