The Real Thing - Recap

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The episode begins with Dixon pointing a gun at three guys with their pants down. Turns out, the tree robbed a store in Arizona and then crossed over into Vegas. Ralph by threatening to kill the guys gets them to reveal where they have hidden the loot. Ralph then warns the three to never return to his state and lets them go. Dr. Saffron, who is a dentist, attends to a showgirl who has lost her tooth. At the Savoy, Mia is informed by a gaming control officer named Marty Gilson that the mayor has authorized an auditor for every casino in town. She is asked to hand over the records to the Savoy’s gaming business.

Mia later finds out that there are fake chips circulating in the Savoy. Savino is informed about it. He says there is only one man named Jackie Sullivan, who can do such a good job of faking a gambling chip. “If he is not behind this my money says he knows who is” Savino says. He instructs his men to find Jackie. Savino is also bothered about the gaming commission’s intrusion. He is going to Chicago to explain the situation to Angelo. “If we don’t get the mayor off our backs and his tugs out of our game room, it could be the end of everything we have worked for” Savino says. “Who gives a damn about some fake chips, if there is no more casino” he exclaims. The showgirl wakes up in the dentist’s chair and finds Dr. Saffron missing. She goes looking for him.

Eventually, she finds him lying on the floor of the reception, motionless. Later at the crime scene, Jack tells Ralph that Dr. Saffron was quite the gambler. A little later, Howard Saffron’s ex-wife arrives. She tells Jack and Ralph about Howard’s gambling addiction. She reveals that the divorce proceedings between Howard and her are not yet complete. She adds that Howard was broke. Also it turns out; Howard owed his bookie $40,000. The name of his bookie is Pollock, Jack assumes, as that is what is written in Howard’s diary. “Maybe he meant an actual Polish person” the ex-wife says. “The man couldn’t spell to save his life” she adds. Savino feels Mayor Benet has to be replaced with a guy more favorable to his business.

He has a guy named George Grady in mind. Savino asks his man to find George, and get George to him. Later, Savino questions Jackie Sullivan about the fake chips. “I’m sorry I got nothing” he says. In the meantime, Howard’s bookie, a guy named Jimmy the Pollack, is brought in front of Ralph. Turns out, Jimmy has quite a police record. Jimmy says he did not kill Howard, as he didn’t owe him any money, anymore. “Paid off his debt last Tuesday” Jimmy elaborates, “all $37,400” in cash. Jack takes Ralph aside and informs him that, every month Howard wrote a check of $161 to Oak Grove Property Rentals. Ralph concludes, Howard was probably keeping a girl on the side. Savino on the other hand meets George Grady. Savino offers to help Grady with his campaign.

Grady reads between the lines and in turn offers to help Savino, if he gets elected. Laura too, offers to help Savino in ousting Benet. Ralph and Jack arrive outside the Oak Grove suite that Howard was paying for and see the main door ajar. It looks as if someone has broken in. They enter and see that the suite has been converted to some sort of a lab. Someone has already been there and ransacked the place. Ralph then finds evidence that “Howard wasn’t making fake teeth, he was making fake chips”. Jack concludes Howard might have cashed many fake chips and that is how he managed to pay off his bookie. Fake Savoy chips have been found in the lab. Ralph and Jack therefore proceed to have a chat with Savino. They tell Savino about Howard and his fake chips.

Jack informs him that someone cleared off Howard’s lab of all the fake chips, and might be using them at the Savoy. Savino takes only Ralph, to talk to Jackie Sullivan, about the chips. Jackie says he hasn’t heard of Howard, but knows that dental cement can make really good chips. Dixon and Ralph later pay the factory that makes “professional grade dentist cement” a visit. The open the factory door and see the security guard lying dead on the floor. He has been shot in the chest. They find out that, the only thing missing is a case of dental cement. The killer didn’t have a license like Howard to procure the cement and hence had to kill to get it. Jack goes to the Savoy to find out, if Howard had a partner. He and Mia then go through the records to see, when all Howard was at the casino.

Ralph tells Savino about the huge case of dental cement that has been stolen. “You are going to be buried in fakes before you know it” Ralph says. After checking the entries, Jack and Mia find out that, a cashier was hand in glove with Howard. The two then proceed to talk to the cashier in question. Just then, a man wearing a Savoy uniform is shown carting in a case of chips into the casino. The man bearing the chips enters the locker where the chips are all stored. He then renders the security guards unconscious. Ralph and Savino on the other hand figure out the perp’s plan. They rush to the locker and Savino opens it. Sitting inside the locker all gagged and tied, are the two security guards. The perp it turns out stole $500,000 in cash along with some real chips kept in the locker. Just then, a cashier named Holly is presented before Ralph and Savino, by Jack.

Holly is arrested and rushed to the precinct by Ralph and Jack. Savino isn’t happy about it, as he wanted to deal with Holly and get the information out, in his own way. He feels it would have been much faster. Dixon informs Ralph that, Holly is a patient of Howard’s. Ralph has a talk with Holly and convinces her to come out with the truth. She reveals that like Howard she too had debt, so they decided to help each other out. “He’d make the chips and I would cash them” she says. The plan it turns out, was formulated by her boyfriend Jesse. Then, Jesse wanted a big amount encased all at once, but Howard didn’t want to do it. Therefore Jesse killed Howard and took his moulds. He then began making his own chips. “Jesse swore to me that he wouldn’t hurt Howard” Holly says, with tears in her eyes. “But he did” Ralph says. “Did it ever occur to you that you might be next?” Ralph asks her.

Savino on the other hand apprehends Jesse in his trailer, just when he is about to make a run for it. While pointing a gun at Jesse, he asks him to step out of the trailer. The moment the two step out, they see Ralph standing outside. Savino reluctantly hands over Jesse to Ralph, but not before punching Jesse in the face. Later, Grady seems to make a good impression on the viewers during a television debate. But, it’s more to do with his looks than his capability. The episode ends at this point.