From This Day Forward - Recap

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The episode begins with Jack hiding under Mia’s bed, as Johnny is paying her a visit. Mia suggests they have breakfast in his room and Johnny agrees. Johnny leaves and Mia tells Jack they have 20 minutes till the breakfast arrives. The two, decide to make good use of that time and begin making out. Later at the station Dixon and Jack aren’t too happy to see a woman named Barbara sitting in Ralph’s office. Turns out, she and Ralph were dating at one point, and then she left him for a rich man. Ralph enters and sees Barbara in his office. He seems happy to see her. She tells Ralph she is town with her husband Rick.

She then tells him that “last night” some men assaulted Rick and stole $5000 from him. Barbara wanted to report the attack last night but Rick refused. “I just think he doesn’t like the idea of asking my old boyfriend for help” she says. Dixon gets a call about a body that has been found and leaves to check it out with Jack, and without telling Ralph, as he is busy. The body is that of a woman, but there is no identification on her. They see the woman wearing the uniform of a “divorce ranch”, specifically meant for divorced women. The DA tells Savino that Johnny’s phone is soon going to be tapped, as the authorities are looking for a clue to Diane’s death. “A confidential informant has been feeding information to one of my ADAs” the DA says. The DA feels the rat has to be someone from Savino’s organization.

Savino says he will find the rat himself and take “care of him”. Dixon and Jack arrive at the divorce ranch and meet its owner Karen and her wrangler Max. Karen tells them the victim’s name is Marjorie and she was a guest at the ranch. Turns out, Marjorie was divorced twice and was on the way to being divorced the third time. Matt says a woman from the ranch named Dawn was last seen with Marjorie. They go to Dawn’s room and find it in complete disarray. It seems as if Dawn “left in an awful hurry”. From a file of criminals Barbara recognizes one of them as the person who assaulted Rick. The criminal’s name is Paul and he it seems is a loan shark. Mia in the meantime introduces Jack to Johnny as her boyfriend.

Jack tells Johnny he loves his daughter but is never going to trust Johnny, just like Johnny is never going to trust him. “So for Mia’s sake, I say we call a truce” Jack says. “Dad I need you to do this for me” Mia tells Johnny. “We’ll talk about this later” he says and walks away. Ralph questions Paul, who tells him that Rick pawned him a fake diamond bracelet in return for $2000, which is why he roughed Rick up a little. Ralph then takes the $5000 Paul stole and leaves. A visibly livid Johnny asks Savino to fire Mia but doesn’t give him a reason for it. He also asks Savino to not tell Mia that she has been fired on his instructions. Jack and Dixon find Dawn, who tells her Marjorie and she were playing a game of bingo where each of them had to complete different tasks.

Marjorie couldn’t complete one on the bingo list, which was to “pretend to be a ‘working girl’”. Dixon and Jack take the list and leave. The two then find out that while pretending to be a working girl, Marjorie had last met up with a guy named Tony who has assaulted her. They catch up with Tony and question him. He says he assaulted her only so she wouldn’t work on his turf. They find Marjorie’s purse in his car. There is a cash transfer slip in her purse for $25,000, from 4 days ago. Dixon feels the cash might have had something to do with her being murdered. Savino in the meantime is desperately trying to find out who the rat is. Savino through his investigations then finds out that Laura is the rat. He confronts her about it and she tells him she did it only to keep him safe.

Savino tells her, as soon as Johnny figures out what Laura did; she and he along with their kids would all be dead. “Katherine says she can help us disappear” Laura says. Savino is outraged at the suggestion and says he is not a rat and will never be a rat. Laura tells Savino she agrees with what he is saying but she doesn’t have another plan “do you Vincent?” she asks. Later, Savino meets Katherine and tells her his wife is done talking to her. Ralph has a talk with Rick and he admits he is having money troubles. They discuss about Barbara and Rick admits that she could never forget Ralph despite being with him. Savino fires Mia and tells her she did nothing wrong, just that Chicago wants to make a change. “Does this have anything to do with me and Jack?” asks a livid Mia.

Savino skirts the question and says he has other business to attend to. Savino later tells Red that the whole “case” would go away if Johnny wasn’t around. He says he is sick of cleaning after Johnny. Savino feels there has to be some way he could deal with the problem that Johnny is becoming. Mia on the other hand confronts Johnny, who tells her that Jack isn’t right for her. Mia is really agitated with him and gives him a piece of her mind. She tells Johnny she has set up an interview with another casino in Vegas. She makes it clear to Johnny that, she will neither leave Vegas nor will she leave Jack. Dixon finds out that Marjorie had bought a piece of land for $25000 and had signed it over to Max the wrangler, hours before her death. Dixon feels Max got what he wanted from Marjorie and then killed her.

Barbara kisses Ralph and bids him goodbye. Jack and Dixon confront Max. He reveals to them that the land Marjorie had signed over in his name was probably a wedding present from her to him, as they were soon going to get hitched. Jack comments on how one of the girls in the ranch would have mentioned if they were getting married. “Margie did not want the other girls to know” Max says. She felt it would make the other girls upset to know she was getting married, Max tells the two. He shows the two a letter Marjorie had written him the night of the death. They notice the signatures on the letter and on the land document don’t match. They conclude that whoever wrote the letter, must have wanted to get Marjorie alone.

Dixon notices the letter is written on ranch stationery. They question ranch owner Karen about it. Jack suggests she killed Marjorie as she was jealous of the fact that Max and Marjorie were getting married, as Karen herself has begun to like Max. Karen in the end with tears in her eyes confesses to the crime. At the Savoy, Savino tells Johnny that Mia is the rat. Savino says he has proof to that effect.

Savino suggests that Jack has put Mia up to this. Johnny in anger says he is going to go after Jack. Savino plans to have Jack kill Johnny, by informing Jack about Johnny’s intentions. Savino later sends Laura back to Chicago for her own safety. The episode ends at this point.