Red Rain - Recap

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Bodies are scattered everywhere, and one of them is Erica. She comes to,
and murmurs Ty's name. The city is full of stopped vehicles and
wreckage, eerily silent. She continues calling out for Tyler, to no
avail. She finds him on a bench, and cradles him as he asks what this
is, what she did to them. His face is melting. She looks up and sees
Anna, who says "You killed my children, so I killed yours."

She awakens at work and grabs her gun and badge. Her superior asks why
she's still there; didn't he send her home, tell her to get some sleep.
She can't. It's been four days since Red Sky.

On the ship, Marcus and Anna discuss Red Sky. He's concerned that they
will figure things out, given enough time. She counters that even if
they figure out its composition, they'll never be able to determine it's
true purpose. Marcus disagrees. There is a Dr. Ellis Watts who is
getting dangerously close to the truth. Anna orders that he be
eliminated. Before she can leave, Marcus tells her that the Captains of
the 29 ships were caught off-guard by the unleashing of red sky. They
fear she is losing control, and will not be able to rule effectively.
Anna asks if he agrees with them, and Marcus says no. They are en route
to see her in person. She then gets news that there's a situation with
the prisoner.

Ryan finds cylinders, one of which contains his baby. He promises to get
her out. Anna arrives and sends Ryan to earth, never to return. However,
she keeps his daughter.

On the news report, Chad Decker covers the two months that have elapsed
since Anna and the Visitors arrived. The bottom line is that somebody
has to stand up to Anna. Erica tells her boss she's going home, but then
mutters as she walks away that she'll get to Anna on her own.

Anna is hoping Ryan will join the 5th column, then she can use his
daughter against him.

5th column members are discussing getting on the ship when Ryan arrives.
He tells them his story. Erica hugs him when he says Val is dead. Hobbes
is skeptical. They're interrupted by a call from Erica's son, Ryan.
There's a riot at the Peace Ambassador Center. She heads out.

Anna proves that she hasn't softened or been infected by human emotion.
She kills one of the 29 captains to do so.

Erica fights her way through to Tyler. He takes a punch, and she asks a
V to contact Anna so they can get him immediate medical attention. He
gets authorization for Tyler only, but Erica refuses. A storm breaks
out, and it starts raining what looks like blood. The V tells them they
have to go now, and they follow him onto the shuttle.

A young lady at church asks Father Landry for reassurance, and he gives
it. Chad shows up at the church. The sky is bleeding, and he came to
pray. Jack tells him he's not welcome there. Not after what he did. Chad
says he wants redemption. He's beating himself up because he sent people
"up there", and now they're being tortured. They believed, because Anna
healed his aneurysm. But Anna gave him that aneurysm. People trusted
him, and he used that trust. Jack says only God can grant forgiveness to
Chad. As for trust, he'll have to earn it.

Erica hands Tyler off for treatment and asks Lisa what's going on. Lisa
tells her that the only one that might know what's going on besides Anna
is Marcus. She'll see what she can find out. She starts doing some
digging, and finds a picture of a doctor which startles her.

Anna joins Tyler and Erica. As long as she's there, Erica starts prying
about red sky. Anna tries to leave, but Erica stops her. She doesn't
know how she can do her job, protecting Anna, if she doesn't know what
she's up to. Anna agrees to show her what red sky is, right now.

Anna stops the rain and addresses the people on earth. She tells them
not to be frightened, she's aware of their concerns. It's meant for
healing, but it was misunderstood. It's a gift of a new beginning. It
will heal all that is wrong with planet Earth. She says the Visitors
will not betray them. They are of peace. Always.

She hopes Erica's concerns have been addressed, and Erica says yes, they
have. She's ready to leave but Tyler wants to spend some time with Lisa,
so she lets him stay behind. As Lisa hugs her, she whispers the name of
Dr. Ellis Watts for Erica to investigate. Anna takes Lisa aside and
instructs her to perform all her duties to Tyler. They haven't seen each
other for four days. He should know how happy she is to see him.

Erica reunites with Ryan and Hobbes. They agree that Anna put on quite a
show, it must be big. She and Ryan are going in to see Dr. Watts, see
if he has any answers for them. His associate, Dr. Miller, informs them
that the doctor's gone golfing. They see a tracker. If he reports back
to Anna, it's over. They give chase, and catch him. Ryan starts
pulverizing him before Hobbes stops him, and they destroy him. Dr.
Miller sees what happens and says he doesn't believe the tracker was
after Dr. Watts. He thinks it was after him.

They follow him inside and he shows them results from a dig site he was
at. He found V bones, from over 50 years ago, tail and all. Ryan says
it's "one of us". He explains to Miller about how the V's use human
skin. Hobbes asks if anybody knows about Alpha (the V bones), or the lab
and he says no. It's his private lab. Erica wants Miller on-board, but
he says he's no soldier. That's not what they're looking for. They need
brains, his knowledge of the Visitors from his studies of Alpha.

Chad finds something on a laptop and tells Jack he needs to share it
with the people he's working with. It's people sharing their story of
what happened when they were on board. He knows how to stop it. He's
going to broadcast this video.

Lisa and Tyler are alone together. They really missed each other. As
they begin making love, Anna watches a video. She tells Marcus Lisa is
performing well. He thinks Anna needs to see that some of the soldier
eggs which survived are now dying. She doesn't think it matters. The
impact of red sky will endure.

Miller jokes that he's saddened to hear Anna's a lizard, since she is so
hot. The team finds out that Watts isn't who they were looking for. They
just thought so because Miller used Watts' computer to identify a
compound from Alpha which was also found in red sky. Erica asks to see
everything he has on the red sky compound. Ryan says it's a form of
phosphorous only found on their home planet. They need it to reproduce,
it forms a protective shell around the eggs. The Visitors are changing
the planet with this compound. They're changing humans. Miller asks why
the Visitors would want elevated levels of phosphorous inside us. Erica
knows. It's for breeding.

When she was pregnant with Tyler, she had preeclampsia. When the doctor
ran tests, she found abnormally high amounts of phosphorous in Erica's
blood. Since the Visitors were here much longer than they'd realized,
maybe they experimented with her when she was pregnant. Miller says he
could run some blood tests on her and her son, and she cuts her hand,
saying "do it."

Anna tells Lisa she's doing a fine job with Tyler. It's very important
no one interferes with their plans. There are traitors among them. The
medical technicians have revived Joshua. The traitor will finally be
able to talk.

The 5th Column is watching Chad Decker's video. Jack shares that Chad
wants to bust Anna, but Erica says the best thing he can do is preserve
his access to Anna. He is closer to her than anyone else. Jack doesn't
see that happening, since he's terrified of her. Erica wonders what will
happen if it backfires. Ryan will do whatever he has to, to find his
daughter and bring her back. Erica says he can count on them. Jack
knows that at some point, Ryan will have to choose between them and his
daughter. Who would Erica choose, if Anna had Tyler?

Lisa arrives at Joshua's bedside, happy to see him alive. He tells her
her behavior is unbefitting a future queen. His mind has been wiped
clean, he remembers nothing about the recent past.

Jack tells Chad not to broadcast the report. Chad wants to know how he
can help take Anna down. Jack tells him to keep their relationship, but
Chad doesn't see how. Not knowing what he knows. Jack recruits him as a
member of the 5th Column.

Anna visits the surviving soldiers. Marcus arrives and informs her six
remain. They'll live, but they will be flawed. She blames them for her
outburst of emotion, and kills them all. She takes an elevator to a
stone room and approaches a woman in red, saying "Hello, mother."