Serpent's Tooth - Recap

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Anna's mother starts out hissing at her about keeping her dirty little
secret. Anna has human emotions. Anna assures her mother that their
scientists are doing everything they can to eradicate human emotion.
Diana has been in human form for 15 years. Anna tells her that Lisa will
be able to lay eggs soon.

Lisa arrives at Erica's and fills her in on Joshua's memory being wiped.
She can't tell if he's feigning. Erica tells her to dig some more, if he
remembers anything about 5th Column. She also asks Lisa to find out if
he knows of any experimentation on pregnant women, as far back as 18-20
years ago. Lisa realizes that's when Erica was pregnant with Tyler. He
walks in right then, and Lisa greets him fondly. He had cut himself
shaving, and Erica grabs the tissue from his neck. After they leave, she
drops it in a baggie to bring in for testing to Sam.

Ryan attends Valerie's funeral. Her parents blame him for the loss of
their daughter. He apologizes for their loss. As he walks away, a man
approaches him and gives him a card he can use to see his daughter.

Chad recaps Anna's promise that Red Rain is a good thing. Marcus
introduces Chad to Eileen. She will be the first woman to give birth
using V technology. Once he speaks with her alone, he gently leads her
to understand this might not be in the best interest of her child.

Father Jack is working the confessional, talking to a gentleman who
wants to fight back. He wants to be sure that this is the right thing to
do. The man starts a 2:00 hour countdown on his laptop. Jack assures him
it's time to fight, and the man tells him this news gives him great
peace. He arrives at the V Peace Ambassador Center with explosives
strapped to his body, and hits the detonator.

He wasn't the only one. Six Peace Centers were hit, worldwide. The FBI
agents tell Erica that the 5th Column is taking credit. She says it
doesn't make any sense. Too many people are getting hurt. 5th Column is
anti-V, not anti-human. Another countdown begins.

Agent Malik takes something from the evidence bin and gives it to
Marcus, who thanks her. He brings it to Anna for printing. He finds this
escalation very troubling. She says there have been 29 bombings, this is
an international spectacle. She says Ryan Nichols is just the weapon to
fight them. Marcus doesn't trust him. He turned on them once, she has no
way of knowing that he won't do it again. Anna says she'll use his
feelings for his daughter against him.

They put skin on the baby to prey on Ryan's loss. He'll see her, and
think of Valerie. Marcus notes that the baby is hungry, so Anna consumes
a rat and regurgitates it to the baby, who is immediately calmed. She's
going to use her bond with the baby to control Ryan.

She contacts Ryan through the card, and the first thing he wants to know
is why the baby is wearing skin. Anna says she did it for him, so he can
be with his baby someday. With the skin, the baby can even be with him
on earth. Ryan asks what he has to do, and she says help protect them.
He cuts the connection in anger.

Erica is angry at Father Jack and Kyle for being happy about the
bombings. They think whoever did this needs to be recruited, not
vilified. Ryan arrives, and agrees with Jack and Kyle. He says their
tactics aren't the best, but they are a weapon. So the question is; does
Erica want that weapon in Anna's hands, or theirs? Kyle points out that
they have a global network. The 5th Column needs a global network. They
need to find and recruit them.

Jack recognizes the last bomber as the librarian he took confession from
earlier that day, so he and Ryan go to the parish records so they can
try to get more information about who he was working with.

Anna tells Lisa that given the events of the past day, they need to try
harder to find out who is with 5th Column. They have Joshua in the
memory chamber. She's trying to find out who destroyed her eggs. If
anybody helped Joshua do so, their face should appear in his memory. The
only thing he remembers is Erica shooting him. That incident wiped out
all other memories. However, there are memory fragments and eventually
the lab tech feels he will be able to reconstruct those memories.

Father Jack and Ryan touch base about how they're doing. Ryan points out
that humans have a tendency to shame, blame, and wallow in emotion. He
wants to act. Jack points out that if Ryan closes out all emotion, he'll
lose sight of what he was fighting for.

