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The Third Man - Recap

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The episode begins with a guy singing on a stage, in the bar in Savoy. Tommy Stone, a guy in the audience, tells Savino he made a smart move by hiring the singer named Nicky Fontaine. Turns out, Tommy works in a nearby casino called the Hacienda. Savino decides to hire Fontaine for the next year, while he can still get him cheap. Jack in the meantime, is cleaning up after all that has taken place. He sees the marks of torture on his body and is worried. He again enters the room where Johnny is lying dead on the floor. He picks up his gun and makes it out in a hurry. Dixon on the other hand sees a black Thunderbird speeding on the roads of Vegas and gives chase. He catches up with the speeding vehicle and sees that the driver is a guy called Pete, who he knows.

At the station, Pete tells Dixon, how he knocked up his girlfriend Shelly and then got married to her, thus giving up his brilliant academic career. Pete then got a job as a mechanic. He fondly talks about his 6-year-old daughter named Gina. Turns out, Pete was stealing the car he was in, as he desperately needs the money. Pete admits he isn’t operating on his own. He volunteers the information that the guy he steals the cars for sells them in LA. He also tells Dixon that there will be a drag race the next night and the guy will be there. Jack meets Mia and tells her that Johnny is dead. He lies that he doesn’t know who killed him and says he heard the news on the police radio. Jack arrives at Savino’s office and accuses him of setting him up.

Savino figures out that Jack has killed Johnny. He talks some sense into Jack by telling him that, it is beneficial for both of them to keep their mouths shut. Ralph and Katherine on the other hand investigate Rizzo’s death. Ralph figures out that Johnny was holding someone captive and the person got away. Jack, who is also at the scene, is visibly worried that Katherine and Ralph are rapidly figuring out all that took place there. Katherine concludes the person who was being held captive by Johnny, was Savino. She feels Johnny found out about the rat she had in the organization and Savino’s connection to the rat. Mia is later called for questioning. Katherine suggests to her that it might have been Savino who killed Johnny.

Mia asks Katherine if she has evidence to support her theory. “I’m not at liberty to say” Katherine tells her. Mia in turn assumes Katherine does have some evidence proving Savino is complicit. Jack sees Mia to her car. She asks him if Savino was responsible for Johnny’s death. Jack says he doesn’t know. Later, Dixon tells Ralph about his plan to go undercover as a mechanic, so he can nab the car thieves with Pete’s help. Savino in the meantime is livid when he finds out Tommy from the Hacienda has hired Nicky for a higher price than he was offering him. Dixon arrives at the drag race, as an undercover mechanic. Pete assures him, the guy will soon be there. The race begins and Pete is one of the racers.

Suddenly during the race, Pete’s car springs a mechanical fault, loses control and crashes into a car, parked nearby. Due to the impact, Pete’s vehicle immediately bursts into flames. Later, Dixon returns from the hospital and informs Ralph that Pete is out of surgery and the doctors have said he will “pull through”. Dixon feels Pete’s vehicle was sabotaged because he is cooperating with the law. Ralph and Dixon later discover that Pete’s car was sabotaged, just as Dixon had suspected. Ralph and Dixon conclude that all the mechanics working at the garage where Pete also works are a part of the “stolen car ring”. Ralph manages to get his hands on the number the receptionist at the garage call on, when Pete and the other mechanics disappear for hours.

Jack pays Mia a visit. She still hasn’t gotten over Johnny’s death. She says Savino has offered her, her old job back. She is thinking of taking him up on his offer. She says she has to find out who the killer of her father is and feels that if it’s Savino, there couldn’t be a better way to confirm it, than staying close to him by working for him. Jack says it’s too dangerous and asks her to not take the job. Savino is informed by Red that, the bosses won’t send anyone to replace Johnny, till they keep earning their money. Ralph and Dixon find out, the number Ralph got earlier, is the number of a shipping company that went “belly up” last year. Ralph and Dixon arrive at the shipping company. Turns out, it’s the hideout for the car thieves.

They manage to nab one of the mechanics named Eddie, who they met at the garage earlier. Mia tells Savino she wants to be head of casino operations. After a bit of contemplation, Savino agrees to Mia’s request. “You got the job. I can’t think of a better right hand” he tells her. Savino is later called in for questioning, by Katherine. Jack is visibly worried to see him there. Katherine tells Savino that Johnny’s death might have “temporarily shut the door” to her investigations, but warns Savino that his “day of reckoning is still coming”. Katherine gives him one last chance to repent, by confessing to Johnny’s murder. She threatens to reveal to Chicago that Lauren was her informant, if Savino doesn’t comply.

Savino is visibly worried to hear this, but doesn’t break. He tells Katherine she doesn’t have the guts to do what she is threatening to do and walks out. Later at the Savoy, Savino decides to deal with Tommy, from the Hacienda, who is poaching on all his entertainers. Katherine tells Jack and Ralph that Rizzo was killed with his own gun, according to the coroner’s report. In other words, the fingerprints of the murderer would be on the gun. She says they will find out by “tomorrow” about the fingerprints. Jack is really worried to hear this. Dixon finds out, Pete was stealing cars, so he could prove to the judge that he had the money to take care of his daughter, after divorcing his wife.

Dixon figures, Pete’s wife must have tampered with Pete’s car so she could get sole custody of their daughter. They question Pete’s wife who is now living with her new boyfriend. She denies tampering with Pete’s car. Ralph questions the boyfriend, while Dixon is chatting with Pete’s wife. Ralph while chatting with the guy hints that he might have something to do with Pete’s car being sabotaged. The guy realizes Ralph is on to him and attacks Ralph. Ralph fends off the guy’s attack and manages to subdue him. Savino on the other hand hires Tommy as his entertainment director, as he sees potential in him. Pete is given the custody of his daughter and also told that the DA won’t be pressing charges.

Jack in the meantime, switches his fingerprints in the file being sent to the FBI with someone else’s, so they don’t match the ones on Johnny’s gun. Later, Mia tells Jack, she is taking Savino’s offer. Jack is worried about Mia’s safety, but Mia assures him she will be fine. “Don’t trust anybody” he tells her. “You are the only man I trust” she in turn says. The episode ends at this point.