Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins in Las Vegas in the 1960. Two cowboys are seen riding alongside each other, with cattle all around them. Suddenly the cattle begin to run in fear, on hearing a plane fly by just overhead. One of the cowboys chases after the plane in anger. The plane lands at an airstrip and a man named Vincent Savino steps out of it. Just then, the cowboy too arrives at the airstrip. He comes and in a fit of rage and tells the airport manager “that plane just scattered my herd”. The manager though, doesn’t care about the problems of Ralph the cowboy. He in fact tells him to move his ranch somewhere else. Ralph in anger gets into a fight with the workers at the airport.

He knocks out three guys. Just then the cops arrive at the scene. On the other hand, inside a club in Vegas, the mayor and the DA are informed that a girl was found murdered outside. The name of the victim is Samantha and she is the governor’s knees. The mayor asks that Ralph Lamb be brought to him. Ralph, who is in police custody thanks to the fight earlier, is driven to the mayor. Ralph arrives at the scene and is informed about the murder, and about the victim. The Mayor asks Ralph to find her killer. “I’m not a cop” Ralph tells the mayor. “You were, back in the war an MP of the damn group” the mayor tells him in return. “You get those planes to quit flying over my land and you got a deal” Ralph tells the mayor.

Vincent tells one of his men that he is going to be his right hand man in Vegas. Vincent then talks about finding a “rat”. He goes inside an abandoned casino and sees one of his men beating up a guy. The man getting beaten up tells Vincent that, his name is Toby and he works at one of his casinos. Toby gives Vincent the information he requires. Vincent is angry about the fact that his man beat up Toby, and in anger he beats his man up. He then hands Toby some cash, and gives him a few weeks off. At the mayor’s office, the DA isn’t happy at Lamb being made in charge of the case.

He feels he is more qualified than Lamb to handle it. The mayor then tells the DA about a case during the war, in Naples, where the mayor was Lamb’s senior. Lamb as it turns out, successfully solved the case of multiple murders of young girls, whose bodies were being found in the nearby woods. He was as a result, transferred to a special unit. The mayor asks the DA to find him a man like Lamb, if he wants Lamb out of the case. Lamb and his brother are on the case. They begin by questioning Samantha’s mother. She tells them Samantha was living with a guy named Kale, who was a day labor at her ranch. Her mother wasn’t happy that Samantha was seeing Kale and therefore cut contact with her. At the crime scene, Lamb finds an empty grave that was covered with a board.

Later, they question Kale, who tells them she had called up and said she would be working late. Kale also reveals that he was worried Samantha was probably seeing someone else behind his back. Lamb later meets Vincent, as Samantha was employed in his casino. He gets Lamb and his brother Jack to talk to the head of the credit department, in which Samantha used to work. All the information they get from him is that, she was promoted just recently and was handling high roller accounts. Lamb finds out that Samantha wasn’t seen leaving work from the front door, the day she got murdered. Lamb as a result looks around the back of the casino to see, how else she could have gotten out. He arrives at a place in the back where he sees fresh blood on the floor.

Just then someone hits him on the head from behind. Later, the mayor tells Lamb, who was found unconscious at the back of the casino that, bikers might have killed her, as bike treads were found at the crime scene. Lamb thought, isn’t convinced. Later, Lamb and his men along with the cops, round up a gang of bikers, who are shown creating trouble all around. Lamb and his team after investigating find out that, the bikers aren’t Samantha’s killers. In the night, Lamb snoops around in the credit department of the casino. Inside, he finds a diary with three numbers on it, noted under the very day Samantha was killed. He then accesses the files labeled with those numbers. As it turns out, the papers, in one of the files, is missing. The number Lamb finds out, is assigned to someone named Monaco.

Lamb later inquires about Monaco, and finds out that it’s the name of a suite in the casino. A person named Stuart Mills stayed there Friday night, the same night Samantha was killed. Stuart left on Saturday in a hurry, and left his cash and bags in his room. Stuart’s wife has confirmed that, Stuart hasn’t returned home yet. Later, Lamb finds out that Samantha had discovered, Stuart was skimming money, which could probably be the reason he killed her. Lamb begins searching for Stuart, who is nowhere to be found. At a barbershop, he is handed a pocket watch which has Stuart’s name engraved in it. A guy pawned it earlier, for $20. The barber gives Lamb the guy’s address. The DA is shown talking to the town sheriff. He tells the DA he wants out, and also asks that the FBI get involved.

He mentions something about buried bodies, and how he can tell the FBI about them. Just then Vincent and his men arrive at the scene and the DA leaves. The sheriff tries to escape, but is punched to the ground and has a gun pointed at him. Lamb and his brother arrive at the address given by the barber. Turns out, it’s a motel, where Stuart is hiding. Lamb calls out for Stuart from outside his motel room, but receives no reply. He then breaks into his room and sees that Stuart has escaped from the window. They eventually manage to apprehend Stuart. Later, Stuart tells Lamb “I didn’t touch that girl”. He reveals that Samantha had come to him a week ago, as she wanted a cut of money he was skimming from the casino.

Stuart allegedly told her he already had a deal with the Bob, the credit manager at the casino. He told Bob about Samantha, and he warned her to back off, but she threatened to go to the top brass with the issue. He tells Lamb, all he wanted Bob to do was pay her off or get her a better job, but then he read about her murder in the papers, and was terrified. Later, Lamb and his team arrive at an airstrip where, Bob is seen trying to get away in a plane. He on seeing the cops, tires to escape in his car instead. Lamb though, manages to apprehend him. Later, Lamb is taken to the scene where the sheriff’s dead body has been found. The mayor appoints Lamb as the new sheriff. The episode ends at this point.