Kyle and Erica find a map with targets. Most of them are V centers, but
one is random, and Erica want to call it in. Kyle votes against but she
goes ahead with it, as a lot of innocent people will die if she doesn't.
He thinks they should just show up there and intercept the bombers.

Father Jack speaks at a memorial service, as Anna looks on. She storms
down to her mother and confronts her about human emotion. When her
mother doesn't respond, Anna knocks her to the ground. Diana agrees to
tell her, but not unless she gets what she wants.

The random building houses WNT, and Erica thinks Chad Decker is the
target. When a woman comes up behind him and takes out a detonator,
Erica takes her down.

Anna brings Diana the necklace she asked for. When she places it around
her neck, it plays music. She believes music is the key to human
emotion. Anna wonders if the soul is what makes humans, human.

Ryan wonders if he has a soul. Jack says he must, or he wouldn't feel
how he does.

Diana tells Anna the soul is the human core. Anna dismissed it as
fantasy. If it's real, she can isolate it and destroy it.

A lab tech tells Marcus that he found a fabric thread in the bomb
fragment. He tracked it to a fabric source in Singapore, and further to
a business, Five Brothers Textiles. Marcus assumes that's code for 5th
Column. Eli Cohn runs it. He's a former Mossad agent. Marcus wants Malik
to find Cohn and bring him to them. She passes on joining Erica and
Kendrick in interrogating the woman bomber so she can go find Cohn.
Melanie tells Erica that the timer resets at dawn. When Paul turns his
back, Erica shows Melanie the V behind her ear. Melanie tells her she
never met anyone, it was all on the net. She was blindfolded and all she
remembers is hearing trucks and possibly a barge whistle. She may have
been by the water. Paul takes over the questioning as Erica heads out.

She calls Kyle, he came up with Cohn's name as well. Erica heads out.
Malik arrives at the warehouse, and pulls a gun on Kyle. He disarms her,
hears someone else and runs. She feels like she may have a loose tooth,
and when she pulls it out it is a V tooth. Malik sees Erica arrive and
leaves in the opposite direction. Kyle tells Erica that Malik is there
- that's her blood on the floor. They separate.

Anna tells Marcus that Ryan is resisting her. Marcus feels she
underestimated Ryan, but she says no. Ryan underestimated her. She
orders that the baby be made sick. In pain, that only her bliss can
cure. No parent can stand by and watch while their child suffers.

Ryan knees at Valerie's grave. He wants to reach God, but instead hears
from Anna. She can ease his suffering, and his baby's. He jumps up. The
more he feels, the more Anna can hurt him.

At the warehouse, Malik lies and Erica knows it. She claims to have been
across town. The agents find suicide bombing vests, fake passports, and
more. It looks like ground zero for the operation.

Erica lies to Malik, telling her Tyler called and she has to leave. It
was actually Kyle with an address for the bomber in Ossining. Before she
can leave, Kendrick finds the same address and sends Malik and Erica

Chad watches post-bombing footage and sees Marcus and Malik talking.

Father Jack prays, asking forgiveness for using God's word to incite
violence. He's interrupted by Chad, who thought he was part of 5th
Column, not a target. He shows Jack the picture of Marcus and Malik, and
asks him to warn Erica.

Erica and Malik are obviously suspicious of each other as they travel to
Ossining. Erica notices blood on Malik's shirt, and Malik sees her
notice. A split second later, she draws her gun on Erica and tells her
to pull over. Jack calls, and Erica loses control of the vehicle which
flips over. When it stops, the women are upside down. Malik comes to
first and begins to morph.

Anna shows Ryan that his daughter is suffering. She sends the baby away
and tells him that he has no soul, and he never will. He can ease the
suffering of both him, and his daughter. All he has to do is rejoin
them. He agrees, but once he does so Anna sends the baby away without
easing her pain.

Anna tells Joshua about the soul, and he tells her he will devote
himself to rooting it out, so she can destroy it. She marches downstairs
and tells her mother that she will succeed where Diana failed. Diana
tells her not to be so sure. Anna is running out of time. Soon enough,
she will lose control. Diana promises her that one day she, too, will
feel the sting of her daughter's betrayal. Anna rips the necklace from
her mother's neck.