Solid Citizens - Recap

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The episode begins with Savino having a chat with a banker, at the Savoy. Fowler the banker and Savino discuss about how traditions matter to Mormons, and Fowler is one of them. Fowler in that context asks Savino whether his wife will be at the party at his country club. Savino assures him that she will. “I look forward to meeting her” Fowler says. “The type of woman a man chooses, speaks volumes about him” Fowler adds. “I’m sure you won’t be disappointed” Savino says. Later, Savino’s wife Laura arrives at the Savoy. At the sheriff’s office, Katherine informs Ralph that Cornaro is missing. Just then the Mayor arrives there. He asks Ralph to sign papers to officially become the sheriff.

Ralph though, isn’t too keen on it. At a road contractor’s home, his wife discovers that their son Tim has been kidnapped. She at a distance sees someone take him away and runs in that direction. She comes onto the street and sees a car speeding away, with Tim in it. Ralph is later informed that the kidnappers were driving a brown Ford Galaxy. Ralph and Jack drive around and see the Galaxy parked outside a house. The car catches fire just as Ralph approaches it. Jack pulls Ralph away from the car. The focus then shifts to Milwaukee. A man named Jones picks up a call. “I’ll be on the next plane” he says to the man on the other side. Jones before the call was busy torturing a man and gets back to it after the call. Back in Vegas, the fire has been put out, and Ralph looks inside the Galaxy. He concludes the kidnappers switched their cars, but no one saw the switch.

Jack informs Ralph that Tim’s father Milton Larsen besides being a contractor is also newest member of the gaming commission. “Casinos need his vote to get a gaming license” Jack says. Jack fears, Milton might have made enemies as a result. Later, Milton’s wife tells Ralph how she had seen the gardener leave, but did not suspect anything. Because their “lawn man uses a different person for different chores” she says. Dixon finds the vehicle ID number on the Galaxy and proceeds to find out who owns it. Savino is informed that “Jones from Milwaukee is here”. Next, Savino meets Jones who is sitting at the casino. Jones says he is looking for Davy Cornaro. Savino says he hasn’t seen him for a while. Savino suggests Cornaro might have skipped town due to union issues. Jones in turn says he can’t leave town till he has located Cornaro. Later, Savino asks Tony to make it look as if Cornaro has skipped town, as he doesn’t want Jones sniffing around. Milton gets a call from the kidnapper who asks him to arrange for $80000 by “tomorrow”.

The call is being tapped and Ralph and Jack too are listening in on it. Tim is also brought onto the phone. “Cross us and it’s the last time you will hear his voice” the kidnapper says, before hanging up. The call was made from a telephone booth, Ralph later finds out. Ralph is also handed a lighter found in Galaxy. The lighter was used to torch the car and it turns out it has a military insignia on it. Ralph figures out that, military men might be involved in the kidnapping. Dixon finds out that the Galaxy was sold to a man who called himself Sarge. The person who sold the car had also heard Sarge tell his accomplice that, they would meet up at a motel named Kings. Ralph locates Kings on a map and leaves with Jack and Don. The three arrive at the motel and get fired on by one of the kidnappers who, sees them.

Ralph in the end manages to shoot the kidnapper, but Tim isn’t found in his motel room. Tim’s mother recognizes the kidnapper as Wade Ollum, who used to work for her father. Ralph then figures out Milton is planning to pay the kidnappers. Ralph decides to keep a watch on Tim’s parents and also decides to keep tapping their phone, so he can catch the kidnappers. Savino on the other hand is worried that, if Jones finds out the truth there might be war between Chicago and Milwaukee. Tony tells Savino he is going to put Cornaro’s car at the airport to make Jones think he flew to LA. The only problem is they can’t find Cornaro’s car. Savino isn’t too happy to hear this. He tells Tony that he wants the job done at any cost.

Dixon finds out that about two weeks ago Wade cashed a check for $20,000, from a man named Gus Wilson. Jack concludes that Wade was paid the money in order to carry out the kidnapping. Gus a small time casino owner is later questioned, but says he knows nothing about a kidnapping. He reveals that the money was a bribe he gave to Wade, as he had said he knew someone who could help deliver Milton’s vote. Gus says the man who Wade claimed could help was Wade’s bother-in-law Andy Mitchum. “But he didn’t come through” Gus adds. So Gus asked Wade for his money back. “Did he pay ya?” Ralph asks. “Said he’d have in cash by tomorrow” Gus says. Ralph later questions Andy about the issue. Andy in the end confesses to the crime. “Gus wanted his money back; I had already spent it” Andy tells a livid Milton.

Andy tells Ralph how his people double-crossed him and now they want all the money or Tim is dead. “They are Wade’s people I have never even met them” Andy says. Later, Ralph dressed as Andy arrives alone at the designated location where the kidnappers had asked that, the drop be made. The kidnappers are convinced that Ralph is actually Andy. Jack, gun in hand, is watching Ralph and the two kidnappers from a distance. The kidnappers find a briefcase filled with money in the car. Ralph asks them to hand over Tim, now that they have the money. The kidnappers are willing to hand over Tim and instead proceed to shoot Ralph. But, before that can happen, Jack shoots the kidnapper and the other one is taken care of by Ralph. Ralph then finds Tim in a nearby shed. Later, Ralph hands Tim over to his parents.

They are overjoyed to see him alive and well. Andy on the other hand is put in jail. “I’m so sorry I ever doubted you sheriff” Milton says. Savino’s guys in the end manage to find Cornaro’s car and place it in the airport parking lot, just as planned. Jones finds the car in the parking lot, and in it finds a receipt for an air ticket to LA. Later, Tony informs Savino that Jones took their bait and is headed for LA. Savino tells Tony the dinner with the banker went really well. “I got the Tumbleweed” Savino adds. Later, Ralph and Savino meet up near a corn field. “What do you want sheriff?” Savino asks. “You crossed a line” Ralph says. Savino tells Ralph he is a law-abiding citizen, or he would already be in jail. “The time will come; secrets don’t stay buried neither do bodies” Ralph tells Savino, while looking at the corn field.

He basically is hinting that Cornaro is probably buried in the corn field somewhere, as corn husk was found under Cornaro’s car, at the parking lot. Savino suggests that everybody gets buried in the ground someday. “How we get there counts for something. Chew on that” Ralph says. “I sure will” Savino says with a smirk and drives away. The episode ends at this point.