All That Glitters - Recap

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The episode begins at the Vegas Convention Centre where the members of the US boxing team are being interviewed. Jack and Ralph are standing in a restaurant having a drink; just then a reporter named Clay walks up to Ralph and asks to interview him, as he is the new sheriff in town. Katherine comes in just then and informs the two that, the DA’s office isn’t pursuing the charges against Paring’s death. Jack says that she knows Savino is behind it. “You know that there isn’t anything to prove that, that explosion was anything more than an industrial accident” she says. Savino walks in to the restaurant just then. Katherine tells the two that, the man with Savino is Angelo, the head of the Chicago mob.

He is there to see what Savino has done with the Savoy. Katherine says she has been doing some research into other people who might know something about Savino and the mob. She asks the two to come to her office so she can show it to them. The three then leave. At the restaurant, Savino sees a customer get angry at a steward and handles the situation. The customer is Johnny Rizzo, a loan shark who can help Savino build a restaurant in the Savoy. Katherine tells the two how thousands of dollars are earned by the mob bosses thanks to his loans, and hence he is untouchable. Angelo too favors Johnny. “We need to figure out their finances and prove that they are laundering money” she says.

She also informs Ralph that, the gaming commission has banned Rizzo from playing in any casino, because he in anger had attacked a dealer, because of which the dealer lost an eye. “Someone ought to let Mr. Savino know that” Ralph says. Tommy, one of the boxers from the US boxing team is seen walking on the streets of Vegas with a busted head that’s bleeding. He suddenly collapses and falls in the middle of the road. Later, Ralph and Jack check out his body. Turns out, he was seen stumbling out of an alley at 6 AM. Tommy’s friend Ray arrives at the scene. Dixon shows the two a heavy metal object smeared with blood that, was found in the alley. Suddenly Ray begins running and the two give him a chase.

He enters a diner and begins strangling a man. Ralph pulls him away. Ray says the man was pursuing Tommy to sign him up, but Tommy knew he was a crook and hence turned down the man. Tommy even beat up the man, to keep him away. Ralph frisks the man and finds Tommy’s gold medal on him. Later during questioning the man tells the two how, Tommy badly needed cash so he come to him and sold his medal. He says Tommy tried to “clobber” him because he had seen needles in Tommy’s bag and was threatening to “out him”, if he didn’t sign with him. “Then two hours later he is coming to me desperate for cash” the man adds. Savino tells Tommy he can’t be on the floor due to the ban, so as a compromise he has brought the casino into his room. Savino then discusses with Tommy the plans he has for the Savoy.

Tommy hears him out and says he will talk to the boss. Ralph is informed by Tommy’s trainer that he had needles in his bag because he was taking painkiller injections in his neck. He had to take the injection because of a boxing accident that he had. Tommy could barely turn his head without taking the injections, but it didn’t stop him from getting into the ring. Ralph finds a token from a strip joint in Tommy’s locker and inquires at the joint. There, he is handed a leather bag in return for the token. Inside the bag they find a paper with “some kind of code” and a gun, besides some cash. Jack is told Tommy had ripped the token in half and had told the bartender someone would come and pick up the bag.

Dixon decides to wait at the strip joint, as the person with the torn half of the token might still show up, they conclude. Tommy finds out that, the dealer is letting him win, and as a result badly beats him up. Dixon is informed that the bag is gone, while he is busy talking to the bartender at the joint. Savino arrives in the room and Tommy tells him, he is going downstairs to play. Savino is fine with whatever Tommy is doing “so long as he backs the expansion” of the Savino. Ralph is busy trying to figure out what the code “LASTUS7” written on the piece of paper means. Ralph is informed that Rizzo is back on the floor, and proceeds to deal with it. Dixon comes in just then and says that the bag is gone.

The receptionist at the office looks at the code and tells Jack that the code is the schedule for a bus, leaving at 7 for Tucson from Las Vegas. They arrive at the bus station, and enter the relevant bus; inside they see a woman sitting with Tommy’s bag. Ralph later arrives at the Savoy and arrests Tommy on the floor of the casino. Savino tries to stop him, but to no avail. Savino later gets Tommy out. Tommy tells Savino to take care of Ralph. Savino in turn tells him that no one touches the sheriff without the boss saying so. Tommy then says he will talk to Angelo. Ralph figures out that the woman from the bus is the wife of Ronnie Davidson, a teammate of Tommy’s. “Tommy was trying to help me, to get away from my husband” Mrs. Davidson tells Ralph, with tears in her eyes.

Turns out, her husband used to physically abuse her. It was Tommy’s idea for her to run. Just before she was about to run, Ronnie caught her talking to someone on the phone, but didn’t know it was Tommy. He threatened to kill her if she didn’t tell him who it was, but she stood up to him. Then, when she heard about Tommy she assumed Ronnie must have found out. Ronnie is later brought in for questioning. He confesses to his crime and says that Tommy was sleeping with his wife, as he saw him hand her a bag the day he died. Katherine comes in just and calls Ralph out. She informs him that the blow to the head did not kill Tommy, but instead he died of a heart attack. The painkiller with a combination of prescription drugs could have resulted in the heart attack, the coroner has said.

Ralph meets Ray and tells him that he has figured out, Ray didn’t want Tommy to fight because of his injury, so he slipped Tommy some of his asthma pills with his drinks, so he would feel nauseous and wouldn’t be able to fight. But unfortunately the pills reacted with Tommy’s painkiller, resulting in the heart attack. Ray breaks down on hearing this. Ronnie is charged with assaulting Tommy and is told he shall be going away for 8-10 years. Ralph finishes Tommy’s job by helping out Mrs. Davidson. Angelo doesn’t give the go ahead to kill Ralph, but doesn’t approve Savino’s business plans either. The episode ends at this point.