Chung - Recap

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The episode begins with Amy asking Dan why she is spending her lunch break at Governor Chung’s book launch. Dan and Governor Chung seem to be great pals from the way they greet each other. At the book launch they run into Senator Doyle. He brings up Clean Jobs and taunts them about it having two oil guys on it. Doyle tells them that he is going to withdraw, and leaves. Dan and Amy are confused if the Senator wanted to also pull out of filibuster reforms, when he used the word ‘withdraw”. Later Amy comes and gives the VP Chung’s book. She gives the book to Su, so she can shred it. The VP is worried in the meanwhile, that the president might go in for a new VP in the form of Chung.

Jonah comes in and tells the VP that the president would like for her not to go hard on filibuster reform. The president instead wants the VP’s new chosen subject to be immigration reform. Americans losing jobs to illegals etc. The VP and then tells her team to stay back for some brainstorming. Next day morning at her home Gary and Amy are disgusted to see the VP indulge in some dirty talk with her new boyfriend. Later, Amy gives the VP a file on all she has found on Chung. The VP is informed that Chung can’t be a VP. Later the VP is on TV trying to answer all the questions posed to her, but not really answering them. Jonah in the meanwhile calls up Mike and tells him that the VP shouldn’t have mentioned filibuster reforms, in her interview. Later, post interview the VP lets it slip that Chug can’t be the VP as he isn’t a born American, and is of Chinese origin.

She then asks Amy all worried, if what she said might have been recorded, although the interview was over. She sends Gary to talk to the sound guy, so her doubts can be confirmed. The sound guy tells Gary that he heard the VP screw up. Meanwhile the comments made by the VP about Chung after the interview, seems to have already leaked out. Meanwhile Jonah comes in and tells the VP that there has been a huge accident and the VP ‘visual presence’ is required. Later the VP and her team head to the hospital in which the accident victims are housed. The head of the hospital offers to take the VP around, so she can meet a few of the victims. The VP later thanks the hospital staff for handling the tragedy so ably. She also tells the people present that if there was negligence that cause the accident the accident, those people would have the White House to answer to.

Just as the VP is giving her speech, the television nearby is shown playing her comments she made about Chung, after the interview. Dan quickly switches off the TV. The people present hear this, and agree with what the VP has said. They then begin chanting “USA….USA”. Later in her car, the VP tells Amy to immediately get Chung on the phone. Then while she is apologizing to Chung on the phone, Gary hurts her while strapping on the seatbelt and the phone slips out of her hand and disconnects. Later the VP is informed that senator Doyle ahs withdrawn his support for the filibuster reform. Dan then suggests that Doyle be let go and instead they rope in a few guys from the immigration reform committee, to support them.

Dan tells the VP that it would be a win-win situation for her, as it would also keep the president happy, if she supports the immigration reform committee. They then zero in on guy they would approach to support the filibuster reforms. Meanwhile Chung is on TV. He tells the media that when he was born both his parents were fully naturalized US citizens. He tells the media much to the VP’s shock, that he is a second generation Chinese American. VP then tells Amy to call up Chung so she can apologize to him. Dan and Amy later meet the senators on the immigration reform committee about the filibuster reform bill.

Amy tells the guys that the VP will oppose any illegal immigrants in the country. She will also offer public support to the immigration reforms committee. The guys are happy to hear this and promise to support filibuster reform all the way. The episode ends with Dan and Amy coming back after a victory and not finding the VP in her office.