Series 2

4 :02x01 - A Faraway Country About Which We Know Nothing

The time is September 1938 and Sir Hallam is anxious about affairs in Germany and decides to persuade those in power that Hitler can’t be contained. Rose is ill with TB and the staff welcome new maid Beryl, who catches Harry’s eye. Lady Agnes is frail after giving birth to their second child, but returns home to support her husband. Dr Blanche Mottershead, Hallam’s aunt, comes to stay following the death of his mother.
Director: Marc Jobst

5 :02x02 - The Love that Pays the Price

After learning that she won't be able to have anymore children, Lady Agnes attempts to distract herself by throwing a dinner party for the Kennedy family. She ends up catching the eye of multimillionaire Caspar Landry, a guest at the party, who is won over by her kindness straight away. Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes are happy after he is offered a job in America but their joy is cut short after the shocking horrors of Kristallnacht hit the household. Hallam is dermined to help the Jewish children in Germany and works with Mr Amanjit to start a rescue effort/ Lady Agnes also pleads with Hallam to help her sister return safely to London after receiving a c all from her. She also manages to persuade Caspar donate to the cause of the Jewish children. Mrs Thackeray is happy after her nephew contacts her but after she and Mr Pritchard continue to clash, she quits her job.
Director: Marc Jobst

6 :02x03 - A Perfect Specimen of Womanhood

After a scandalous novel is published by Lady Portia Alersford, Blanche’s lifestyle ends up being exposed. Blanche attempts to remain defiant amidst the controversy as Portia offers her refuge from the storm. Beryl is not happy that her household duties are swapped with Eunice’s. Sir Hallam is getting ready for another round of negotiations in Germany whilst Lady Persie ends up dropping a bombshell of her own, swearing Sir Hallam to secrecy.
Guest Stars: Emilia Fox as Lady Portia Alresford
Director: Anthony Byrne

7 :02x04 - All the Things You Are

Harry signs up it take part in a local boxing championships in an effort to impress Beryl. After he is told he is too old to take part he recruits Johnny to keep his dream of winning Beryl over alive. After Johnny receives his call up letter though, he decides that he needs want to prepare Johnny for war by teaching him the skills he needs to survive. The distance between Lady Agnes and Sir Hallam increases and Agnes finds herself drawn to Caspar. Sir Hallam, finds himself being distracted by the impending war and his growing desire for another woman. Mr Amanjit’s friendship with Mrs Fuller ends up falling foul to racial discrimination and he is forced to question, not only their relationship, but also his position inside the household.
Director: Brendan Maher

8 :02x05 - The Last Waltz

After Mr Pritchard gets an invitation to act as Servants’ Representative for an uo coming Servants’ Ball, he meets fellow representative Miss Whisset and a courtship ends up following. The Holland’s marriage problems deepen and Lady Agnes decides to take some time away from forom the house. Sir Hallam finds himself thrown into turmoil with Agnes away and he becomes increasingly reckless. After he is confronted with the reality of his behaviour he starts to question whether his actions have had more sinister consequences.
Guest Stars: Sarah Lancashire as Miss Whisset
Director: Brendan Maher

9 :02x06 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

After Lady Agnes returns home, she is determined to fix the rift in her marriage. Sir Hallam also wants to sort things out and does everything that he can to rectify his personal and professional mistakes. A surprising revelation though leaves the pair reeling and some turn of events change165 Eaton Place forever. As war approaches, Harry and Beryl face a race against time to get their affairs sorted out. Mr Pritchard leaves 165 Eaton Place in shame and Johnny is left to run the household.
Guest Stars: Ken Bones as Lord Halifax | Steven Elder as Hadleigh | Sarah Gordy as Pamela Holland | Peter Stark as Friedrich Erlichman | David Phelan as Registrar | James Staddon as Armed Forces Doctor
Director: Anthony Byrne
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Family | History | Lifestyle
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: December 26, 2010
Ended: March 25, 2012
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