Laid Bare - Recap

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Post-accident,Erica comes to. She's hanging upside-down and held in
place by her seat belt. When she's finally free, she and Malik duke it
out in a fierce fight. The fight ends when Jack and Kyle arrives. Erica
immediately tells them that Malik is a visitor. The men are stunned.
Kyle walks over and pulls his gun on her, but Erica stops him so they
can pick her brain. Kyle starts shooting Erica's vehicle and then sets
it ablaze to give her a cover story as they load Malik into the truck.

Lisa wakes up and discovers portions of her are turning green and
moving. Her body is preparing for breeding. Her mother helped Anna
through it, and she tells Lisa that "before she died", Anna promised her
mother that she would mold Lisa into a great leader. Lisa asks how
she'll know she's ready, and Anna assures her she will teach her to lead
in her own image. Lisa will become just like Anna.

Lisa gloats to her mother that Lisa's breeding skin has arrived right on
schedule. Her mother points out that when Anna's breeding skin began to
grow, she betrayed her mother. Anna says she did what she had to do to
protect their species, and her mother retorts that Lisa will do the
same, if Anna is not careful. Anna disagrees. She'll do for Lisa what
her mother never did for her; teach her to rule. One last word of advice
from mom, since she had to learn the hard way. The more you think you're
helping your child, the more you push them away.

Erica's boss is grilling her, but she repeats her story to Paul. It was
dark, men wearing masks forced them off the road. She blames the 5th
Column. She tells her boss that they took Malik. He tells her the lead
she was following was a dead-end. He sends her home to recuperate. She's
off the case. He'll find Malik.

Marcus informs Anna that Malik has been abducted. She wants her found,
he can take some trackers.

Ryan takes a call from Anna, claiming his daughter isn't in pain
anymore. He tells her he knows she faked the illness of his daughter to
manipulate him. He needs to bring her names of the 5th Column personnel
by tonight or her bliss will wear off his daughter, and she will suffer

Miller shows Logan's DNA. Half of the markings are missing. He doesn't
know the how or why of it. He thinks the V's took it out so they could
put something else in.

Erica fills in the team. Ryan stops Miller from testing Malik, because
she has fangs and a tail. He puts a belt on her as Miller backs away.
Erica brings Ryan up to speed. Malik tells Ryan he's a traitor, and Anna
will make him pay. Kyle wants to torture her into talking, but Ryan
tells him it won't work. Her pain threshhold is too high. The only way
to do it is to skin her, and after that she'll only live maybe
half-an-hour, tops. Erica says that's enough time. She only needs the
one answer - what happened to Tyler. What did they do to her son.

Tyler tells Lisa his mom was attacked by 5th Column. He keeps trying to
help, but she won't let him. Lisa reassures him. Anna is present, and
tells him she will listen. Why does Tyler think Jack Landry is a threat?
Because he might be connected to the 5th Column. His anti-V sermons are
all over the net. Anna advises him to help Erica if she won't help herself.

The team sees the trackers on camera at the scene of the crash. As they
watch, one of them disables the camera. Marcus was with them, and that
means Malik is very important to Anna, and therefore important to them.
Ryan cuts off one of Malik's fingers.

Ryan and Erica search Malik's apartment. They find a possible safe box
in the oven, and use the severed finger to gain access. They find a
great deal of cash, many passports, and a piece of V-tech. They take it
all, and use the V-tech in a laptop to try to find out what Malik's
assignment was. They see a great many people onscreen. Ryan says this
pre-dates Malik working with Erica. She notices that somebody is coming
in, so they go to work, setting off an explosion to erase their scent
before they head out.

Chad pays Anna a visit. She called him in because she needs his help.
She wants to know what he knows about Father Jack, and asks that he give
him an interview. Chad doesn't think it makes any sense. He has millions
of viewers, why would she give a fringe voice that kind of power? She
lies about giving everybody a voice.

Chad tells Jack he's making a mistake. Anna singled him out. Jack wants
to go ahead with it, whether Anna has a bulls eye on his back or not. He
needs to reach more people, so they can join in the fight. He says he's
not afraid of Anna, but Chad tells him he should be.

Erica and Ryan continue to work the V-tech to see what all these people
have in common. Miller asks if Anna is doing alien abductions. Erica
says they need to get a step ahead of Anna. They need to figure out what
her plan is.

Anna shows Lisa and Joshua a strange machine which will eliminate the
greatest threat to the Visitors: The human soul. Lisa asks why the soul
is a threat, and Anna responds that it exerts a powerful influence over
humans. If they don't eliminate it, their plans will fail. Joshua says
his machine will locate and extract souls, but they need test subjects.
Hundreds of thousands. These were the people that Malik had listed on
the V-tech Ryan and Erica found. Despite her disappearance, they will
still arrive.

A visitor in a black van grabs a college student, and throws her in the
back with others.

Kyle asks Erica if she's okay, and she says she needs answers. Kyle
tells her 'science boy' will get them, and Miller corrects him. 'Science
man'. Ryan finds something in the V-tech. Sophie Allen's file is dated
today. So the dates must reflect when they were taken, and she was taken
today. If they can find Sophie, they can stop it. She asks Malik, who
tells her that more are going to go missing than she can imagine. Erica
says "to be continued" and walks away.

