Welcome to the War - Recap

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Jack Landry is rushed to the V healing center after being stabbed. Erica keeps attempting to contact her son Tyler, by mobile phone, but with no success. Erica is attacked in her home by a man. Her gun is damaged although she manages to fight back with a kitchen knife. The man’s wound reveals that he’s a V. Erica kills the V.

Valerie complains about having to eat large amounts due to her pregnancy. Ryan says that it is not a normal pregnancy. He refers to her heart condition when prompted for more information. Valerie says she feels the baby move and Ryan comforts her saying that everything is going to be fine. Erica calls Ryan regarding her attack.

Ryan arrives at Erica’s house. Ryan identifies the dead V as a guard from the V warehouse. Ryan states that no-one else knows they were involved in the warehouse attack; as the guard would’ve been the only one to know. Erica prepares to leave to save her son and Ryan tries to dissuade her.

Tyler appears to be being held in a chamber. Anna says to keep him there until they find what they need despite his mother calling his mobile phone. Anna says that he can only have one family.

Erica approaches Marcus requesting her son in a building near the alien ship. Marcus allows her to talk to Tyler. He says that he is ok and doesn’t want to go home. It is revealed that he is a hologram. Marcus assures Erica that Tyler is fine despite her not seeing him.

The destruction of the warehouse with the flu vaccine is announced on the news by Chad Decker. Meanwhile Anna and Marcus discuss their investigation into it and the fifth column. Anna says that she will create an army to combat the fifth column.

While Jack is being healed in the V center he is given R6. Ryan begins investing into R6. Ryan gives the R6 sample to a V doctor he knows to see what they can discover. Ryan also discusses his girlfriend’s pregnancy. He is told that it’s the first the doctor has ever heard of it. Ryan is told that if Anna ever found out about it then Ryan and his family would never be safe.

Chad Decker attempts to investigate whether he will develop his fatal condition although human doctors say he is fine. He is left with the choice to either trust human or V medical technology.

Erica goes back to work trying to keep close to the warehouse investigation. Marcus appears at her workplace claiming to have a device that can reconstruct the warehouse explosion. The reconstruction obtains a fingerprint from the explosives, although it isn’t hers or any of her associates. The device says the fingerprint belongs to a man named Kyle Hobbes. Kyle Hobbes is revealed to be a wanted man by many agencies.

Erica suggests to Ryan that they should recruit Kyle Hobbes for the resistance despite his criminal reputation.
Anna speaks with Chad Decker attempting to gain his trust. Anna asks him to report on the healing centers and sign up for their treatment. He asks what if he doesn’t and she says “I can only imagine how scary it must be living in fear of sudden death”.

Georgie Sutton finds Jack Landry and they prepare to leave the V healing center together. Erica and Ryan find Hobbes and attempt to recruit him at gunpoint. Erica calls for FBI reinforcements leaving Hobbes with only the choices of going with them or staying and being arrested. The FBI arrives but Hobbes is already gone.

Tyler continues to lay in a chamber in the V’s custody. They appear to be looking through his memories for some information. When Tyler exits the chamber they say it is called a “memory chamber” and Tyler refers to it as amazing. Lisa says it allows him to re-live his memories in vivid detail. Anna tells Tyler to go home and tell his mother that it is ok to let him go.

Erica and Ryan are reunited with Jack Landry and Georgie. The group begins speaking with Hobbes who asks for money in exchange for his services. Ryan convinces him to stay by showing him his reptilian eye.

Jack speaks with Erica saying how he thinks something has changed inside him after receiving the R6. Erica begins questioning her own decisions after forming an alliance with Hobbes.

Ryan speaks with the doctor who he gave the R6 to. She says that it enables the V’s to tag humans.

Chad Decker reports on the V healing centers saying that he will take their cure. The healing centers are shown positively.

Anna is presented with a selection of their finest soldiers. They are told that the army will begin with one of them. Anna selects one from the group.

Tyler returns to Erica. He apologizes and then shows her the V costume. Erica appears stunned although does not say anything due to the camera on the jacket.

Valerie continues to eat extensively. Valerie picks up a dead mouse from a mouse trap and has to stop herself from eating it by discarding it.

Anna mates with her chosen soldier. She then says “my army is to be born”. She says her eggs need nourishment before revealing a large set of teeth and turning on the soldier.