Pound of Flesh - Recap

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On a V ship in Sydney, Australia; a group of individuals are mesmerised by Anna's bliss. One person is unaffected and tries to awaken the others before destroying himself and the others. Marcus reports the incident and several others to Anna highlighting the increase in the fifth column's activity.

Erica continues to pretend to approve of the V's to Tyler, due to the camera on his uniform. On the television at the Evans household, Chad Decker prepares to introduce Marcus who has an announcement to make.

Marcus introduces something called the "live aboard program", whereby humans are invited to live on the V ships. He says people can apply for the program through the healing centres.

Erica speaks with Ryan about her son, although he is unable to offer advice to keep Tyler away from the V's. Ryan and Erica meet with the other resistance group members. Kyle questions the strength of the resistance after seeing their small numbers. Kyle is informed that the fifth column is far larger but separated. Kyle proposes unifying the fifth column, by embedding a message in an announcement that is to be made by Anna that day. Kyle suggests that Ryan would be an ideal candidate to sneak aboard the ship given his V status. Ryan declines saying that it is a suicide mission.

Valerie receives an ultrasound from Ryan's friend (Dr. Leah Pearlman). She suggests he tells her the truth about her baby. She hides her real ultrasound from her, showing her a normal one. She comments on the accelerated growth in the ultrasound. Dr. Pearlman tells Ryan that Valerie doesn't have enough phosphorus to supply the baby adequately. She says the only place she knows where he can obtain the phosphorus, in the form he needs, is aboard a V ship. Dr. Pearlman states that Valerie will not survive the pregnancy without it.

Hobbes enters the FBI building where Erica works with a fake identification. He suggests a new plan. He suggests that he boards the V ship in place of Ryan to embed a message.

The small resistance group gather. Ryan says that Hobbes will not be able to board a V ship as easily as he infiltrated the FBI. Ryan reconsiders his previous decision saying that he will board the ship to embed the desired message.

Anna establishes a way to test V's emotional reactions. She says that everyone must take the test using her results as a baseline. Anna says that anyone who has too strong emotional reactions is likely to be a member of the fifth column.

Ryan and the group work together to obtain forged identification, fingerprints and other necessary tools to enable him to sneak aboard the ship. Ryan plans to use his old V uniform. Ryan says to Georgie that if he doesn't make it back then, he is to tell Valerie the truth about him.

Erica discusses with Georgie ways to stop her son becoming more involved with the V's and more specifically their new program. She proposes taking him to see someone he loves more than the V's. Meanwhile Hobbes speaks with a contact who seems to have obtained information on the group he's found himself working with.

Erica takes Tyler to see his father and they are happy to see each other. Tyler's father questions Erica's motives.

Ryan arrives on the V ship and manages to pass successfully through their identification checks. The V tests continue and many false readings are revealed. Joshua suggests that the test may be slightly inaccurate. Despite this, Anna prompts to continue the tests.

Tyler and his father talk while cooking some food. Tyler apologises for splitting up Erica and his father. His father ensures him that it wasn't his fault.

Ryan travels about the ship cautiously. He enters a room and approaches a pillar. He inputs a code and takes a tube filled with a substance (most likely phosphorus for his wife). A V approaches him and questions his purpose there, he asks Ryan to come with him. Ryan encounters Joshua where he is prepared for the test that measures his emotional responsiveness.

Jack Landry approaches Chad Decker and warns him of the V's. He asks Chad to ensure that the V's and their healing centres are safe before endorsing them. Jack hands over his card to Chad Decker.

Erica speaks with Tyler's father. She asks him to keep Tyler for a period of time blaming her busy work schedule. He realises that she isn't telling him everything although says he will keep Tyler anyway.

Georgie stops by to visit Valerie saying he is a friend of Ryan's. He asks if she's heard from him all day as Ryan becomes further behind schedule. Georgie see's a book on the table which leads him to realise that she is pregnant. Georgie swiftly leaves the premises.

Chad Decker comes to visit Jack Landry where he further raises his caution towards the V's. Jack tells Chad that if he wants the truth he would need to find it himself as he has access to the healing centres and ships.

Georgie calls Erica and says that he's thinking of going up to the ship to find Ryan. She tells him to stay put. It is revealed that Georgie is already on a vehicle heading towards the ship as he puts down the phone. Tyler announces to Erica that he has decided to take up the offer to stay with his father.

Ryan fails the test and is accused of being a member of the fifth column by Joshua. Joshua then extends his hand saying "it's good to meet you". Joshua reveals that he and his associate are both members of the fifth column. Joshua says that he will embed the message and that Ryan should leave the ship. Joshua tells Ryan to find a communications device used by John May to communicate with him in future.

Erica speaks with Jack Landry. They become worried about Georgie's whereabouts. They ask Hobbes where Georgie is. Hobbes says he went up to the ship to find Ryan. Erica becomes annoyed at Hobbes for not stopping him. Hobbes justifies sending Georgie by saying that he is not as valuable as Ryan to the group.

Anna begins her announcement from the V ships discussing the "live aboard program". Joshua tries to embed the message having to bypass several security protocols. The words "John May Lives" appear on the display for a short period, indicating that the message was imbedded successfully.

As Ryan leaves the ship a V attempts to stop him only to be distracted by Georgie. Georgie stabs the V with a knife shouting "long live the fifth column". Georgie is grabbed and captured as Ryan leaves the ship.

Marcus discusses the embedded message with Anna. He suggests that Georgie is the main culprit although states that he probably had help. Anna appears satisfied by the message believing that it will flush the fifth column out of hiding.

Ryan returns home and Valerie mentions Georgie visiting. Ryan makes Valerie a cup of tea, adding the phosphorus to it.

The group promise to try and get Georgie back in the short window of time they have. Ryan appears particularly angry at Hobbes' actions.

Lisa arrives where Tyler is staying. She knocks on the door saying "I missed you".

Ryan sleeps next to Valerie. The baby shows movement in the form of a lump and a tail-like shape.

Georgie is strapped to a hard surface with an array of sharp instruments on a tray next to it. An incision is made on Georgie's body and he screams...