(Il)Legitimate - Recap

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The episode begins with Ralph standing in his farm with his horse. Later, he and Jack receive a call to “go and be sheriffs”. Savino is busy questioning a patron who has been caught stealing in the casino. Ralph and Jack enter his office and he asks them to arrest the Patron named Dorr, for cheating. Savino is later informed that Chicago is sending Angelo’s nephew to work at the Savoy. Savino has decided to expand from the outside, as he isn’t being allowed to expand from the inside. He as a part of his efforts has become a part owner of a club across the street named “Tumbleweed Club”.

The staff at the Tumbleweed is shown having a meeting. A union leader, who is presiding over the meeting, tells everyone how the club is falling apart. One of the maids named Estelle isn’t happy about the fact that, the leader is calling for a strike. She feels the staff shouldn’t go on strike at least until their contracts are up, which is in the next 6 months. She suggests that everybody needs to sacrifice now, so they can dictate terms when their contract is up. Everybody claps for Estelle and her views. Later, on her way home, Estelle is deliberately knocked down by a car, which then drives away. Ralph later arrives at the scene and sees Estelle’s lifeless body lying on the road. An eyewitness tells Ralph how a car swerved to the other side of the road and hit Estelle.

The eyewitness says the car might have been blue or green in color. Jack is informed about the meeting and how Estelle had a difference of opinion with Kovacks the union leader. Savino meets up with Hayes, the owner of Tumbleweed. He tells Hayes how he can help turn his place around. Hayes says he needs time to think things over. A man named Randall comes to meet Ralph with his son Terry. Randall tells Ralph Estelle was his housekeeper’s daughter. “We’ve known Estelle since she was little girl” Randall says. “I wanna help any way I can” he adds. Basically, Randall wants to offer a cash reward for finding Estelle’s killer. Ralph later visits Estelle’s house and sees that it’s been broken into. He quietly enters the house and hears someone escape. He then sees a black car drive away in a hurry.

Ralph asks Jack and Dixon to run the number on the license plate of the car. Ralph is informed the car is registered in Kovacks’s name. Ralph later catches hold of Kovacks, who tells him he didn’t break into Estelle’s apartment, as her door was already busted, when he went there. Ralph then fishes out a list from Kovacks’s pocket, which has names on it. He says they are the names of Estelle’s friends who were against the strike. “I just wanted to talk to them” Kovacks says. Kovacks also reveals Estelle was having a relationship with a white man. While Ralph is talking to Katherine at the Tumbleweed, someone throws a bomb inside the club. The two, narrowly escape. Hayes tells Savino how he is being pressurized to sell the Tumbleweed to a goon named Cornaro.

Savino promises to gets Conaro off Hayes’s back, but in return wants Hayes to partner with him for the Tumbleweed. “Get him out of my hair completely” says Hayes. Savino later meets Cornaro and tells him he is planning to buy the Tumbleweed. He then asks Cornaro to back off. Savino offers Cornaro a lucrative deal, and convinces him to back off. Ralph and Jack find out Estelle has been getting a $500 bank deposit every month. They find out its being sent by Randall. The two then pay him a visit. “You wanna to tell us why you were giving Estelle money every month?” Ralph asks Randall. Randall admits to the two that, Estelle was his daughter. Savino on the other hand gets shot at, the moment he parks his car. He manages to escape the bullets and drives out of the parking garage.

Randall tells Ralph how Estelle paid him a visit last week and begged him to acknowledge her as his daughter. He tells Ralph how he was trying to do right by Estelle and even giving her money for college. He says he had agreed to tell his wife Helen the truth. Later at the Savoy, Savino tells the DA the shooting was Carnaro’s doing. He asks the DA to arrest Carnaro for some outstanding warrants. Jack and Ralph find out that, Randall’s son Terry is the one, who drives a green colored car. They later ask Terry about the car and where it is. “It’s in the shop” Terry says. He admits that he is the one who broke into Estelle’s house for her jewelry, as he needed money for drugs. They find the jewelry box in his house and hidden inside the box are photographs of Estelle meeting Randall.

Ralph figures out that, someone was blackmailing Estelle for money. A staff member at the Tumbleweed tells Katherine she had seen Hayes with Cornaro, just before the bombing at the Tumbleweed. Johnny pays Savino a visit at the Savoy and says how he has heard that Savino is making a move on the Tumbleweed. Johnny says he wants half of Savino’s share in the Tumbelweed. Ralph finds out that a woman named Tracy who was working at the Tumbleweed with Estelle, knew Estelle’s secret and was blackmailing her. He figures this out from the negatives of the photographs he found in the jewelry box. She is later questioned by Ralph and Jack. They also inform her how they have found out from her bank statement that, Estelle was paying her money each month to keep quite.

In the end, Tracy comes out and tells the truth. She tells them how she was frustrated at not earning enough when others were getting rich every day. She then found out about Estelle’s secret and just couldn’t stomach the fact that Estelle would have it easy. She then blackmailed Estelle and got money out of her each month, but in the end Estelle decided to come out with the truth and stopped paying her. Estelle also threatened to send Tracy to jail, for what she had done. As a result, to shut Estelle up, Tracy ran her down with her blue dodge. Katherine later tells Ralph, Cornaro is behind the Tumbleweed bombing. Mia apologizes to Savino about her father dropping in. “If I’d known I would have given you a heads up” she says.

Savino though, is fine with it and tells her “looks like the Tumbleweed will be ours”. Carnaro and his bodyguard on the other hand are disposed off, by Savino’s men. While sitting alone at home, Ralph thinks about his deceased wife. He then imagines her hanging clothes out to dry in the front yard. James meets up with Mia outside the Savoy, he asks Mai out to dinner. “I’m sorry I already have plans” she says, just then the DA parks his car near them. She tells Jack how the DA has promised to show her around town. She leaves with the DA in his car. The episode ends at this point.