Estinto - Recap

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The episode begins and Ralph finds Jack cleaning his vehicle. He also finds that Jack has waxed and cleaned his vehicle. Ralph knows why Jack has all of it and teases him about it. Jack gets really defensive and says he was simply tired of driving around in a garbage can. Mia is waiting for Johnny to arrive at the Savoy, so they can spend Christmas together. Savino is planning a night out with his wife and kids. Johnny arrives and shocks Mia by informing her that he is now engaged to Diane. Diane hugs Mia and tells her, they are going to be family. Savino too isn’t very happy with this decision of Johnny’s. Mia sees Jack outside the Savoy.

Jack asks her out and opens the door of his pickup for her. She happily steps inside. Later, the two are shown to be having a good time at a bar. Jack asks Mia to dance with him and after initially protesting she agrees. Next day a body is found in a cement mixer, where the new Tumbleweed is being built. Dell Merrick is the victim. He was the contractor entrusted with building the Tumbleweed. Merrick’s assistant Pete tells Ralph that, Merrick had a dispute with one of his clients the previous day. Pete elaborates that Savino and his men had paid Merrick a visit, as they had an issue with Merrick overbilling them. “They threatened his life” Pete says. At the Savoy Diane tells Savino that she wants him. Savino makes it clear to her that he isn’t interested.

Diane doesn’t take a hint. Savino is therefore forced to be more emphatic in making his point. “Next time you have a problem, take it up with your fiancé” he says before leaving. Later, Ralph asks Savino about his issue with Dell Merrick. Savino says he and his men amicably sorted out things with Merrick “last night” and also he needed Merrick to complete the job of the Tumbleweed. Therefore he had no reason to kill Merrick, he says. Savino also asks Ralph to look into break-ins at the Savoy. He elaborates that he had $10,000 stolen from his storage room last week. Ralph asks Dixon to go with Savino and look into the burglaries. At the coroner’s, Ralph is shown an old injury on Merrick’s body which extends from his left shoulder to the right side of his stomach. The coroner feels the wound was inflicted by a serrated knife.

Mrs. Merrick says he had suffered the injury at a construction site in Phoenix a few months ago. It was a crane accident she says. Jack asks her if she is sure. “Oh yes. He called me every day from the hospital room in Phoenix” she replies. Ralph, Jack and the coroner are sure the injury is not from a crane accident. Ralph concludes somebody tried to kill Merrick before. At the Savoy, Dixon after his inquiries concludes that the heists are being pulled by an employee. He tells Savino about it. Dixon says he should go undercover as a waiter, so he can catch the burglar red-handed. Savino is down with the idea and tells Dixon “let’s get you a uniform”. Ralph finds a letter sent to Merrick by a man named Hiroshi Watanabe.

In the letter addressed to Merrick, Hiroshi has mentioned how Merrick has ended his life and his family’s. He also writes how he wants Merrick to die, for what he has done. Ralph and Jack pay Watanabe a visit and tell him that they want to talk to him about Merrick’s murder. Watanabe who seems to be a janitor, kicks the both of them hits them with a broomstick and makes a run for it. The two eventually manage to catch him. He says he did not murder Merrick. Ralph brings up the mention of the letter. “I wrote that letter because Dell Merrick killed my daughter” Watanabe says. Watanabe explains that he and his family were located to a camp built by Merrick. He says how he lost his home and his savings along with his 9-year-old daughter who died of “double pneumonia”.

As an act of revenge he took a knife and slashed Merrick’s chest one night. But, he saw realization on Merrick’s face after he told Merrick what he had done to his family. He drove Merrick to the hospital and even visited him there. “Eventually we forgave each other for everything” Watanabe says. Watanabe also reveals that Merrick’s wife picked him up at the hospital in Las Vegas where he was admitted. Ralph is shocked to hear this as Mrs. Merrick has told him a completely different story. Watanabe says Merrick’s wife had red hair. “Jane Merrick doesn’t have red hair” Jack says with a smile. Jack and Ralph find the red haired woman who Watanabe was talking about.

Turns out, she is the wife of a mobster named Nicky Tommasano. “He killed Dell, I know I am next” she tells them. Nicky is one of Savino’s guys and he tells Ralph he did not kill Merrick, as he wanted Merrick to finish the construction of Tumbleweed as soon as possible. The red haired woman in the meantime tells Jack that, Merrick had been seeing a woman named Amy Seeger. They are later shocked to find out that Amy is a priest at a church. The DA informs Savino that, Diane is working with the feds. “She is here to get info to take you down. To take you all down” the DA tells Savino. Amy tells Ralph and Jack how she saved Merrick after he was stabbed. She showed him the path of god. She reveals that Merrick hated himself for building casinos in the desert, as he believed it was devil’s work.

Amy says Merrick was planning to shut his business within a year so he could devote his life to god. Dixon finds Savino’s thief and informs Savino about it. Savino is impressed that Dixon managed to catch the thief so soon. Ralph finds out that Jane knew about Merrick’s plan to give everything he had to Amy. He asks Jane if she was fine with it. She honestly admits she wasn’t fine with it, but had assumed Merrick would grow tired of Amy “soon enough”, as he had of numerous other women he had relationships with. Jack has a chat with Pete Holm, who was also Merrick’s partner in business. Jack fathoms that Holm wasn’t happy with Merrick’s plan of wanting to hand over everything he had to Amy. At the station Ralph and Jack debate as to who the culprit is. Jack feels it’s Holm but Ralph feels its Jane Merrick. It ends in a fight with both raking up personal issues.

Savino confronts Diane and says he knows she is working for the FBI. He asks her to leave by the next morning and says he never wants to see her around ever again. Jack and Ralph conclude that both Mrs. Merrick and Holm worked together to murder Dell Merrick. Jack and Ralph figure that Merrick’s body was carried by Mrs. Merrick and Pete Holm and thrown into the cement mixture, which is why Mrs. Merrick has an injury on her left hand and Pete Holm on his right. Ralph later gets the two to admit to the crime. Later, Jack meets Mia at a suite in the Savoy. She tells him they can’t see each other anymore as it’s too dangerous, but Jack pays no heed to it and kisses her.

The two begin stripping each other’s clothes and kissing passionately. Savino is summoned by Johnny and the moment he enters he is shocked to see Diane lying dead on the couch. A syringe is stuck to her arm. Johnny seems unperturbed and tells Savino it’s a shame she is dead. “Once a junkie always a junkie” Johnny says and leaves. Savino is visibly shocked to see her dead. The episode ends at this point.