Father Jack tells his congregation he wants to address the violence of
the past few days, specifically what happened at the Healing Center. A
man in the congregation interrupts to announce that his wife was killed,
but not by V's. By their enemies. People like Jack. Jack apologizes for
his loss, and others who lost loved ones. Another man defends Father
Jack, and a fight breaks out. Chad sees that the man who claims his wife
was killed is a visitor. Jack jumps between the two men and says he has
the wife's blood on his hands, so if the widower wants to fight, he
needs to fight Jack. The man turns and leaves. Somebody captures the
whole thing on their phone-cam.

Erica arrives to question Sophie's mom about her disappearance. She
knows nothing, since Sophie ran away six months ago. As a mom, Erica
knows how these things can happen. If she thinks of anything, please
don't hesitate to make contact. Before they leave, she gives them a
picture of her and Sophie so they can look for her. They are the first
people to try to help, and she appreciates it.

Miller doesn't want anything to happen to Malik, she's his test subject.
Anything he can find out about Tyler will die with her.

Chad and Anna meet again. They look at the video, and she has doctored
it to include, independent of how things unfolded, Jack saying "If you
want to fight, fight me". Chad calls her on it and she says that's not
what the rest of the world is going to see. They will see a duplicitous
priest, committing violence in a house of worship. She congratulates
Chad on helping bring down this violent man.

Erica asks how she can put Tyler's life before so many others. Ryan
responds that sometimes, you just gotta protect your own. Erica marches
back in and gives Malik a last chance at telling them where Sophie is.
When she stands her ground, Erica gives Kyle the order to skin her. He
goes to work.

Miller starts testing the tissue sample. Erica tells Malik she knows
that she thinks she can stay strong, and die before they tell them what
they want to know. Kyle fills her in. They have medicine that will keep
her alive for another ten or so hours of being skinned slowly. Or
there's option #2, which will kill her without any further ado. He stabs
her with the first syringe. He votes to keep her alive. She can have
option #2 once she tells them what they want to know. She smirks as she
promises they will never find that girl. Ryan goes behind her and tears
a huge chunk of her skin off, causing excruciating pain. She still won't
answer, so he tears off some more. Erica asks again, reminding her they
can end this, or they can just keep going. She finally spills. Ed
Cantrell. He poses as a driver, delivering food to the homeless. She
gives them everything they want. Finally, Erica asks her about Tyler.
Malik knows nothing, she swears. Ryan indicates that she's telling the
truth, and Erica orders that she be given option #2.

They go to the place Malik sent them, and find the van Sophie was taken
in. It's empty, but they hear a woman screaming. Erica calls out freeze
and the man who has her runs, taking Sophie with him until she falls and
he leaves her behind. They shoot him, and he eradicates himself. They
find Sophie, she's been drugged. Ryan says she won't remember their
faces. Erica tells her they will take her home. Kyle and Erica continue
searching for others. They find a space ship being loaded with bodies.
Kyle stops her from approaching, and it takes off.

Josh tells Anna that Lisa is a quick learner, and they are ready to test
their first subject. It's a young man. They will remove everything from
him until he is brought to the brink of death. What remains behind will
be the soul. Anna looks at Lisa, and orders Joshua to stop. She asks
Lisa if something is wrong, but Lisa is fine. Anna orders the experiment
to continue, but at Lisa's hand. The subject begs Lisa not to do it, and
to please help him. Lisa appears unmoved. Anna orders her to look into
his eyes, his soul; and then take it. Lisa does so. Anna looks proud.

Erica and Ryan return Sophie to her mom. She asks what happened, since
she can't remember anything. Erica gives her the short version. She was
abducted, and now she's safe. They turn her over to her mother for a
tearful reunion.

Erica likes the way it feels to have saved Sophie. They hope they can
save more. They're doing this for their children.

Chad gives Jack his "I told you so" speech. He tells Jack that the guy
who started the fight is a visitor. Jack tells Chad he'll get through
it. He has faith. It's all he knows. He advises Chad to stay close to
Anna. They need him there. They are grateful to have him fighting with
them. He thinks it's time for Chad to meet the rest of the team.

Kyle doesn't like this, Chad has burned them before. They show Malik to
Chad so he can see what Anna looks like underneath. He recovers quickly,
and asks what they want. Why don't they just kill everybody, and take
over? Erica says what they want is 'us'. The humans. Is Chad sure he's
ready for this? After a moment, he nods.

Anna thanks Tyler for taking the footage of Father Jack with his cell
phone. He's glad she told him to go. Anna tells him now the world will
see what a true threat the Jack Landrys of the world are. And people
like Tyler will help them. He assures her that that is all that he
wants. She caresses his hand and tells him to be careful. He's not just
a friend. He's like a son to her.

Erica answers a knock at the door. It's Lisa. She's a bit shell-shocked.
When she can talk, she tells Erica she can't do this. It hurts too much.
She tells Erica about how Anna is trying to change her. Erica assures
her that Lisa can talk to her whenever she needs to.

Anna goes to gloat at her mother some more. Diana assures her that
caution has never been Anna's strong suit, and she really needs to stop
assuming she's won.

Ryan meets with Anna, but her bodyguards stop him before he can approach
his daughter. Anna holds her, telling Ryan how peaceful she is when she
has Anna's bliss. She asks him what he discovered today. He says he
found the 5th Column, and he knows who took Malik.