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The Road to Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions - Recap

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A bird is enough to turn Tara into Buck. She gets up and shoots it, then
fills Dr. Hattarras in on what happened. She's confused. Buck usually
listens to her. The contract works. So what happened? She is grateful
that after he killed the bird, she wanted Buck to leave, and he left.
She says T is even in AA. He wonders why she hasn't mentioned Max at
all. Do they ever talk about transitioning? No, they have sex. But she's
fine. And she's never fine. So for her, fine is amazing. He asks if
that's the best she can want or expect. "Fine."

Kate says she has a tiny bottle of booze left for any passenger who can
do her a tiny favor in Tulsa. A gentleman raises his hand. As she heads
for him, another guy intercepts her. The other guy isn't anybody Kate
can depend on. He's that guy. Evan. She gives him the job.

Neil meets Beverly at a diner. He wants his little girl to meet her
Nana. He hands her the check.

Max and Tara have ribs for dinner. He tells her to slow down, and she
tells him she loves ribs. Let her love the things she loves. She
remembers when they met, he was in a band. Marshall makes movies, and
Kate's going around the world. Max hears it as her saying that he
doesn't get to do anything fun anymore, because they're old. He points
out that when they had sex on the table the other night, he knew it was
T. He really just wants Tara. He'll wait for Tara. He doesn't want the
minor leaguers. It has to be her.

Marshall and Noah talk about the film they're going to make. Noah's
looking around for more props, and finds some old VHS tapes. Marshall
doesn't want to look.

Tara tries to calm down Cassandra. She needs a bottle. Charmaine is sad,
because her baby isn't getting any milk from her. The girls hear
Beverly's voice, and Tara promptly flips to T with a "You lookin old,
BITCH" on her way out the door. She flips back while she's eating
crackers in her own kitchen.

She tells Hattarras that Beverly repels her, and T knows that. She saved
her from getting suckered into all that her horrible mother represents.
He's putting out rat traps as they chat. He doesn't know where she's
coming from, since he alleges he has a great relationship with his
mother. He asks why she doesn't face off with Beverly. She's strong. She
picks up on the sarcasm and says he doesn't have a very high opinion of
her. She shouldn't take it personally. She's a person. He doesn't have a
very high opinion of people.

Charmaine is angry at Neil about bringing Beverly onboard. He says he
did it for the money. She tells him to get a job. He return volleys.
Neither of them want a job, so Beverly it is. She returns from washing
her hands. Once she gets some baby face time, they'll go to Macys.

Evan joins Kate in the stewardess area on another flight, dropping off
the figurine she wanted. She's collecting pez dispensers so it will look
as though she actually something other than the inside of a plane. She
flirts, and he's friendly but not overly so.

Charmaine says both Beverly and the baby are asleep. Mom won't shut up
about how Tara 'shunned her' or whatever. Tara doesn't want to see her.
Charmaine envies women who don't have moms. "What are those called?"
"Orphans." "Oh yeah." Beverly lets herself in. Tara flipped to Alice.
Beverly doesn't believe it. Alice shreds her.

Tara fills Hattarras in. "This baby will always be protected from you."
It made Tara feel great. He says she doesn't get to, because she didn't
do anything. Tara tells him he can't have it both ways. He can't say the
alts don't exist, but not let Tara take credit for what they do. He
points out that his ex-wife used to make him apologize when he did mean
things to her in her dreams. Tara laughs. He gets serious. If she
doesn't care about her mom, fine; whatever. She should confront her
because it's a hard thing to do.

Marshall and Noah watch a video with Max playing guitar. Tara joins him,
followed by Neil. Noah says "Who's your dad's hot friend?"

Neil and Charmaine take the baby and Beverly to an upscale store that
will hopefully help with lactation. She's rude and dismissive, but they
take it because of the money on the line. Charmaine confronts her. Their
dad is in a very expensive home, and she doesn't have any money. She
just played them to see the baby.

Noah and Marshall talk to Max about the movie concept. "Their perfect
life" before Tara got sick. Marshall tries to make excuses for Max, but
he tells his son he loved Tara. He always loved her. He couldn't leave.

Kate talks to Tara about Evan. She can't figure out why he's not
interested. Or why she is, for that matter. He makes her laugh, that's a
good point. Marshall comes through with his camera, and asks how she and
Max met. She took the bull by the horns, since he didn't ask her. Kate
may take a page from her book.

Neil accepts the job with his brother. He'll be gone two months, tops.
He suggests marriage, again and Charmaine sidesteps it. Again.

Tara talks to Hattarras about her mother. She really needs to confront
her. Tara does, not an alt. He likens it to a young male patient of his
who thought he was a kite. Tara doesn't think she's a kite though. Well,
but she's not seven people, either. She becomes frustrated with his
nonacceptance. He believes that all her people are just facets of Tara,
not independent beings in the same body. She says it's easy now, because
of the contract. He says that she needs to do the hard thing then. She's
in control. She's the only one who has ever been in control.

Buck takes Tara to her mother's bedside. Beverly apologizes. She's
trying to change. If anybody can understand that, it's Tara. Beverly is
alone now. But she's trying. Tara offers her a deal. If Beverly has
something to say, she will listen. As Tara. She will stay Tara.

Kate says goodbye to everybody, including Evan. She asks him if there
are any good places to eat in Tulsa, and they could have dinner. He
can't. Not tonight, not anytime.

Max picks Tara up outside school. They cuddle at a bonfire, while Max
comes to a realization. It's not a monster movie, it's not a
dysfunctional family. It's a love story. Noah and Max kiss at the same
time as his parents do.

Hattarras types up his notes. One of the alts speaks on the tape. "You
will not win." He smiles and plays it again.