Baseball - Recap

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The episode begins at the launch of the VP’s Healthy Eating Initiative. The VP tells Amy how bothered she is that she has to talk about food, being the VP. She then talks to a few food guys. Later, the VP confesses to Amy that she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and that she might be pregnant. Amy in turn is shocked to hear this tells the VP that, it might jeopardize her chances of a presidency. The VP is worried that if she is pregnant her political career would be over. She tells Amy that her boyfriend doesn’t know yet. The VP tells Amy that she is still working on how she should break this news to him. Later at the briefing on the healthy eating initiative at the Hilton hotel, Mike is told by Amy over the phone that, the VP might be pregnant.

Amy tells Mike that the news isn’t definite, as a pregnancy test is yet to be taken. She tells Mike to keep this news under the lid. Meanwhile, Gary is busy trying to search for some regular coffee for the VP. Dan meanwhile accompanies Amy to the supermarket and is shocked to see her put a box of home pregnancy test, in her shopping basket. He assumes Amy is pregnant. She doesn’t tell him the truth and he in turn tries scaring her about the repercussions, her pregnancy would have on her professional life. Meanwhile at the stadium everyone present at the healthy eating initiative is informed that there has been a gas leak, and hence everybody needs to stay in the room, till it’s taken care of. It would take an hour the VP is informed.

Amy and Dan are meanwhile at a primary school; where the VP was suppose to come to meet the kids. Amy is informed that it would take her time as she is trapped in the stadium for at least an hour. Dan and Amy decide to distract the kids till the VP arrives. Meanwhile Mike is questioned by Leon the news reporter from Washington Post about the VP letting go of a secret service agent for smiling. Mike tries to get around the question by joking about it but Leon persists. Mike later calls up Amy and warns her that the ‘smile story’ might become an issue. Amy in the meanwhile is doing her best to distract the kids. Mike then tells a distracted Amy that the press thinks the VP is ‘repugnant’. But Amy hears the word as ‘pregnant’, and immediately calls up the VP to inform her that the press knows about her pregnancy.

Amy then calls up Gary and tells him to get a pregnancy test for the VP. Later, Dan asks Amy if Jonah is the father of her baby. Meanwhile, Jonah helps the VP recognize baseball players on the field so she can mingle with them. The VP then meets with the players. Gary in the meanwhile collects all the pregnancy tests he can find, from a convenience store. Meanwhile, the VP’s boyfriend calls her and she reveals to him that she might be pregnant. She then reveals to him that the press knows about it. She then tells him that the only option left for them is to get married. She also tells him that they have to lie about being engaged weeks ago and that too in a romantic fashion; he tells him to go and buy an engagement ring to make the whole thing look convincing. A photographer meanwhile overhears a part of the conversation and congratulates the VP for getting married.

Later Dan informs Amy the VP has left the stadium and would be at the school in 20 minutes. Just then Leon comes in and the both of them are shocked to see him there. Leon tells them that he is there to discuss a story with the VP. They in turn inform him that the VP hasn’t arrived yet. Later Dan entertains the kids by playing his guitar. Meanwhile, the VP discusses with Sue the date when her boyfriend would have proposed to her. They in the end decide on a date two months ago, when the VP and her boyfriend had been to an ice hockey game. Later the VP arrives at the school, and Dan is shocked to know the VP is the one who is pregnant, when he overhears Amy and her talking. The VP enters the school and excuses herself to go to the bathroom, so she can take the pregnancy test.

Mike meanwhile comes in and clarifies the misunderstanding, telling Amy that the press thinks the VP is ‘repugnant’ and not ‘pregnant’. He tells the VP that the press thinks she is repugnant, because of the whole smile story. Later the VP meets the kids. Gary meanwhile, does the pregnancy test using the VP’s pee. He then comes in and tells the VP “you are very very pregnant”. The VP who is singing along with the kids is visibly shocked to hear this, but keeps singing. The VP then leaves with her team without having a word with Leon, who is waiting for her. The episode ends at this point.