Exposure - Recap

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The episode begins with Dixon being kissed and woken up by a woman, in bed. Dixon realizes he is late for work and rushes out. Savino pays Ralph a visit at his office. Mia too has accompanied him. Jack finds her waiting in his office. Jack flirts around with her. Just then Dixon enters the station. Savino hands Ralph a bottle of Scotch, which Ralph refuses to accept, but Savino insists. Just then Ralph is informed that a body has been found on “the Westside”. At the scene, Ralph sees a trail of oil leading from near the body. Ralph and Jack follow the trail. At the end of the trail they see a man repairing his vehicle.

He makes a run for it on seeing the two, but Dixon cuts him off with the squad car. Ralph finds out from the wallet found on the person who was trying to run that, the victim’s name is Edward Dozer. Gary the guy, who made a run for it, says he found the wallet in the victim’s car. “I didn’t kill anyone” Gary says. Gary admits he took the car, but reiterates that he didn’t kill anyone. A Lieutenant of the air force named Norman Kemp, arrives at the station and tells Ralph that he can assist them with the investigations. He says that Edward was their “lead medic”. Norman then asks to interrogate Gary. “Be my guest, but he didn’t do it” Ralph says. Johnny introduces Savino and Laura to a famous singer named Diane Desmond, who he says is going to perform at the Savoy.

It seems that Diane knows Savino from before, and Savino looks apparently uncomfortable with her appearance. Later, Diane pays Savino a visit, in his office. Diana brings up their past history together. “It was eight years ago” Savino says. Diana tells Savino, how he had said he would leave his wife for her. “I tell a lot of people a lot of things” he says. Diana admits that she is using Johnny to get close to Savino. Ralph finds out about Edward’s girlfriend named Jenny and has a talk with her. She in tears tells Ralph and Norman that, Edward was upset for some reason, but wouldn’t tell her. Turns out, Edward had taken her to the desert and taken some pictures, just a day before his death. “We’re going to need to see those pictures” Norman says.

Jenny says she can’t find the pictures. Basically, Edward had dropped the film with her and she was going to develop them “this morning”, but she couldn’t find them. “It was like they just vanished” she says. Ralph asks Norman, if it is possible to get on the base and talk to a few of Edward’s patients. Later while Ralph and Norman are driving to the base with Edward’s body, their ambulance is cut off by another vehicle in the middle of the road. Two masked men, guns in hand approach the ambulance and ask Ralph to hand over his gun. They are then asked to get out of the ambulance. Jack later finds them walking down the road and is told that the gunmen made off with the ambulance, with Edward’s body in it.

Ralph is later informed that, Edward had seen 14 patients of the 43rd Squadron, right before his death. Turns out, the whole unit has flown out in the morning. At the base, Ralph finds a Geiger counter in Edward’s room. They also find one of Edward’s patient reports, a Pvt. Jimmy Seraski who was brought in with rashes and high fever. He died the next morning. Ralph figures out that Jimmy was suffering from radiation poisoning. Ralph and Jack figure out that Edward was killed because he found out about the radiation. From the report Ralph also finds out that, Edward talked to Norman and told him everything that he knew.

Later, Ralph and Jack confront Norman about it. “I didn’t kill him” Norman says. “But you know who did” Ralph says. Norman reveals it’s a defense company named Atrius that is working on the base, on a top secret experiment, to prepare the base against a possible attack from the Russians. Norman then reveals that the entire 43rd Squadron, were test subjects. Norman says that Edward had come to him, so he could investigate how Jimmy had died of radiation poisoning. “I told him he was on his own” Norman says. Norman admits he didn’t do anything to stand in Atrius’s way, as he didn’t want to “take the personal risk”. Ralph tells Norman, Edward had taken autopsy pictures of Jimmy.

They were stolen, by the people who killed him. He asks Norman if he has some idea, as to where those pictures might be. “Atrius has a top secret bunker on the base” Norman says. In the bunker, Jack sees a photo of one of Edward’s patients and recognizes him, as a guy named Massey, he had talked to earlier. Jack and Dixon then find Jimmy’s autopsy photographs. “I’m pretty sure this is what got Dozer killed” Jack says. Laura figures out that Savino had a prior relationship with Diana. “I want her gone” Laura tells Savino. “So do I, more than you do. Rizzo’s the boss, if he wants her here there is nothing anyone could do” Savino says. Savino asks Laura to trust him and says there is nothing between him and Diana. Laura says nothing, but doesn’t look convinced.

Ralph confronts Massey and tells him he is a murderer. Ralph also mentions how the autopsy pictures Edward took, prove this fact. Massey says even if Ralph were right he couldn’t do anything, as “the Sheriff of Clark County has no jurisdiction here”. “I didn’t come here to arrest you, I came here to inform you, exactly who it was who gave these to the newspapers” Ralph says waving the pictures in Massey’s face. Massey is worried to hear this and yells at Ralph saying “you cannot leave the base with those”. “Watch me” says Ralph and drives out. Ralph soon finds and Air force Police jeep giving him chase. A man from the jeep begins shooting at Ralph’s vehicle. Eventually Ralph is overtaken and asked to get down from his vehicle by Massey, who was driving the jeep.

His accomplice in the meantime holds a gun to Ralph’s face. Just then Jack arrives on the scene with Norman and asks Massey’s accomplice to put his gun down. “You are both under arrest for the murder of Edward Dozer” Ralph says. Massey reminds him he doesn’t have any jurisdiction in the base. Ralph in turn points out that they are no more in the base. Basically, Ralph ensured that he got Massey out of the base so he could be arrested. “Welcome to Clark County” Ralph tells Massey with a smile. Laura meets up with Katherine and hints that she will help Katherine take down Savino’s associates, as it will help Savino “climb to the top”. Katherine seems sold to the idea.

Jack meets up with Mia at the Savoy. “Why don’t you come back another time when I am not working “she tells him. “That can be arranged” Jack says with a smile. At his office, Ralph opens a file with his wife Marilyn’s, death certificate in it. In the certificate it’s mentioned that she died in a car accident, but the driver of the other vehicle wasn’t identified or found. It also mentions that there is no suspicion of foul play. The episode ends at this point.