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Masquerade - Recap

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The episode begins with a bunch of showgirls performing onstage. The director doesn’t seem happy with the performance of the girls and tells them they lack passion and grace. He specifically tells one of the girls named Audrey to pull up her socks. At the Savoy, Mia tells Savino that Johnny is in LA with Diane. Savino says he has lured in a Texas oil tycoon to play at the casino. He is hoping this will lead to other bigwigs gambling at the casino. Mayor Grady tells Ralph that he has a new vision for Las Vegas. He wants the city to welcome people and new businesses. Savino arrives and says he is there to take Grady to dinner.

Audrey in the meantime is murdered by someone, while she is busy rehearsing alone in an empty auditorium. Ralph and team find her body on the stage with her costume on and it positioned to look as if she is sleeping. Ralph concludes the position the body was found in, is really odd. Katherine concludes that Audrey was dressed in her costume after she was killed. Audrey was strangled with a rope or a cord. Katherine also feels Audrey has been raped and wants the body sent to the coroner for investigations. Max the director asks Jack as to when he can have his stage back and is told by Jack that he can have it back once the murder is solved. Max refuses to accept that. Jack finds out Max was threatening Audrey during her last performance. Max says he was merely trying to motivate her.

Max also reveals he liked Audrey so much that when Audrey asked for a $300 advance, he gave it to her. Clay the oil tycoon arrives at the Savoy. Savino is leaving no stone unturned to keep Clay happy, so he becomes a regular patron of the casino. Jack finds out that Audrey was raped. Clay wants to play a really big hand at one of the tables and Savino allows it. Clay ends up winning the hand and is overjoyed. Ralph finds out from Audrey’s landlady that Audrey gave notice last week that she is moving out. The landlady reveals that a guy named Todd had come by, when Audrey first moved in. Ralph sees the words “you shall be forgiven” scrawled on a mirror in the bedroom. Clay tells Savino that he wants “a night with Miss Rizzo”.

Savino says Clay has Mia “pegged wrong”, but Clay argues that everybody has got a price. He asks Savino to pass on his offer to Mia and see what she says. Savino later asks Red to make sure Clay doesn’t leave the Savoy with the million dollars that he has won, but instead goes back to the tables and loses it. Ralph concludes that Audrey was trying to get away from someone, as she borrowed money and was planning to move. Ralph and team assume that it might have something to do with the erotic magazine that Audrey had modeled for. Basically Ralph feels, someone who saw Audrey in the magazine began stalking her. Katherine informs Ralph she has found out from another county that, the words “are we not blessed” was scrawled next to another woman who was murdered.

Audrey it turns out wasn’t the killer’s first victim. The victim’s name is Jenny Lester and she was killed 2 years ago. Also, she too was a dancer at a bar. Dixon informs Ralph the erotic magazine Audrey modeled for is owned by a guy named T.R. Thurman. Katherine is later informed that Audrey’s father is a deacon and she is also given her family’s number and address. Savino is pulling all stops to keep Clay and his guys at the Savoy. Todd Thurman is questioned by Ralph and reveals he sent her father some pictures of Audrey. Ralph also finds out Todd has an alibi and therefore couldn’t have murdered Audrey. Todd reveals that he sold a bunch of Audrey’s mail order prints. Jack finds a record of the customers he sold the prints to.

Also, Audrey bought back her negatives from Todd for $300. Clay tells Savino that he is leaving, as he wants to go “before the thrill wears off”. Savino is visibly worried but says “see you again”. Katherine meets Audrey’s father Mr. Ballard who hands her an envelope and says this is all he has now and whatever trouble Audrey is in, isn’t his concern. Just as he is about to leave Katherine tells him, “Audrey was murdered”. Ballard is emotional on hearing this but says Audrey brought many bad things upon herself by her actions. “Please don’t contact me again” he tells Katherine and leaves. In the envelope Katherine finds some money and a note. Ralph reads the note in which Audrey has informed her father that she is moving. Clay in the meantime leaves with his guys. He returns a little later and Savino welcomes him back.

Savino tells Mia that Clay had to return as there was a technical snag in the rail yard and Clay always travels by train. “Some things are out of our hands” Savino tells her with a smirk. Dixon finds out the address Audrey was planning to shift to, is leased to a man named Chris Tangle. Jack and Ralph pay the address a visit and discover that Chris is a woman. Chris is in tears when told Audrey has been murdered. Ralph figures out from his conversation with Chris that she and Audrey were in love. “Did anyone else know?” he asks. “No, we were very careful” Chris replies. Chris also reveals Audrey stayed out late for rehearsals with someone from the show, but she doesn’t know who it is.

Later, Ralph meets Mayor Grady and shows him the files on all the people who were friends with Savino and are now dead. “I would hate to start a file on you” Ralph tells him. Grady is visibly worried at Ralph’s suggestion. Clay on the other hand is back at the tables. Savino asks Red how Clay is doing. Red says Clay is only playing small hands and isn’t really raising the stakes. Mia comes in and informs Savino that Johnny is returning with Diane the next day, also Clay has booked a chartered flight that will leaves in the next two hours. “We can’t let him get on that plane” he tells Red and Mia. Katherine finds out Max had fled New York as he has assault charges against him over there. He it turns out assaulted a few of the girls there, but none of the girls reported it as they were scared.

Max is brought in for questioning and assures Ralph, he “doesn’t mess around with dancers anymore”. Max says he is innocent. Max also reveals that Audrey wrote the choreography for a new number, but the music was written by someone else. Ralph asks Max as to who wrote the music. Katherine in the meantime arrives to talk to Carey Chase, who wrote the music for Audrey’s number. She pretends that she is there to ask about Max. While Carey leaves to get a drink, Katherine sees that the words scrawled in Audrey’s bedroom and next to the other victim are actually names of songs written by Carey. She sees the songs and their titles, scrawled on papers, kept on Carey’s piano. “You’ve been very helpful. We will talk again” Katherine says and begins to leave.

But, Carey catches her by the neck and begins strangling her with the rope he used to kill Audrey. Katherine stabs him in the leg with his pen and makes goo her escape. She then hides in the auditorium. Carey comes looking for her, knife in hand. He yells out to Katherine how he had feelings for Audrey but she turned him down, so he had to punish her, “just like the others”. Eventually Jack and Ralph arrive. Ralph shoots Carey and rescues Katherine.

Mia in the meantime has taken Clay up on his offer. Savino sees her playing high stakes poker with Clay on one of the tables. Clay eventually loses to Mia, but assures her that he will be back to play with her once again. Ralph and Jack later have some fun with Dixon, by scaring him with a tarantula. The episode ends at this point.