Tears - Recap

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The episode begins with the VP and her team readying to leave for Ohio. Dan meanwhile is overseeing the arrangements for the VP’s visit in Cleveland. Meanwhile, the congressman from Ohio who earlier wanted the VP to endorse him as a governor doesn’t want her to endorse him as a governor anymore, thanks to her losing face in the media. Dan tells the congressman that the VP is already on her way. The congressman tells Dan to find the VP, something else to do. The VP meanwhile finds out that the secret service agent, who she had reassigned, has been put back on her security detail. The VP later arrives at Cleveland, and is informed by Dan about how she wouldn’t be endorsing the congressman. Dan makes it sound as if her not endorsing the congressman would be a good idea.

Jonah in the meanwhile calls Amy and tells her how toxic the VP is, after receiving low approval ratings. Later, the congressman pays the VP a visit. He asks to talk with the VP alone. He then tells the VP that, he doesn’t want her to endorse his run for the governor. The VP tells her that it’s difficult as she is already in Cleveland. She tells him that, it would be really embarrassing for her to come all the way to Cleveland and not endorse him. She tells the congressman that he can’t stop her from endorsing him. He in turn tells her, “I will reject the endorsement publicly”. The VP then breaks down and tells the congressman the problems she is going through. The congressman in the end softens his stance and tells the VP to give her speech. The congressman then leaves, and Mike then tires consoling the VP.

Later Mike tells Amy that, the VP should cry on camera to win the nations sympathy. The two then contemplate as what are the things that could make the VP cry. Later Mike gives the person who is going to interview the VP on camera, a few pointers on how she can make the VP cry. During the interview, the VP is asked about the president golfing with Governor Chung, a fact that the VP is visibly shocked to know. Then as per Mike’s instructions, the interviewer takes a line of questioning that could make the VP cry. The ploy seems to work, and the VP too makes good use of this opportunity to commend the rubber industry in Ohio. Later at the fundraiser, the congressman once again tells Dan to ensure that the VP doesn’t endorse him. Meanwhile Dan, who is worried about being called in front of a congressional committee, asks a lawyer friend of his how bad it could get for him.

The lawyer tells him that if he is called, things could really get bad for Dan. The congressman in the meanwhile finds out that the VP’s approval ratings have gone up after her interview, and asks Dan to convince the VP to endorse him. The VP meanwhile goes onstage to give her speech, and the congressman tells Dan to give her the signal. The VP in the meanwhile begins crying at the podium once again. The congressman on seeing this tells Dan to drop the idea of telling her to endorse. But then again, seeing the loud cheers her speech is receiving from the audience, the congressman once again asks Dan to signal the VP to endorse. Dan then flashes the word ‘Endorse’ on his cell phone and points it to the VP. The VP on seeing this endorses the congressman in her speech.

Later the VP and her team are overjoyed to find out that the media is writing complimentary things about her. The excited VP declares to her team “I am back”. She then thanks Dan for getting her to endorse the congressman. Mike later tells Jonah that it was he who engineered the VP’s crying on camera. Jonah then tells the VP that the president has also expressed his support. The VP then promotes Dan as the new director of policy and presentation. Dan immediately springs into action, and changes things in the VP’s office, as per his wishes. Just then Amy finds out the reporter who had interviewed the VP in Ohio has revealed on Twitter, how she was coached into making the VP cry. Jonah tells the VP that, it was Mike who engineered her crying.

The congressman from Ohio in the meanwhile, comes in to meet the VP. He then barges into the VP’s office, where she is reprimanding Mike for what he has done. The congressman confronts the VP about her crying deliberately to gain sympathy. He tells the VP that, he too is being implicated for being a part of her charade. The VP doesn’t entertain him and tells him to leave. While leaving, the congressman threatens Dan and everyone else in the office that he is going to drag the whole office to a congressional hearing, over the McCauley Amendment; something that Dan feared from the beginning. The VP later puts Dan back in his old position, and tells him to keep a low profile.

He tells the VP that, he has already issued a press release regarding his promotion. She then decides to restore Dan’s promotion, but only in title, as she can’t un-promote him. She then tells Mike that now she wants to cry, but can’t cry. The episode ends at this point.