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Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir - Recap

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Dr. Hattarras is looking at a paper with several kinds of handwriting on
it. Tara tells him the woman at administration says he just needs to
sign this paper, and she'll be out of his class. He asks which one of
the alts is left-handed, and she says Buck. She can still take a general
psych class and graduate, so she'd appreciate it if he'd sign. His is
the only class she's transitioned in. He refuses.

Hattarras is enthralled with the alts. He can't stop reading her paper,
with all of them having contributed. He's so taken that he ordered crab
at Olive Garden, despite the fact that he's catastrophically allergic to
it. Why did he do it? Because he can't stop thinking about Tara. He
wants to do a paper on this, on her. Nothing flashy. If they do this,
they'll both get what they want. He'll be back on the map, and she'll
have balance, security, peace. She's apparently not seeing what she's
done here, by dumping the co-op and taking control. She's dumped the tea
in the bay and told the king to eff off. He admits that she's
extraordinary, and gives her a book to read, about a patient that he
helped. She asks again for him to sign the drop form, and he refuses.

Max' boss expects him to kill a perfectly healthy tree in the interest
of moving things along, and not costing any overtime.

Neil changes Cassandra diapers while he assures her that her poos are
kept somewhere safe, since they are all she has to offer the world.

Tara arrives bearing lasagna gifts and finds Katie dressed in her junior
stewardess uniform. She heads out, and Charmaine comes in, arms crossed.
Still defensive about early labor what with T trying to run her over,
etc. She claims it's too soon for Tara's peace offerings.

Katie's new co-trainee says her brother is born again, should Katie need
clean urine. Bunny promptly dismisses several of the trainees and tells
the remainder to grab their stuff and get to work.

Tara joins Max in the yard. He stole the tree and brought it home,
rather than kill it. He asks about the drop form, so Tara tells him
she's being blackmailed. She gets an A if she lets him write the paper.
Max doesn't respond, so she asks how his day was. He says it's just like
the day of every other employee of Orgolawn.

Tara goes to bed to screaming Cassandra, and wakes up the same way.
Alice takes over and tells Charmaine she's there to take the baby out
for a walk. Charmaine tries to remove her, but Alice isn't having it.
She tells Charmaine that she gets the body when she and the baby need
her. Clearly, they need her. Charmaine is adamant. Alice sulks because
they're being deprived, when this is all T's fault. Charmaine doesn't
care who it is, and Neil comes in with the baby. He orders them both to
knock it off.

Alice flips on the vacuum, and the baby promptly shuts up. Neil and
Charmaine had no idea that was an option. Alice waves goodbye and leaves.

The film crew from school (Marshall, Lionel, Noah, Rory) squabble about
entering the film in a high school film festival. They can ditch school.
Marshall and Noah are against it. They agree that if David Lynch is
judging, they need to step up their game. Lionel goes into a snit and
leaves. Rory rode with him so leaves as well. Noah is going to follow,
but Marshall stops him, and they kiss.

Hattarras arrives to see Tara, and finds Max. He fills him in, in case
Max wants to punch him in the head. Max doesn't, but he figures
Hattarras and Tara have nothing to talk about until he signs her drop
card. Hattarras says he will, tell her to stop by tomorrow. Meantime,
give her this. He typed up the transcript from Tara's meeting with the
alts, when she told them she's in charge now. He's included the stuff
she wrote all over her body. Max didn't know about her meltdown.

Max is confused. What does he want with Tara? Hattarras thinks he can
help her. Max didn't think he believed in DID. He doesn't, which means
he can study her from a fresh perspective. He thanks Max for his time
and heads out.

Bunny tells the trainees that passengers are vermin, with a lump of coal
for a soul and they need to be prepared. They role play, and Katie's
partner is horrible.

Marshall and Noah watch their video and agree that it won't work. Alice
joins them, and Marshall asks for food. This makes her happy. Tara joins
her, and Alice thanks her for the time.

Max tells Tara that Hattarras came by, and that's how he got the papers.
She fumes, but is totally engrossed in the papers, and what they mean.
She's never had a system like this in place before. Max says Hattarras
thinks he can help. Tara disagrees, but he thinks it's worth a shot.
Obviously, she needs help. What could it hurt to accept? Tara is
apprehensive because what if he can't help. What if she's beyond help.

Kate's entire class fights to get a duffel bag into the overhead. When
Bunny gets to her, Kate smiles sweetly and tells her the bag is over
size, and they'll put it in the belly of the plane. She's the only one
to pass.

Neil calls Tara, he can't take it anymore. He tells Charmaine he's on
the phone with his mom. Tara runs through the usual reasons for
screaming baby, and Neil informs her that they're desperate, not stupid.
Charmaine takes the phone away and runs her mouth so long, Tara couldn't
say anything anyway. She half-smiles to hear her sister's voice, though.

When Neil regains control of his phone, Tara tells him that Cassandra
sounds colicky to her. She has Neil take them outside, and have
Charmaine sit down, holding the baby laying on her lap. She wants her
face-down, though. Neil tells her to flip her like a pancake, and
Charmaine's had enough. She starts to head back in, and Tara calls from
next door, asking her to trust her. Charmaine doesn't go in, and Tara
talks her through calming the baby, successfully. They both thank her,
and she heads back in the house.

Lionel arrives and sees Marshall and Noah. He realizes that even though
they are nowhere near being intimate, there's something going on.
Marshall says no, but Noah says yes. He thanks him for his honesty, and
leaves. He'll finish the movie on his own. He takes the camera. Marshall
yells at Noah, what the hell was that! Noah responds that he doesn't
lie. It's kind of a rule. Therefore, Marshall needs to know that he
doesn't like jazz. Marshall doesn't care, because he does.

Noah runs an idea past Marshall. He'd like to make a movie about how
complicated it is living with Tara.

Tara arrives and lays down boundaries and rules for Hattarras. No more
stopping by her house. No charity, no free grades. She wants to stay in
the class, and take a make-up exam. Three; be less of an asshole. She
doesn't have a four, but she reserves the right to make one. She just
needs one last good reason why she should do this. He tells her he got
an ex-patient's life back. He's assisted more severe cases than hers,
and he is very, very good at what he does.

Tara takes a chair and asks how they'll do this. He wants something
regimented, with a set end date. He'll write a paper that will be
enjoyed by nobody for generations to come. She asks what he'd write,
since he doesn't even believe in DID. He tells her to dazzle him. She
tells him eff you. He asks if anything's changed since she and the alts
wrote the treatise. She tells him about Alice giving back the body, in
the kitchen, without any hassle. He notes that's what she promised, in
the document.

Marshall approaches Lionel. He says he's submitting the movie, putting
Marshall's name in the credits as co-writer and producer. Marshall tells
him not to bother. Lionel asks how far they've gone. He gets graphic,
but Marshall simply says "We kissed." He gives Lionel the money for the
camera. $180. He'll have the rest next week. Lionel can check one out
from the teacher. Lionel gives him the camera and says he liked
Marshall, who replies the same.

Kate's on an actual test flight as a trainee on a flight. There is major
turbulence, and she inadvertently screams. Bunny welcomes her aboard.

Charmaine brings the baby over to Tara, in the back yard. She says the
lasagna was good. Cassie's never seen the inside of Tara's house,
Charmaine says. Does she want to show it to her? Tara starts tearing up,
and Charmaine hands the baby over. She and Tara smile broadly at each other.