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Bad Seeds - Recap

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The episode begins and a father and son duo, find a body buried in their cornfield. At the Savoy, Savino isn’t happy that Bennett and Grady are neck in neck. He basically wants Grady to win, so Bennett can be sent packing. Grady comes in and shows Savino a flyer doing the rounds. The flyer compares Bennett to Stalin. Grady isn’t happy with it and says “I didn’t agree to this type of campaign”. Savino though, feels that the flyers are “damn good”. Savino’s wife in the end makes Grady see sense and convinces him that, they need to do all that it takes to win. Ralph and team arrive at the cornfield, where two bodies have been found buried.

Basically, the bodies are of Cornaro and his bodyguard. “Guess this is what happens when you try to take the Tumbleweed away from Savino” Ralph says. Ralph fears that if Milwaukee hears about this, there will be people sent to deal with Savino. Jones is sent back to Vegas by Milwaukee, to deal with the situation. Savino finds out about the bodies and reprimands his men for burying the bodies in a farm, where the ground is frequently turned over. Jones on the other hand begins his mission, by taking out one of Savino’s men. A woman sees him in the act, so he also shoots the woman.

Ralph and Jack later arrive at the crime scene. “We are dealing with somebody here, who doesn’t mind shooting civilians across his path” Ralph concludes. Ralph and Katherine then pay Savino a visit. Ralph tells Savino, the innocent woman died because of his war with Milwaukee, and therefore it’s his fault. “I didn’t pull any trigger” Savino protests. Ralph asks Savino, as to which of his men killed Cornaro. “Even if I did know something, did you actually walk in here thinking I would give up one of my guys?” Savino says. Ralph says he didn’t. Ralph then instructs his men to post themselves inside the Savoy. Savino isn’t happy about it, but Ralph says he is just protecting Savino’s customers, as he doesn’t want any more innocent civilians killed. “If you happen to know who killed Cornaro, you let me know” Ralph tells Savino with a smirk.

In Chicago, Johnny informs Angelo that the Savoy has shut down. Angelo isn’t happy to hear this and feels all this is happening because of Savino’s interest in the Tumbleweed. Johnny basically tells Angelo that, Savino isn’t really up to the job of managing the Savoy and therefore isn’t really needed. Ralph and team finds Jones’s car, which he left behind in panic, near the crime scene. At the Savoy, Angelo, Johnny and Savino are having a meal together. Angelo isn’t at all in a good mood. Savino tries reasoning with him and explains that things will eventually be fine. Angelo is in no mood to listen and instead asks Savino to listen. He says he knows Savino’s guys killed Cornaro and fears that Milwaukee will burn Vegas to the ground, as they have nothing to lose.

Angelo feels they need to make peace with Milwaukee, so they don’t lose everything they have built in Vegas. Therefore, Angelo’s solution is for Savino to let go of the Tumbleweed, as that is the root of the whole problem. Savino isn’t happy with the solution and says “that is our future”. “There is no future Vincent, unless I fix what you broke” Angelo counters. “You need to realize, I am not just trying to save the Savoy I am trying to save you” Angelo adds. Ralph and Jack find out that, Jones’s car is actually not his, and he is just giving them the runaround. Jones in the meantime, gets past the cops at the Savoy by pretending to be a carpet salesman, there for a meeting with Savino. One cop though suspects something and follows Jones. He sees Jones taking out his gun, about to enter Savino’s office.

He immediately removes his own gun and from behind instructs Jones to drop his gun. Jones puts his hands up, but instead of dropping the gun he suddenly turns around and shoots the cop twice. Savino hears the gunshots and comes out of his office, gun in hand. He chases after Jones, but Jones makes good his escape. Savino then sees the injured cop and asks Red to call an ambulance. Savino later tells Ralph about Jones and how dangerous he can be. Ralph places Savino under arrest and decides to keep him under his observation, so Jones doesn’t hurt innocent people or Savino. Johnny and Angelo see Savino being hauled away. Jones on the other hand is dealing with a bullet wound. Turns out, one of Savino’s bullets caught him in the arm. Jones later finds out that Savino is being protected by Ralph. Jones then calls up Milwaukee and says “I will need a few more men”.

Ralph is holding Savino captive in his home. “Are you serious about keeping me here?” Savino asks. Savino tells Ralph to worry more about himself than about him, as Jones is a “psycho”. “You should be out there right now, looking for him” Savino adds. Jack finds out that Jones knows about Ralph protecting Savino. At home, Savino and Ralph are bonding over dinner. Dixon and Jack track down the motel from where Jones called the station to find out about Savino’s whereabouts, pretending to be a clerk from the DA’s office; the two, then head for the motel. At the Savoy, Johnny tells someone over the phone “it will be over by the night”. Savino asks Ralph questions about his personal life and clearly Ralph isn’t comfortable answering them. Savino asks about Ralph’s wife and assumes she must have left him while he was away at the war.

“She died” Ralph says solemnly. Ralph elaborates that, she died in a car accident. Jack calls Ralph and informs him about Jones. Ralph looks out of the window and sees Jones’s car approaching his house. “He is already here” Ralph tells Jack. Ralph hurriedly gathers his shotgun and leaves to deal with the situation. He leaves behind Savino handcuffed to the dining table. Ralph takes care of two of Jones’s men, but eventually finds Jones pointing a gun at him. But, before Jones can shoot him, Savino who has managed to free himself shoots at Jones but misses. Jones immediately runs for cover. Savino and Ralph chase after Jones. Eventually, Ralph manages to shoot Jones in the hand and disarms him. Jones is pinned to the ground, with Ralph standing over him holding a gun. Just then Jack and Dixon arrive.

Later, its business as usual at the Savoy, also there seems to be romance brewing between Mia and Jack. Johnny and Angelo pay Savino a visit. Johnny congratulates Savino for teaching Milwaukee a lesson. “Since you and your sheriff took out their best man, Milwaukee is ready to talk” Angelo tells Savino. “We need to straighten out this Tumbleweed business once and for all” Angelo then says. Johnny and Angelo ask Savino to come along with them just for an hour, to sort out the issue. The three drive to an empty area. They get out of the car and Savino guesses what’s coming. Angelo tells Savino he loves him like a son, but he has to make amends with Milwaukee as they have lost their men. “I am paying them back with the Tumbleweed and I am paying them back for Cornaro with you” Angelo tells Savino.

Savino realizes his time is up and tells Johnny “bury me deep will ya”. Johnny then points the gun at Savino but instead of shooting him he turns around and shoots Angelo, much to Savino’s surprise. “He was getting soft, in old days he would have seen that setup coming” Jonny says. Johnny asks Savino to relax and says “we need you back at work”. “Back home they didn’t like the idea him giving the Tumbleweed to Milwaukee. Now you work for me. Vegas is mine” Johnny says with a smile. Savino is in too much of a shock to say anything. Bennett informs Ralph, he has lost the elections. He also informs Ralph that he has been officially appointed as the sheriff. Grady is shown celebrating his victory and so is Johnny. Savino returns home, much to his wife’s relief. The episode ends at this point.