John May - Recap

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A young John May is presented in his home. His son, James, walks down the stairs and tells him that he thinks he saw a UFO. John May tells him that there is no such thing as a UFO. John May leaves the house with a gun and a UFO materialises above him. He is attacked by Ryan who appears on be on Anna's side at that time. John May wins, trapping Ryan in a trap. They talk about their differences, John May calls Anna's bliss a sickness and Ryan disrespects human emotion. John May leaves Ryan alive saying "one day you'll understand".

Ryan reveals to the small resistance group that he knew John May before he disappeared. The group aim to save Georgie using the communications device that Joshua referred to previously. The group seek out to find the device, hoping that John Mays step-son will be able to lead them to it.

Anna appears unwell due to her pregnancy. She speaks with Marcus, who says he has been so far unsuccessful in obtaining information from Georgie. Anna suggests harsher treatment. Anna says that she will address the people of Earth directly to ensure that the live-aboard program goes ahead successfully. She then says "I want those bodies on this ship".

At Tyler's fathers place, Lisa meets Tyler's father saying she came there to support him. They both seem surprised at her presence. Tyler speaks with his father privately saying how he really likes Lisa.

Chad Decker interviews Anna regarding the "John May Lives" message. Anna assures him that it was just a technical error. Anna begins promoting the live aboard program. Marcus continues the torture of Georgie asking for names of his co-conspirators. Georgie gives them no useful information.

Marcus speaks to sleeper agents within key positions. He speaks about a distress beacon which they have for if they notice any suspicious activity regarding the fifth column. The torture of Georgie continues and he says that he will give them the names they want.

The resistance group arrive at John Mays place in search of the communications device. Erica speaks with Joe(Tyler's father) over the phone briefly, as he expresses his disapproval of the arrival of Lisa. He mentions that he is not Tyler's real father and Lisa overhears him. Erica tells Jack Landry that the tests were inaccurate and Joe was Tyler's real father. Although Joe did not believe her and their relationship ended due to it.

Valerie experiences movement from the baby. She phones Ryan asking if he knows where Dr. Pearlman's card was, although he does not answer the phone. While searching she discovers a secret compartment with a safe, hidden by Ryan.

Erica and the others meet James May(John May's step-son). They come in to talk to him. He is with a mildly suspicious woman. Ryan asks to speak with him in private.

Back in the past, Ryan visits John May. A still very young James lets him in for dinner. Ryan still on Anna's side at this time, acts slightly confrontational. Ryan says how he has invited "friends" to a reunion with John May. John May asks if they can meet away from his family and Ryan agrees.

Ryan speaks with James about his step-dad and the resistance. Although James seems uninterested in their cause. Ryan says that he needs a communications device that John May had and James mentions a storage unit. James becomes angry as Ryan says that John May's suicide note was fake, Ryan expresses that John May was trying to protect him. Meanwhile a conflict breaks out between Hobbes, Erica and the woman in James' house who is discovered to be a V. They collectively overpower and kill her. The group, including James, head towards the storage unit. One of the previously mentioned distress beacons is shown and it was clearly activated before the woman died.

Georgie is shown in the same torture room. It is revealed that the names he gave them were unhelpful. Anna suggests further torture.

The group search through John May's storage unit. Ryan finds the communications device. Hobbes and Ryan have a mild argument and they are interrupted by a flying seeker which Erica destroys. They discover a tracking device in James' watch and destroy it. The group quickly leave the warehouse.

Anna and Marcus prepare to use emotional trauma to torture Georgie. They show him the memories of the V that killed his family repeatedly to try to get him to speak.

Lisa tells Tyler that Joe is not his father and there is a conflict Joe and Tyler because of it. Joe reveals that, this was why he left Erica. Tyler and Lisa leave the place together.

Chad Decker watches over his interviews with participants in the live aboard program. Ryan speaks with Joshua through the communications device and asks Joshua to find Georgie.

Ryan and James talk more about John May, he credits John May as a good man. Ryan reveals that he forced John May to leave and then killed him. Ryan says that he regrets it but he cannot change it now, praising John May for the way he lives his life now. Valerie gets someone to open the hidden safe saying that she forgot the combination.

Chad Decker confronts Anna about similarities in all those within the live aboard program interviews. Chad Decker says he thinks it adds up to something and asks that they continue to help each other in exchange for him not investigating further. Chad Decker says he will keep digging into the story unless Anna gives him a bigger one. Anna says "I think that we will be helping each other for some time to come".

Joshua communicates with Ryan and the others saying that he has found Georgie and that he hasn't broken yet. Joshua says that he may be able to get Georgie out in a few days. Ryan speaks to Georgie through the communication device. Georgie asks if they're safe and tells them not to come save him. Georgie says that he doesn't have a few days. Georgie then asks to speak to Jack. Georgie says that he is ready to see his family. Jack Landry says "God bless you" and Joshua kills Georgie with a syringe. The group drink to Georgie and their accomplishment of embedding the message.

In the past, Ryan attends John May's funeral. He sees Valerie there and it appears to be their first meeting.

Ryan leaves Valerie a message with his phone confessing that he isn't who she thinks he is while heading home. Meanwhile Valerie looks through several passports and photos of her ultrasound obtained from the safe.

Erica arrives home to see Tyler. He says he knows about Joe not being his father. Erica says that the tests are wrong and Joe is his father. They both cry and Tyler leaves.

Ryan comes home to find Valerie missing and the safe opened. The photos of her ultrasound are also found to be missing.

Anna looks over news reports talking about John May. Marcus enters and tells Anna that Georgie died from the emotional trauma. Anna says "let them have this one victory, because I'm about to deliver them". Anna is shown in a pool like area releasing many small eggs...