Money Plays - Recap

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The episode begins with Ralph having coffee at a diner. Later on the road he runs into Jack. Just then he sees a man brush past him and enter the diner, with a concealed shotgun. He waits at the entrance of the diner, and the moment the man comes out, he trips him with a stick. Jack then takes his weapon and handcuffs him. Savino arrives at the casino. Savino goes into the cash department and asks anybody who was involved with Bob Paring to “leave now and never look back”. Three of the men standing in the room then immediately walk out. Savino is hoping Chicago would send them a new manager, now that the old one has walked out.

He is sure it would be someone they can trust. Ralph, Jack and Dixon investigate the murder of a craps dealer in an apparent home robbery. They conclude that the murderer wasn’t there to rob anything, as all the cash in the home is intact. Ralph finds the garage door open and goes to check it out. He finds car keys lying on the floor of the garage with the car parked nearby. He opens the boot of the car and inside finds a girl who is alive and well, and visibly terrified. Later, the girl tells Ralph that she is a waitress at the ‘House of Cards Casino’ and that is where she met the craps dealer. She tells him that she had gone to give him soup, just then someone knocked, he opened the door and a masked man with a gun barged into the house. “He tied Wes up, then he threw me in the trunk” she tells Ralph.

She says Wes did not have problems with anybody. Ralph later takes over the old sheriff’s office, and finds craps in his drawer. “Looks like Sheriff Clyde was on two payrolls” he comments. In jail, Paring’s lawyer offers a deal to the DA and ADA. Paring is basically ready to divulge every detail about the Chicago mob and about Savino, in return for him being kept out of the gas chamber. The DA later tells Savino about it. He suggests that Paring be allowed to walk, so he can be taken out at their convenience. Dixon informs Jack that Wes was in a big game last week. Jack feels they need to find out, who all were at that game. Dixon it turns out has already found out.

Later Katherine tells Ralph, none of Wes’s pals have a police record, but one of his friends Rickers, has a police case against him for spousal abuse. Wes was found tied up with a rope, and in a photograph rope burns are observed on Rickers’s wife’s wrist, who he physically abused. Savino is surprised to see that, Chicago has sent a woman as the new manager. Her name is Mia and Savino seems to know her from before. Mia is basically the daughter of a mob boss in Chicago. She tells Savino, as the count room manger, she needs to be completely in charge of it and know everything that is going on there. Ralph questions Rickers about Wes. There are rope burns on his wrist too. He says the same guys who killed Wes, also tied him up. He further reveals that he and his wife were both tied up.

The people who tied them up had threatened that; they would be killed if they told anyone about it. Rickers tells Ralph that, the guys stole $40,000 in cash from his safe. It was the perfect crime, as Rickers hadn’t paid taxes on that money and hence he couldn’t report it stolen. Later, Wes’s safe is opened and a lot of cash is found in it. His girlfriend the waitress tells Ralph that, Wes had earned all the money from tips and had never cheated anybody. Savino is informed that the Feds are offering Paring, a deal. Savino decides to take care of Paring, once and for all. A man named Nicholas Cota is sent to do the job. Katherine tells Ralph, someone must be tipping the robbers off. The security company that installed the safe in both Wes’s and Rickers’s house must have tipped off the robbers, Jack feels.

The owner of the company is a man named Frank Scarpone, who allegedly has mob connections. Frank is later taken into custody. Frank tells Ralph, he sold his client list to a few guys from Missouri. He says he wasn’t aware of the robbery; he simply got cash in return for the list. He then reveals that all he knows is the guys drove a white Oldsmobile. Cota is about to kill Paring, with a knife concealed in the frame of his glasses, just then Dixon arrives and Cota has to change his plans. Dixon takes him away, but Paring realizes what Cota was there for. Later, Cota is brought in front of Savino by Ralph and Dixon. They leave Cota there, and depart. Savino later gives Cota a piece of his mind. “We gotta find out how long before the Feds move Paring” Savino says.

Ralph is informed about an Oldsmobile with Missouri plates that has been spotted. The three arrive at the scene with guns. Jack and Ralph enter the house, outside which the vehicle is parked. Dixon waits outside. Inside they find a man, woman and a child tied up. They then come face to face with the masked robbers. They manage to get the better of the robbers. Ralph is later informed that, their perps were a two brother armed robbery crew. The DA commends Ralph, on a good job done. One of the perps who is caught alive, asks for his lawyer. Ralph then sees a photo of Wes’s hands, and the way the rope is tied on his hands. He concludes that the perps who are “city boys” couldn’t have tied a knot like the one on Wes’s wrist, as it’s a rancher’s knot.

The family which they found while catching the perps did not have the same kind of knots. He therefore concludes that it was someone else who killed Wes. Jack says that, whoever did it, wanted to make the murders look like the robberies. A guy named Ted was friends with both Rickers and Wes. Rickers was robbed a few months ago by the actual perps and told Ted about it. Ted must have then cooked up this plan after hearing about the robbery at Rickers’s place. He basically copied the crime to hide his tracks, so the killing is blamed on the robbery crew. Savino in the middle of the night, busts a fire hydrant, and quickly leaves. Ralph and Jack question Ted. They eventually manage to get Ted to confess to his crime.

He reveals that, he did all that he did because Wes took away his woman. Later, Paring is shown being transferred from the county jail to a federal prison in LA, where he shall await trial for his crime. Due to the hydrant being broken, the Feds take a different route, with Paring in their car. On the alternate route that the Feds take, their car is blown sky high. Ralph on the other hand finds casino chips at his house kept on a table. The episode ends at this point.