Paiutes - Recap

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The episode begins with Ralph driving down a deserted road while listening to the radio. He stops in front of a bank and knocks on its door. Just then a couple of guys arrive and knock him out cold. The scene then flashes back to 58 hours earlier. At the station a man named Fred enters with a shot gun and points it at Dixon. He says Dixon has been fooling around with his wife Marge. “Is that true?” Ralph asks Dixon. Dixon awkwardly admits that it is. Ralph calms down Fred and manages to get him to lower his gun. He promises that Dixon and he shall have a “long, long talk about this” issue. Ralph keeps the gun and promises to return it Fred in week, when he has calmed down.

He then asks Dixon to drop Fred and his wife Marge home and on the way suggests they settle their differences. Jack on the other hand is in Mia’s bed. They have spent the night together and are busy flirting even in the morning. Mia tells Jack she hasn’t figured out his angle yet, but Jack assures her he doesn’t have one. Mia though, isn’t convinced. The banker comes to Savino and asks him where the money is. He specifies that he is asking about the first installment of $275,000 that Savino was given for the Tumbleweed. He tells Savino that he just came from the bank and Savino’s accounts are emptied out. Savino is shocked to hear this. The banker named Forwent is angry, because Savino hasn’t started construction as yet, but has already used up half the loan.

Savino assures him that, no one has touched the money and “whatever it is” he’ll “fix it”. “Don’t make me look like a fool” the banker says and leaves. Back in the present, Ralph is unconscious and his hands are tied, he is lying in the back of a vehicle and is being driven to someplace. The scene then flashes back to 56 hours earlier. Savino asks Johnny about the money and he says he has sent it to Chicago, where it’s being loaned out to people for a high interest. Savino reminds him that the money was for the Tumbleweed. Johnny retorts that they will arrange for more money, for the Tumbleweed. Johnny suggests that they will go to another bank for the money and also he will talk to Forwent. Savino doesn’t like it, but keeps quiet.

Katherine meets Laura and asks her to help her, prove that Johnny killed Diane Desmond. This would also in turn prove that Savino is innocent, she tells Laura. Ralph and Jack arrive at a bar where a deputy named Howard was sent to check out some disturbance. Ralph is told the deputy is incommunicado and hence Ralph and Jack arrive at the bar searching for him. Inside they see two armed men have taken the deputy and another man hostage. The men let the deputy go, but take the other guy with them to the back of the bar. The men pour someone alcohol on the guy and set him on fire. They then get away. One of the guys comments on how the hostage deserves “this”. Jack and Ralph hear the man yelling and rush to the back. They manage to put out the fire, but discover that the men have escaped. Back in the present the vehicle comes to a halt and Ralph is dragged out of it.

Flashback to 36 hours earlier and at the station Jack informs Ralph that one of the men is a guy named Nathan Ouster, who has a past criminal history and was arrested for holding up a liquor store in Nevada. Ralph later finds out from Nathan’s mother that the guy who was Nathan, was Nathan’s little brother Russ. She tells Ralph that Russ is a “good boy” and Nathan has been a bad influence on him. Jack and Ralph figure out that Nathan and Russ are picking bars to rob, which they think did wrong by their father who was a drunk and is now dead. Ralph believes Nathan is simply using the injustice bit as an excuse to rile Russ up, so he helps him rob the bars. Ralph figures out that Nathan and Russ might try to loot the cement factory, where their father used to work and was fired from, for coming to work drunk.

Nathan and Russ are then apprehended by Jack and Ralph, right before they are about to rob the factory. Nathan begins shooting at them and gets shot in the leg, while at it. He falls to the ground helpless. Russ in the meantime, escapes in his car. Nathan tries shooting Ralph with his shotgun and Ralph has no option but to shoot him in the chest. Johnny has a chat with Forwent and asks Forwent to talk to him from now on, if he has any problems. Forwent is visibly terrified on coming face to face with Johnny and assures Johnny that he will toe the line from now on. Back in the present, Ralph wakes up and finds himself in a small room. Flashback to 10 hours earlier and Katherine comes into Ralph’s office and tells him that she has found out, Johnny might have killed Diane with an overdose of heroine.

This evidence might be enough for the DA to wiretap Savino, Johnny and the Savoy, Katherine says. She hopes the DA will say a yes to the wiretapping. The DA tells Katherine that he can’t go ahead and order the wiretap until he knows who her source is. Katherine says he can’t reveal that as she has made her source a promise that she wouldn’t reveal the name. The DA says that, he has to make sure Katherine’s source is credible. Katherine argues that if they don’t do something, the feds will take over the case. The DA isn’t too happy to hear this and looks worried. Russ gives Ralph a call at the station. “I’m coming for you as soon as the time is right” Russ tells Ralph. Russ is livid that Ralph has killed his brother.

Ralph tries talking reason with Russ, but Russ wants to hear none of it. In the end, Ralph tells him that he will be waiting for him. Savino and Johnny arrive outside Forwent’s house which is outside town. They have been invited there by Forwent. The two, ring the doorbell but there is no answer. They turn around and see a bunch of armed men standing in front of them. Forwent has summoned the armed men and he too arrives a little later. Ralph in the meantime has been kidnapped by Russ, while on his way to meet Katherine. Jack and Dixon figure this out, as they find Ralph’s abandoned truck and bloodstains on the road. They immediately decide to begin searching for Ralph. Howe Whitford a man who was caught cheating at the Savoy, was caught by Jack but made bail earlier in the day.

Ralph was on his way to the bank to return the money Howe had won. Jack concludes it could have also been Howe who kidnapped Ralph for the money, as Mia tells Jack Howe was accused of killing a few security guards a few months back. They decide to go to Howe’s ranch to check out if Ralph is there. Johnny and Savino in the meantime are tied to a chair and are being serviced by Forwent and his colleagues, who it turns out, are the board members of the bank. Savino to save their lives offers the Tumbleweed to his captors. Johnny isn’t happy with the deal Savino is making, but keeps mum. The deal offered seems to appeal to the men. Savino even offers to run the Tumbleweed for them.

Jack arrives at Howe’s ranch and manages to kill him, right before he is about to kill Ralph. Savino and Johnny are, back home safe and sound, but Johnny isn’t happy about the Tumbleweed. Ralph on the other hand is in the hospital, but is fine, except for a few bruises. The episode ends at this point.